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I wouldn't count on either. They have never made blocks for custom Nvidia MSI boards as far as I know. Mostly EVGA and Asus, as well as brands sold in the EU.
So are the EVGA cards with the current design be poor at overclocking when under water? I went with the small PCB with the blower type cooler so I could use GTX 670/760 water blocks eventually. I didn't want to spend the extra $200+ this month to finish putting them under water. I just hope EK and other companies keep making the 670 water blocks.
Doh, it is a custom PCB as it is too long. I didn't cancel it in time as it is in packaging phase, sigh.
It seems like the GTX 970s on sale all have their own cooling instead of the reference cooler. I want to eventually put a water block on these cards and I am wondering which have reference designs? I ordered the MSI GTX 970 4GD5T OC from Newegg and I think it is reference other than the custom Fan cooler. The power connection is 6+6 unlike their gaming version which is 8+6 and it goes for only $330 the expected price for a reference board. Any ideas?
Glad to hear that the 5.25 bay should work with both a short fan controller (mine is rather short too) and most likely the reservoir if all screw holes are present (in my current case, one side only has 2 out of 4 holes due to some metal piece that bends slightly inward to help hold screwless dvd drive, etc in place). The screwless stuff is more trouble than it's worth other than making optical drives easy to insert and remove ;p.I like the idea of an UT60 on the bottom...
Thanks for the info, sounds like the case could work well for me. I have 3 normal hard drives that could fit in the bay and a SSD that could go in the special SSD mount. The problem with the ATSC 840 screwless option was that it only has all the screw holes on the right side, it lacked half the screw holes on the left side which so happened to be the ones that the reservoir use/line up with...With a single D5 vario pump, a CPU and GPU block, would 2 360 radiators be...
Anyone upgrade to this case from an ATCS 840 (wish Cooler Master would just release a new version of this)? I have a side window and I don't like the fact that the 840 isn't painted in the interior (semi-easy fix to powder coat but a pain to totally break down the case) and the lack of modern cable management. My other major gripe is the lack of proper 5.25 bays - it is "tool-less" and I can't get my Monsoon reservoir to fit properly. The reservoir/pump has...
Sapphire 290x using the Asus bios and Trixx to overclock. Trixx beta even allows +200 mV.
Try lowering your memory clocks, it doesn't add much performance. You definitely should be able to get above 1200 Mhz core, but it can require +100 or even +150 mV to be stable. I can benchmark at 1250 core 1500 memory without any artifacts, but it will artifact in games when I run my 1440p monitor at 96+ Hz. When gaming I turn down the memory to 1400 Mhz and core to 1230 Mhz. I use +150 Mv core as +100 was not enough (haven't thoroughly tested inbetween values)
I'm experiencing that too. I'm using an older crappy 750 watt power supply temporarily with coil whine from the video card. However, while using my high energy efficiency 1000 watt I never noticed any coil whine above any fan noise. I have water cooling so the fan noise isn't anywhere near the stock cooler.
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