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Well iirc(been some time since I've gone there) DazMode doesn't carry EK product. So why would their Protector additive be compatible? Not saying that it isn't but I wouldn't expect it to be w/o first contacting EK and making absolutely sure to get something in writing before making that purchase. It's too late now, but hopefully the age of the block will be the deciding factor since it was released round the time of the Nickel issue. ~Ceadder
Would be nice if that code works as I will be getting Predator 240 v1.1 very soon. Otherwise I'm content with OCN55. ~Ceadder
Can but nae. There is a Fallout 4 thread after all. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Got and played New Vegas before FO 3. Now I've gone back to FO3 while I await FO4 GotY Edition. Here are the most annoying of issues I have going on. Installed the game on my upgraded Dell XPS 8700. I installed the XFX 5770 HD Radeon I had laying around and replaced the GT720 card it came with. It optimized at Ultra...
I kinda doubt EK honors that warranty, if DazMode Protector is incompatible with Nickel for any reason. Hope I am wrong however. ~Ceadder
Do you own a Dremel?If you do then might I suggest using a cutoff wheel and carefully cut the rivets() from the side instead of drilling them out? Yes it's messier, but the possibility of puncturing the Radiator/Res/Pump remains an even messier possibility.Are the PCB riveted into place? I've finally got a customer who needs an AIO that is willing to spend the dough on a Predator an I may have to talk him out of it if so. Cause I really don't want to spend excessive labor...
IKR! I woulda sent that kid sailing and not on water. Cause there is no reason he should be doing any work on any property without first inquiring with the owner. ~Ceadder
Not sure if Performance is paying a royalty to OCN, but they have a constant discount code for OCN and other members have posted their seasonal discount codes. Members who have no affiliation to Performance other than as consumer. So if you do something along the lines of a discount code I am sure we can keep it going for you without offending the OCN hierarchy. ~Ceadder
Sweet.Going another way with an M.2 drive so as to clean up some of this cabling as well as relocate it to the MB. But at least this gives me something else to try. So will pick up an Intel 540 120GB 80mm M2 to replace it. +Rep to you sir. Now I have to roll up the ole sleeves and get this drive back in order. ~Ceadder
Thanks Bill. I saw your Imperial ensign grill. Gonna get a couple and use one for the front of my 932 bild. Gonna stuff a Grey fan GT behind it after painting it Crimson Red. Should look pretty tough. The other one is going on the Dell if I don't go with the Fallout edition if I can get one. ~Ceadder
Stupid me. Installed OS to the 750 Evo. Attempted to move the Users/Programs/Programs x86 files to the 4tb HDD and couldn't get back into the OS. Deleted the OS and now the SSD won't allow a reinstallation of the OS as it's protecting the MBR and I can't get the drive to list the MBR. So now I have a SSD paperweight. ~Ceadder
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