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If you haven't got it might I suggest Civ V? I don't think that it's as good as the previous Civ game but with so many Leader options available you really can't go wrong there. Or any one of the Stalker games. Yes it's 1ps but you're dropped into a huge sandbox and have to fight to survive the dangers of the Zone. From mutants to Bandits to the Zone itself which seems to have your number with every encounter. I suggest Call of Pripyat and if that is too boringly easy for...
Well new it's going for $240. But since it's been delidded and overclocked, it's worth up to 3/4 the value depending upon the length of ownership and how long it's been delidded. Which is more than a fair recompense for a used CPU. I had this issue pop up when I was selling my lapped 955 BE. Just be aware that some people won't see your hard work as positively as it truly is and there will be low ball offers. I sat on my chip til I got a reasonably sound offer. ~Ceadder
Why Fury X xFire for a NAS box? Don't get me wrong, you should do whatever you like but I think a data backup sporting top end GPU make overkill look pensive. ~Ceadder
Nope. He was just comparing the color tint to a bottle of mouthwash. If the color is off, it's not by much. ~Ceadder
Seems like the egg is expecting two vendors cards at the moment. "Coming soon" with no listed prices, so I would go there and sign up for email notification to try to score the one you want and ignore eBay altogether unless you like paying more or simply can no longer wait for a fair price? ~Ceadder
Wasn't calling anyone out was just pointing out that you shouldn't state something without supportive information. So yeah, you kinda do have to "do the legwork" as you so eloquently put it. If I turn in a paper to my Profs that state facts that I don't cite for they'd be right to grade them with big fat F minuses. I wasn't even picking a fight with you. So please tone it down a bit okay? Thank you for the link. But all it shows is Hynix is mounting the HBM to the GPU...
This is the second time I have read this. If this were indeed the case and AMD manufactured every card then what's in it for them to allow anybody to package them for resale under another brand name?Frankly until I see of this, it's not true afaiac. I've never seen any hint of this with past iterations of AMD cards an I doubt this is truly the case at this time. I could be wrong but the first time someone stated this I asked for proof and got none. ~Ceadder
I am a Star Trek fan an you couldn't pay me to touch it. ~Ceadder
Can't wait to see three PE 360s on my table. $250 including FedEx Home Delivery. 1st of next month I pull the trigger on my order. ~Ceadder
People are nucking futs. There are guys on that Reddit link suggesting antifreeze regardless of what another's loop consists of. I pity the poor sot running an acrylic loop. ~Ceadder
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