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Yeah um no. Seriously doubtful the Monsoons are the cause of the issue. I let mine sit after draining and they looked just as good as the day I installed them nearly 2 an a half years ago. In fact the only casualty in my loop was a decidedly badly plated male/male rotary connection that I will NEVER use again. I should've pulled and dried everything after I drained my loop but my distilled water sat in the loop. No bueno for the rotary at the very bottom of the loop but...
I'm not going to need an extra port @tt. Gonna add another Radiator so I can T off it for my drain since it will be the lowest point in my loop. Still it's good to know in case like 100 times before I change my loop. ~Ceadder
Anything that fits within 8" of clearance or less. I have had H50 and with the X you should be able to run any 240 on the market. I ran the H50 in the 5.25 bay slot. Corsair 240 units I believe are compatible as well as Cooler Master 240 units. I don't have an X but my 932 is the base model for when they designed X and most of the interior is 100% the same. So anything that fits within 8" would do so long as you take into account the clearance for RAM slots and that is...
Kool. Unfortunately I would not be able to do that Ginormous reservoir unless I mount it to the exterior of my 932. Just measured the back where I will be putting my T res and it would be next to improbable with the hardline that I am currently going to. Got everything except for my mounts and a few odds'n'ends. That Res is pretty smancy though. Maybe if I go to a larger case, I will choose that. Want to finish the current plan though. ~Ceadder
LOL Still pity is nice. Can't believe how much money I have spent on WC'ing gear since I been home. Found a couple more fittings and added them to my fittings sale to help offset the costs. ~Ceadder
Hope they'll take pity on me and send me a block. I don't need nuthin special just a Thermosphere Copper/Plexi Universal GPU Water Block to get me off that Radeon hamster wheel. Good lookin out! ~Ceadder
Did you apply the tape in reverse thread so that it won't pull away when you thread fittings on the helical axis? If you applied properly, I would do it over and go one full wrap further than before. There shouldn't be any leakage at all. So either the tape wasn't completely applied or you didn't tighten the fittings down enough. ~Ceadder
Awesome job! ~Ceadder
You cannot use the WB from Formula V for Formula IV. Completely different layout and clearance issues I believe. Wouldn't even waste the money attempting such a thing. All I can recommend is keeping an eye on eBay and hope one comes available there. I checked Aquatuning and the only thing they have is the Extreme Light Cover blocks. Sadly as far as I know the only other WB Company that made these(Mips) is no longer in the game. So anyone looking to WC their Extreme better...
Put another port on the opposite end an I might just get one of those. Would be awesome with the spiraled cores too. ~Ceadder
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