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I will stick with my 40" until prices come down. Would love to have 4k but my system will run a 40" with no issues for now and when I upgrade GPU in 2016(come on tax day! Papa needs a new...) then I will consider what's available. ~Ceadder
Hmmm would be good for Hardliners tubing for marking Radius marking too. ~Ceadder
Oh yes forgot backplate for the 980. There's more money there. ~Ceadder
Takes ******* of all kinds to post to social media, whether the intent is real or not. I for one am glad they did but who gets gun laws shoved down their throats as a result of this. The law abiding citizens who don't commit retarded acts of violence. Like that reporter who shot other reporters cause he was disgruntled about his treatment in the workplace. Don't like the treatment move into another line of work, seek counseling. Do anything else but shoot unsuspecting ...
For $500? Not likely... Pump $80 to $100 Res is another $35 to $130 CPU block is $80 For me, two Thermospheres $150 Coolsream 360 PE $75 Tubing is $20+ 3 Yates loons are $15 to cover the cheap end of the list Barbs are $4each Pump top is $40. Kits don't include GPU or RAM and you will need moar tubing, more fittings and possibly some heats inks if going GPU only block. Heatsinks are ~$30 for one card. Now you could go used on eBay or purchase here and get a tad bit of...
Have you a eTailer receipt? If you purchase through Newegg or Amazon they hold your purchases in question for quite some time. ~Ceadder
PE Rads are 6-32 iirc. ~Ceadder
Can't you find the correct screw at a hardware store? If it's anything like the ones that came with my EZ mount kit , I don't see how it could be that difficult. Hardware stores carry all kinds of unfinished standard slot strews. Try taking one in and matching it. Then you don't have to resort to craziness. ~Ceadder
Geld Extreme was king? Since when? G751 placed higher in 80way review which you can find in my sig. It's an old review but it's the most comprehensive only lacking comparison of the last 5 years of TIM releases which I am sure you can find reviews of and extrapolate comparing to this review. I have a 3g tube of Hydronaut in my cart so I will be comparing that to G751 and reporting my findings. One leg up it has over G751 which I don't need it in hand to test is the...
If you're still considering mounting the fans on top you will have to punch a couple minor holes for the fan connections. And if that's still a possibility then I suggest 120x20 fan shrouds in between the radiator and the case. It won't be the same as running push/pull but it would get you closer to the temp range than running just fans. ~Ceadder
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