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That Radiator dock in the bottom of that HexGear case is the tops. Love it snef! ~Ceadder
Well then you could get a stand alone D5 kit and pipe the Res outlet to it and then use the stand alone as your serial pump pushing the coolant through your loop or put it somewhere in the middle. I would suggest the latter because as reasoning pointed out above multiple times. Then just run a traditional MMRS with one Pump setup only. THat's the neat thing about the MMRS system is you can configure it any way to your liking within reason of course. ~Ceadder
Exactly, no Pump should ever be run upside down and doing so would burn one up the moment it doesn't have access to coolant. Now one could block off the intake if it's threaded and run that unit with the pump cover strictly for looks. But I'll assume that Monsoon doesn't thread the Intake portion of that cap. However a G1/4 tap and the cajones to mod that pump top would solve that issue with a cap inserted into it under the pump cover. ~Ceadder
I have no color X on hand at this time so I will get a pic of the Red with a couple Monsoon fittings I have sitting on my desk. Should have it posted by tomorrow at the latest. ~Ceadder
Yeah actually Monsoon color x is closer to Monsoon red. Sorry for the cornfusion. I looked at mine yesterday and while it doesn't clash, it's noticeably different. ~Ceadder
Stamdard Red comes closest. I will try to take a pic side by side of both and get them here for you to see.Color X is too dark but you really can't go wrong either way. ~Ceadder
Subbed of course. ~Ceadder
Love those tops on your Platinums. ~Ceadder
2nded.Although I doubt diluted vinegar would do much if anything to plastic, but orings probably wouldn't survive even minimal exposure. They would likely be prone to cracking afterward and that my friends would be no bueno. ~Ceadder
Could you post a link for those of us on Potato phones. ~Ceadder
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