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AFAIK that's how it's done all others are measured below the head. ~Ceadder
Sort of proves that Latency doesn't affect anything does it. I had a bit of a back an forth with a guy over that an he essentially ridiculed the timings of my Doms' acting like I didn't know what I was talking about because I settled for a 2x8 set of 1600 c10. I got em cause they filled my board's maximum and I got them for about $50. Couldn't beat the price at the time and I will get something faster when I finish my loop and shelve these for future builds. ~Ceadder
I was looking for 60mm cause I wanted to run shrouds but I have chucked that idea and looking for 30mm to mount Koolance shrouds to the exterior doors to cover the gaps and 25mm for the top fans, or possibly same as doors if I shroud the top. The KL shrouds are specifically for aesthetics not for performance. I'm gonna put grills under them to keep fingers from getting whacked when my little man gets mobile and curious enough to take a risk. lol ~Ceadder
For sure but stainless an my build don't go well together. I can get stainless locally from Napa or Carquest for pretty cheap. ~Ceadder
Which is why I suggest more wattage than necessary. I try to go approximately 200w over need. So if I need 700w (incl max OC) then I go for 1000w. This keeps the PSU cooler and quieter and in that sweet spot for 24/7 usage. I find it funny that people shame me for my opinion when I suggest the same thing for other builds But I'd rather have the power and quietness than lack power and live in a wind tunnel. ~Ceadder
I used to ascribe to that rule before I started watercooling. ~Ceadder
ikr? Haven't fiddled around with you particular cooler but when I had my h50 I had cooling issues and those were kind of related to an errant standoff that I missed. It mostly caused issues with my RAM slots, which is why I suggested checking. Cleared up everything after it was removed. ~Ceadder
Yeah, I have purchased through ModDYI. Had zero issues with them and depending on the size of the order takes a little under 2 weeks to make it to Washington state. I am in the same boat for screws. It's hard as pulling pirahna teeth getting a nice red screw assortment longer than 25mm. ~Ceadder
Yeah I have been, but I hadn't heard that Corsair went backward in reliability. Yeah they do coat more but I never minded paying more for quality. Thank you for the links. They will give me some information that I seem to be lacking. I know that Corsair were rebranded Seasonics hence my recommendation of Corsair. ~Ceadder
Gravity does the work. No need to turn your pump on at all. ~Ceadder
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