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As Costas said, you can install a Valve. But you can install a short piece of tubing with a fitting(Barb or Compression) a fem/fem barrel and a plug. When it's time to drain pull the end out past the caseopening and drain into a bucket. Replace the cap and refill your loop. Easy peasy. ~Ceadder
use CLU. :thumb. ~Ceadder
Still have to buy BP if you need a Rotary T, Shutoff Valve, end Cap to match... Lots of other fittings as well. I'm happy, don't get me wrong, but you would think that if they can come up with those awesomesauce 45s and 90s in rotary they could followup quickly with a 180 T fitting and likewise with similar other fittings. Would like to see something to compete with Monsoon's Hardline Fittings that allow Acrylic tubing to be locked into the fitting. I would be all over...
Aha. Kay thanks. Answers my question then. Haven't yet stepped into 9series AMD. Built an 8series system and I have to say that while it IS a solid chip for it's price, the Stock cooler that comes with that simply sucks. It isn't even worth including in the box imho. ~Ceadder
The RAM issue is probably due to that particular RAM not being on the QVL for the board. I would contact the manufacturer and see if they can Connor together a suitable UEFI update to rectify that particular situation. I know that ASUS will do that for most every board in their arsenal. Not sure if Gigabyte will do that, but I don't see why they wouldn't. At least doing so may alieviate that particular headache and simplify your setup. I would also suggest that if your...
I wouldn't sweat the small stuff like a case badge. But should you wish to remove any offender, you can dribble some "Goo Off" at the top or heat it up with a hair drier and use your fingers to work it off.But imho, I would leave it if you're still using Corsair system products. Like RAM, PSU, SSD etc. ~Ceadder
Check my Sig for the 80way TIM comparison. It's an old comparison, but such a solid one that there is NOTHING as relevant since as far as I know. Yes there are new TIM options that didn't make the list('09) but it's hard to beat AS5. Only one is rated the same and that's because it is a ~8hr cure time compared to AS5's insane cure time. That is G751. Now I won't knock anyone for using something different, but I think MX4 is hanging round the top of the list because it...
Go with acrylic and that solves everything except Compression Fittings. Unless of course you really want Flexible tubing.~Ceadder
Yes. Can't look @ your links(smartphone ain't so smart) but to clarify... Every "kit" to my knowledge has been simplified to allow the use of most any part that is of G 1/4 thread. Haven't seen much if any of the old standard fitting sizes available, since G 1/4 became the preferred standard. The only thing that would hold you back is work space and imagination. ~Ceadder
Bump! ~Ceadder
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