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Pretty sure any order means NO MINIMUM. ~Ceadder
That's because EK is metric and Monsoon Hardliners is all SAE. So no their 3/8" insert will slide right through EK's hardline. But with a 12mm insert you can use ther mandrels w/o issue. ~Ceadder
Cold e skipped the DAC and included an RoG SSD and Flash drive worthy of the Brand imho. ~Ceadder
ActuallyLikely 16GB since that's become a trend as of late with most Flashdrives.Generous would be 64GB since both are cheap to manufacture and procure from the Vendors. ~Ceadder
Really 11mm tubing? That extra mm must cost a bloody kings ramsom in manufacturing costs. lol ~Ceadder
Ick OC brought back the ribbed tubing??? :x Wthades were they thinking? I thought we'd gotten well clear of that doodoo. ~Ceadder
Do you know what the distance was?I had to make this small distance...And essentially Freehanded the measurement using the 90* MandrelI lined up the fitting side with the U of the mandrel with a tube prebent 90* then marked the tube where the mandrel was to start and then bent the other half with the Mandrel mounted to my surface. I will shorten it some more so that it will get closer to the MB and CPU blocks cause it stands pretty tall but not too bad I think. I may also...
Yup, none other than it's not new tech. ... That's okay though cause my Son will likely inherit it from me when he's old enough to appreciate and drive it. I'm going to teach him how to work with his hands and by that he'll gain the appreciation of his own self worth. So this is an AWESOME inheritance. I will miss both my Grampa and my Uncle for sure but my son will remind me of the past where they stood over me with my own project of sorts back when I was growing up 37...
So jelly with all these goodies being delivered. lulz Is okay, getting a Truck this week. Technically I already had it, since it's been on a Flatbed trailer. I'm the 3rd Generation owner of a '91 GMC Sonoma SLE V6 that belonged to my Grampa and my Uncle. My Grampa wrecked it twice, my Uncle brought it back from the dead and fixed the body and rebuilt the motor and tranny and the interior is pristine. So I will cherish the hades out of it. I found the front air dam and...
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