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Name a single part in a combustion engine that is powered and has direct contact with water. I can name 4 parts on a Motherboard that while they don't have "direct" contact the parts they cool do and it aids galvanic corrosion. Yes there are step to take to help minimize it but to date the best way is to avoid it completely. The wattage coursing through a motherboard is higher than most any one part on a modern combustion engine. I know this for a fact because I worked in...
Are all the silver fittings the same makeup? If so this puts my mind at ease. Although I run only Distilled/No Dyes/Additives. ~Ceadder
And a hefty price tag to go along with the larger capacities. In the end the base coolant temp will stabilize. You'd need a rather large case to house it as well. lol~Ceadder
Aluminum?!? Lord please no. Copper, Nickel, Acetal yes. Aluminum? Hell no. They aren't Thermalfake. Although those look pretty dope. Just no Aluminum. ~Ceadder
On the shipping cost from PPCs, I suggest going with UPS or FedEx Ground. You pay less generally and almost zero chance of a lost shipment. I've experienced a couple of fouled shipping issues with USPS and I suggest staying away from that potential headache. My experience was both purchase and shipping. When I send $50 worth of parts to someone and am notified it's undeliverable as addressed, I expect to get it back. I shipped over a year ago and never got it back. To...
Adding a larger Res shouldn't help temps. Once added maybe, but eventually the temps will stabilize and you'd be back to square one. Are you running Push Pull? ~Ceadder
It's a good problem to have to be sure. My to do list is long indeed. Just gives me a reason to put my feet on the floor in the mornings. ~Ceadder
Yup, definitely need to bleed. But had they done so it might not have shown up as well. lol~Ceadder
Would love to see the ccl units get a minor LED mounting surface addition. Either in a dual flat surface or single. Would give an additional reason to go with the MMR for those who wish to maintain the look of their LED setup without adding CCLs. I understand why, if it cannot be done. But was thinking about it the other night. And thought I would mention it since it seems like a workable solution for anyone wanting a color scheme other than Red Green Blue UV or White....
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