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Did they ever get the last Stalker done or did they simply abandon it? I know there was talk of them abandoning due to issues with the government but I have been hoping that someone simply picked it out of the scrapheap and resurrected it. ~Ceadder
I know it's old, but I would love to see what how Supreme HF stacks up compared to the rest. If it is a case of availability issues, I would be willing to send mine to test with the plates as I have everything except for maybe a 2011 mounting plate. So if I could be guaranteed a safe return I volunteer to be the guinea pig. The reason I would like to see this done is because some of us are still on them and if there is no need to replace the CPU block, then we would see...
Yes it is but could you please use ["spoiler"] tags to quote multiple pics? It would be much appreciated by those of us accessing OCN via our smartphones. If you are on your phone you should find brackets on the 2nd page of your "Sym" button. I am not intentionally singling you out. There are other offenders of the multiple pic quoting. You just happened to be the most recent. ~Ceadder
This. Although I went with Thermospheres due to lack of availability(out of date GPUs), I likely would've gone with EK due to the look and performance of their blocks.Koolance and BP are the only other options. I think they are okay, but I like to keep things simple by going with one brand rather than multiple brands smattered around in my builds. ~Ceadder
I would likely have gone with the X if I didn't already bought the 932 a few months earlier. As it happened my Brother had purchased the Newegg HAF 932 with the blue edition lighting about 2 months before I got my standard HAF 932 which as everyone knows only came with the lone LED fan up front. So of course I just had to mod it. And am still modding it. But the X just took the 932 to another level. ~Ceadder
You did have me wondering, but that doesn't affect how much your build is inspiring mine. ~Ceadder
Actually snef put in them newfangled BP "worm-hole" fittings. no fuss no muss and absolutely no mess. Can't wait til I get some for my build! ~Ceadder
If they are silver(top) and blue(bottom) then yes I guess those are cable clamps. They look like some sort of tubing extension. ~Ceadder
Hey Krit, why do you have extensions on such short lengths? i.e. CPU and GPU horizontal runs? Seems kinda wasted unless those rings are something else and I am missing what they are. Could be some new kind of Thermo rings I guess. ~Ceadder
Ahh okay. Can't believe that my bros fan died so quicklike as it was his Exhaust fan on his bone stock system. I could see it dying if it was mounted horizontally but this is a vertical case fan we're talking about. Dude spent nearly $20 on it not including shipping. Which is why I won't buy one, even for a case fan. ~Ceadder
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