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Yes, it was model 04G-P4-1972 that worked with the EK FC-670GTX block without modification.
I didn't think about that. The cards didn't fit easily in their slots even with the default cooler. I wonder if my case is slightly warped causing poor contact. I could use a newer case since I have an older Cooler Master ATSC 840 but it is hard to find a new one thats Aluminum, has 4 front drive bays at a minimum, water cooling friendly, and doesn't cost $400-600...I could also try putting it in my 3rd PCI Express slot, but my SLI water bridge is only meant for 2 slots....
I had to do 0 modifications to get the waterblock to fit. I also installed the back plate without any modifications. The only issue was that I put the thermal pad on the VRM similar to what the instructions visually showed (one long strip). That isn't the best way to do it as you cover up one of the screw holes. So just make it a rectangle with the bottom left corner cut out. I did it "properly" for my 2nd card. On the first card, the screw still went in just fine,...
I can take photos and measure the PCB for my 2nd card. Not sure if I am going to do the 2nd card tonight, if not tomorrow evening.
The EK FC670 GTX water block is compatible with EVGA 970 GTX Superclocked 1972 blower type cards (short PCB)
The EVGA short cards appear to have the Voltage controller ncp5392p which is found on reference cards I believe (or at least older Nvidia reference cards).
How do I figure out what voltage controller is with my card? I bought the short PCB EVGA cards for water cooling, hopefully will be able to remove the blower cooler tonight after testing for coil whine.
Everyone returning their EVGA cards did you have to pay a 15% restocking fee? Starts to add up when SLIing. I didn't pay a restock fee for the non-Game edition MSI but I refused delivery since I figured water blocks would never be made for those cards. I ordered the short EVGA cards to put water blocks on them but I'm worried about coil whine.
Thanks for the warning. Looks like Heatkiller or XSPC might be the way to go. I don't think the EVGA card has the same issue with the inductor but the capacitor/choke area may not perfectly line up.
How much room do the capacitors need for proper clearance with the Ek 670 water blocks? My EVGA cards won't arrive until next week and I don't want to open the water blocks unless there is a good chance of fitment. My plan was to test the video card for coil whine, then remove the cooler to get an idea if I should open the EK blocks for fitment test.
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