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Agreed. I'd try remounting the mono block at this point. It's not likely that a stick of RAM died. Not to say that it's impossible. But I'd lean more towards the board having issues before the RAM. So remount the block and see where that leads. ~Ceadder
I have a set of Home Depot Husky driver with bits. It's not bad but it's woefully inadequate for electronics screws. Soon as I can get the full iFixit Pro kit I will be much happier. ~Ceadder
iirc those drill mounted bits aren't available for the larger size tubing. icbw since it's been awhile but that's the reason I never got one. ~Ceadder
Looks good Gabe. Seeing your driver prompts me to ask how well you like those iFixit drivers? ~Ceadder
Try 100% real lemon juice not from concentrate. Should clean them right up. I pick up a couple squeeze bottles on occasion so I have enough to get that like new look. ~Ceadder
Not a problem. Hope things are smoother when you return home. ~Ceadder
What steps did you take to clear the issue? ~Ceadder
Minutes after posting that I woke up and of course it's Win X. Xbone App isn't on previous releases of Windows.Okay now that I am awake. Remove DX 12 and see what that does for you. Because iirc, it's an NVidia/DX 12 issue since DX12 isn't fully supported or implemented or some such thing. Been seeing stuffs about these issues all over the web. ~Ceadder
Lol. I'm not talking up Tt. Gimme EK any day of the week, month or year. I will have three Coolstreams in my 932 and have never run a Tt radiator. Just brought it up for the sake of the conversation, which was solder based. ~Ceadder
Windows 10? On my phone so I cannot see rig OS. ~Ceadder
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