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I thought my hiatus was long. I spent 2 years away from the groove an it felt like forever. lol ~Ceadder
Wait, wha?!? Doesn't that contain Diamond dust particles? I don't recommend using that on your die if it does. ~Ceadder
Pretty much everyone who Folds has to. At least everyone here has to. lol~Ceadder
*sigh* Nope that is our Education system at work. Not trying to be mean but it used to be Critical Thinking was taught at home. Now people can't take the time to do it so they leave it to the schools to do it. And we wonder why this country is leaning toward third world status. ~Ceadder
No but they could write off a few thousand and include them with the purchase of DLC. That's how drug dealer's bolster the demand for their product. It's GTA after all. ~Ceadder
With a 140(+x) Rad you don't need Push Pull. You just need the room for the Radiator inside the case. Standard 25mm fans will fit just right under the top. I'd set them in Pull for Exhaust though. There is A LOT of airflow in a HAF case. To the best of my knowledg, nobody makes a 15mm thick 140. The only company that came close made 10mm fans and you could only get those in 120mm. Of course you could make this all moot if you performed a creative mod and shaved the fan...
Since they are EoL, they are pretty hit an miss. I suggest keeping an eye on the Bay and in OCN Marketplace. You may have to buy the whole block to get what you're looking for.I searched both PPCs and the Bay an came up with slim pickins. Reasonably sure that there are none available on EKs' site but you might look there too and maybe drop them a line to satisfy your need. ~Ceadder
Good thing I know that flower. That flash is hideous. Your first? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New stuffs in my sale thread guys! Stop by an take a peek if you've got the time an you're browsing. ~Ceadder
R* are releasing "Bikers" for Online. I hafta say, I think I will stop supporting R* if this trend continues. No further content drops until they coddle us Single Player gamers a bit. Enough with the constant Online content drops and forgetting the other half of their market. I'm old. I don't wish to be spammed by money droppers, and people out to ruin everyone's experience. Gimme what I want or I take my dollars elsewhere, que up GTA III-IV and remember the good old...
Shoot, I peel up the UPC sticker when I painted the back of Darkside and put it back to give CMaster something to go by should I have to ship it back to them. It was bothering me for years an I finally broke down and peeled it off. Not that I would be warrantying that case anyway. [[SPOILER]] So yeah, I'm in to Win! An no more stickers on my cases. Looking awesome as alway NKrade brotha! ~Ceadder
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