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Should be just fine. Just 50/50 it and it should be slick enough. ~Ceadder
Intel is NOT going to put high dollar CLU, CLP or any Liquid metal between their dies and IHS plates. That's a pipe dream of the silliest kind. Their TIM is not the best but it's fine for their chips. Now if AMD does it and they successfully take some of Intel's marketshare then they would likely follow suit. But since AMD won't do that we can rest assured Intel won't. After all this, I'm thinking we're being sucked into an argument of semantics by a kid. I have a...
Funny how something so simple to understand as pump out can be lost on someone so smart. Without full contact between any TIM and the IHS, the TIM will boil and pump out. The worst TIM or even the best, will pushout. It doesn't mean Intel TIM is crap. It's just not in direct contact with the IHS due to the gap created by the liberal amount of sealant applied at the manufacturing line. ~Ceadder
PPCS does have incoices. Go to your account info. It should be listed near or at the top depending on your last order(s) that's where mine are at and Predator 240 was my last order. Simply download and save the PDF file and upload it to EK RMA system. They'll accept it. ~Ceadder
Liquid dish soap works best. Ajax cleans from tubing really quick since it's so thin. ~Ceadder
As far as I know, all ASUS z99 and z170 boards are also tied in to PCIe slot 1 and slot 2. I could be wrong since I don't have a ton of experience with them. But they are SATA3 as far as I know so they shouldn't throw SATA2 results. ~Ceadder
I have heard the same thing about those ones. Not enough feedback(+/-) about the BP ones for me to judge them all. ~Ceadd
That's neat. I kinda like that option. Makes it easier on the wallet not having to get one of those BP indicators at $30/+. ~Ceadder
The M.2 uses the SATA express lanes which tie in with PCIe lanes iirc. I'm no expert on the issue. That's just simply how the Gamer PRO is setup. ~Ceadder
Yes it could start increasing temps. But not always noticeably enough to get one's attention. I do see how you're more reliant on your Reservoir as an age indicator however. ~Ceadder
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