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Thalmor armor with standard boots= good look. ~Ceadder
The above pic explains a lot why you cannot simply drop a GPU cooler on these new cards. Look at the size of that die. ~Ceadder
Lock it into anot her room for 24hrs of 3DMark. It should help fix that. If not it may be that your GPU doesn't play well with your PSU. ~Ceadder
I would try that combination but I run AMD. So no HBAO for me. Other than that I have to say that I really like Misery but will try Aurora after playing Misery 2.1 which is what I am currently playing on my Bros system. ~Ceadder
Love the look of that new EK Res in the mount. Now am gonna have to flip a coin to figure out which Res will replace the FrozenQ Res. Monsoon's newest or the EK unit. ~Ceadder
Wow thanks iBruce. Will keep an eye out for the package. My bro is gonna be getting an EK predator for Xmas. So looks like I am gonna be pouncing on those Royal Blues for the Hardline kit I plan to install on it. ~Ceadder
Temporarily means that if you remove the update that it's a temporary solution to their incessant mandatory update system. Sure you can remove it but then they'll pack it with the next batch of updates. Hooray! ~Ceadder
You ain't kidding. I tried to do the mission with the Raiders in the other ship. They all got killed and while I didn't and brought everything I could carry back with me the mission ended as a bust and their leader (sorry can't think of his name atm) won't even acknowledgee past the typical query storyline.And those dratted Snorks simply kill me in one swipe or so. So you can imagine how my 1st run attempt went. Still an excellent mod. It's just too bad that all the caches...
Maybe because the mounting area for a 120 is smaller than for a 140. Although that can be sidestepped using 140 to 120 adapter plates if therequired is enough room between the main board and the top of the case. Koolance also makes Radiator mounts and there are the EK Radiator mounts that could possibly be used to secure the Predator to the same location. Sure it would take a bit of work but I'm sure that it could be done so long as a 280 will fit that case. ~Ceadder
Buh bump ba bump. ~Ceadder
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