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Now that I think about it, since they use PEX for household use I doubt it leeches because people use their water for cooking. Imagine the massive lawsuit resulting from unintentional poisoning. It'd be on the national scale if that were happening. The stuff is sold at all large kiosks like Home Depot, Lowe's, ACE etc. ~Ceadder
Cause PEX is flexible and cheap compared to Copper. No brazing involved and color coded for both Hot and Cold lines as well. Simple push-in connection process also. I've never heard of leeching where PEX is concerned but it's relatively new having been available for less than 10 years iirc.~Ceadder
In a space with sunlight?I suspect so. I had my build in front of a window, but growth wasn't a factor since it was on the East side of the building and the blinds were always closed, so sunlight was not much of a factor in my experience.When I was a kid, I remember a Biology class at my High School, had a fish tank with a Bass in it and it was algified due to being in the Sun for the bulk of each day as it was a North facing classroom and it sat directly under the window....
The glitch builds your XP, where console doesn't. Hence why I was asking. ~Ceadder
I wouldn't use one. I ran straight distilled with a Copper CPU and Nickel MB block with zero issues. ~Ceadder
Depending on the location of the system(sunlight/no sunlight) I think 6 mos to a year is what I would recommend. Distilled is cheap enough to be had for next to nothing and I recommend a new bottle of it every drain/flush and refill."long time" is simply too vague for the reliable answer I believe he is looking for. lolI run distilled only and change out at around the 6mos mark unless something happens where I have to drain to replace or do maintenance if I cannot get a...
Can anyone tell me if the item glitch still exists? The one using the dog to clone items? I know that it worked prior to the latest console updates, but would like to know for future reference when I finally start playing FO4 on Desktop Gaming rig. ~Ceadder
That was some funny shiiiiiiioooohoot. Now to watch it again on the TV, even though I am watching tech talk #108. ~Ceadder
Agreed. Although I am more of a visual learner. I don't mind reading (I have a pretty decent collection of historical 20th century military texts. YouTube is a great tool for me. I just ignore the opinion stuff as much as possible if it has little to do with the topic or common sense. Haha, apologies. Wong Darth. In my defense I was half asleep having just woke up before posting. ~Ceadder
Makes me appreciate that PDXLAN build you did last year even more Darth. Can't even imagine how you shipped that thing cross the country w/o incident. ~Ceadder
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