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Forget when I did mine, but it was Spring. Temps are averaging 35c on Core 0 with the AC on, so I am quite happy with the results. Although with the AC off it's revealed that my GPU is gonna need to be RMA'ed. I'm glad that I still have the XFX Lifetime Warranty... until I receive the replacement. Whenever things get hot my Games black screen. Cannot play Call of Juarez for even 10 minutes before black screen crash occurs. Same with Dirt: Showdown, and any nVidia slanted...
How much room do you have in your connection space? I have the 180* T straight from outlet theading to fitting. It's a really nice straight. The offset is for my 90* double male rotary to fold my S/O valve out of the way when not in use. I use the 180 for max flow rate off the pump. ~Ceadder
No longer irritated. Thanks for the clarification VSG. ~Ceadder
This is kind of an irritation to me. EVGA getting the love over all others. ~Ceadder
My Dell is a i7 4790But I have an RX 480 that I recently blocked that will have to be changed for running with an Aluminum based loop. Plan to keep the Copper Acetal block for when the RX 480 goes into my Ryzen loop. ~Ceadder
Do the kits have access to AMD blocks? I know that nVidia has first service but I'm considering one of these kits for my Dell system. But I really need a 140 setup, since I cleared the HDD cage from the Case intake up front and can easily fit a 140 there. Sadly there is no 140 kit in PPCs or EKs' catalogs atm the last time I looked. Is this due to change? ~Ceadder
BTC and Krypto currencies like any investment, are not taxable until you cash them in. At least so far as I am aware of in the States. Maybe elsewhere but not in the States, thankfully. ~Ceadder
Amen! I will continue to take the tact of color tubing and tops (whenever possible) and sticking to what works. I'm not a dye guy. They look cool for a month or so, but in the end it's throwing $$ down a dark hole and causes strife in the community with the blame game. ~Ceaddwr
I will pay with bit currency for computer gear and sell builds for profit. Seems to be the best way to avoid being ripped off as far as I can see. Thankfully NE, Amazon and Performance all accept bit currency as payment. ~Ceadder
Price change on the Taylor Wharton LN2 jug. $175 + shipping. ... I cannot go much lower but I will consider offers and possibly trades. ~Ceadder
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