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hey all i quit computers for about a year and now i come back and dont remember jack ****. I'm trying to overclock my i7 930 with a x58a-ud9 motherboard on F4 bios. Anyone know a guide or where to start on this mobo? I'm trying to bascially overclock my cpu. Its currently at factory settings i believe.
PM me prices you all want for them.
cant change the voltage on this can u?
you can overvolt these? thought only reference could.
I'm looking for a xfx, sapphire, asus, gigabyte REFERENCE model ati 5850. This isnt a christmas present so there is no rush to pull it from your system. Please pm me if you have one available with specs, any overclocking that might have been done *if its a proven overclocker even better*
who makes it though and is it reference is what i worry about.
rather shocked the last post was over a week ago...cr3w falling apart?
trying to catch me ridin dirtyyy
mumble messes up my internet connection...otherwise id be doing my daily troll etc.
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