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Fresh CPU. It's an RMA replacement chip. ~Cceadder
Then go young Padawan. Don't sweat the small banthu fodder and go Pump to CPU. As you say, it's the simplest route for you to go. ~Ceadder
Didn't realize you'd posted that before I did. Just came in at the end of the thread. As posted before though UN has lots of interesting brackets recently. Just saw their new 2.5 drive stands. Awesome breackets. Wonder if they would work in tandem with two .3.5" drives. ~Ceadder
Well this sucks... Bitcoin is good currency but it's getting so much negativity that ALL ASICs have been stopped by the company that operates them on my behalf. That is not a good sign. ~Ceadder
Try these... I'll be using them to mount my pumps between my 360s. one should work well for mounting a Reservoir. Fits a standard 120 but they also have 140 brackets of the same design should you be able to mount to your 140 fan mounts. ~Ceadder
I think that stronger CAN be better. Depending on how you do it, you can all but lock your GPU in stable enough to keep them from sagging and keep it from being a visual blight. Imho. ~Ceadder
While Wisk is right I must point out that pushing water from the pump to the Radiator adds an immediate restriction in almost all cases. Now that may not be a Big deal over the long haul, it makes filling your loop more of a PiTA than necessary. Imho. ~Ceadder
Just got my shipment from PPC's. Got one of many to come Monsoon chaingun Acrylic compression sets. Pics just don't do them justice. They are solidly built. My only gripes are the tool is near worthless and you have to apply the washers to the threaded portion. This is why the tool is near worthless. The hex key end fits in the corners of the hex and that doesn't sit well with confidence of not matting the silver plating. Rather use the proper sized allen wrench than...
I am torn between the 2200's and the 3000's for my high FPI HWL Stealths. Would the higher RPM range be better or the Lower range? ~Ceadder
Having a couple GPU that I can no longer get FC blocks for brings out the best ideas in me. lol ~Ceadder
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