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Well I plan to stuff approximately 350mm/+ worth of Reservoir in the mod. So in my case, it's purely filled space first and pump supply second. Some guys like having the added benefit of not having to fill so much. I'm not worried about that so much than I am Aesthetics. It's gotta look right for when I finally get it to PDXLan. ~Ceadder
Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Good thing I checked in from the Desktop otherwise I woulda been... wth is wrong with my phoooooone! ~Ceadder
If you're experiencing crashes, then expanding the page file to 1GB should clear it up. That's all I was saying. Apologies for the short reply. ~Ceadder
Yup, NIB and lacking those items, including the insert? Yeah I don't have one of those either. Thank you for the link. Just submitted support ticket using that link. Keeping my fingers crossed. ~Ceadder
Nice use of a Crystal Skull Wadka bottle. ~Ceadder
Gotta love ASUS, always inovating and ahead of the curve. ~Ceadder
It takes them a long minute to come through sometimes. You might say something to the OP via PM. ~Ceadder
Expand your page file to 1gb. That should allow you a better experience. ~Ceadder
Only if you use fittings to connect them. Bending chrome plating is no go. You're more likely to wrinkle the finish if you attempt bending it. ~Ceadder
Wish I had a DDR4 board. That's a danged good price. Although I would have to watercolor them. I love watercooling everything. ~Ceadder
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