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That's sposed to be "the" not "their". Stupid android autocorrect. ~Ceadder
I WISH! lulz ~Ceadder
LN2. lol ~Ceadder
Unless that board showed up in the arms of Mercury the Greek god, I am doubtful that he tried out the other CPU on their new board. ~Ceadder
They already do charge an arm and a leg. Their next price point option is first born daughter. So they can put her on their corner to make them more. ~Ceadder
OP didn't bake anything at the start of this. 2pins not working/missing on test board that fired the rest up to POST. Pretty sure chip was Fail from there very beginning. ~Ceadder
Yeauhup, my Afterburner went voltage locked on my Sapphires as well. I think our cards were locked from launch. I could be wrong though cause I got mine used. But my 5770 worked just fine unlocked in AB. Only when I upgraded did AB voltage control disappear from their control panel. Now it could be that updating the Sapphire software pack could rectify there issue. Mine aren't online so I haven't been able to test this for myself. ~Ceadder
Only if they're waterbased cooling. ~Ceadder
Well OP updated that 3(?) other chips were successfully posted on that same board. So that alone says chip was fail. However we don't know if baked before/after that. Everything up to board testing is up for interpretation. However it was tested on their board prior to their multiple test and that's how OP knew it was bad upon receipt. Dude even could've attempted using a flame thrower on it afterwards and it still boils down to Fail chip being sold as something it...
My h50 got me in and I kept my head focused on putting together my loop. Took me awhile but I got mine together and working great about 8 months or so later. Wtc! ~Ceadder
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