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I have an X-star and now it wont turn on anymore. Anything I can do to fix the problem cheaply or is it a lost cause?
Nvidia needs to issue a new Bios or drivers that prevent games from using more than 3.5GB of ram other than for cache purposes. I'd rather the card be restricted to 3.5GB then incur all the stuttering that will happen when the last 512MB is used. I game with SLI at 1440p so exceeding the 3.5GB wont be too uncommon, especially when using DSR..
Hmm I'll have to try this. What happens with SLI, will both cards be at max clocks/volts constantly? Also, does the load percent still display properly, that would be the only way to tell if SLI is working if it is max clocks at idle.
At 2560x1440 I was getting 270+ fps in SLI. I'll have to check what level of PhysX , now I'm running ultra with adaptive Vsync for 100 Hz (overclockedKorean monitor with Samsung panel).I think I'll try DSR but unfortunately it is limited to 60 Hz for my monitor.Also, make sure your card isn't set to power saving mode and that physX is set to video card and not CPU.
They aren't bad, just that the coolers are noisier and not as good at cooling for the same price, and the VRM potentially more limiting. The FTW edition doesn't have these issues but is more expensive. At $349, the MSI Gaming is a better value.I got the blower based EVGA cards to watercool and they work great with 670gtx water blocks. No audible coil whine when the case is closed.
I was disappointed in my max temperatures, but I have never run SLI before and could need more radiators or larger ones since I am overclocking my processor which required alot of extra voltage for a decent overclock. My max temperature using the EK blocks was 49 C using XSPC EX360 and RX120 radiators. Another aspect of my temperatures is that I never run at max fan speeds - I have my setup hooked up to a fan controller that runs the fans based on the delta temperature...
Here is mine in SLI at +165 core, +500 memory:
Not really. My 2nd 970 was not able to do +150 core +500 memory only +150 core +125 memory or if I added more memory then I couldn't go as high with the core.I put the 2nd card in SLI and under water and both cards are doing +175 core +500 memory just fine. So with the poor overclocking performance of my 2nd card, I dunno if SLI is just less demanding for it to work or if water cooling + rear plate cooling of memory helped it past the initial limitations.
Thanks for the advice, I'll have to check my bios as well as stress test CPU/memory. The memory did pass the SuperPi test.Another possibility is that my CPU might not like the reduced flow rate in my loop after adding 2 970s in a ghetto manner. I bought a new EK SLI water bridge that should restore the flow rate.
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