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1. Do you currently own an SSD and are you planning on purchasing one in the near future? If so, which brands are you considering (Intel, OCZ, Crucial, Kingston, Patriot Memory, Samsung, or other)?   Answer: Yes and No. I have Intel 320 80GB and Intel 520 240GB SSDs already... and Intel has not given me a free one yet. Disappointed. 2. What is the most important consideration you make when you purchase an SSD (price, performance, brand, other)?   Answer:...
Kingston HyperX was my 1st choice... then I kinda shift my interest for a short while to Crucial M4... then I went eying on Intel SSD mainly for its longer warranty and its reliability.   I bought this 240GB SSD for $299.99 with $100 MIR... Bargain?   Btw, I think Ket over on XS is waiting for anyone to provide him with the latest Intel Option ROM that works properly with P45 before making the last final batch for the 5 years old P45 chipset.   I didn't...
Hi All,   Guess what SATA III SSD I've just bought today? [[SPOILER]]   Going to test it out tonight... probably.   Cheers, ocman.
  I recall like a few months ago, one of our members provided an alternative link to the latest package or something... and I apologize that I forgot to update the link in the 1st page... I tried searching for it within this thread last night... no lucky... anyone else?
  Raiden911, I'm glad you've found this thread helpful! All the best to you going forward!   Should I be welcoming you to the club or the farewell?
  Awesome info and thanks for the link jetpak12!!! Happy 100th REP!!!
  I was eying on the Intel 520 120GB... and realize they are using sandforce controller... reviews on it weren't that great... but I suppose the 180GB would be faster in performance.   Thanks for the suggestion TA4K!
Hey guys, I'll test the add on card out with a SATA 3 SSD, any recommendation on the best performance SATA3 SSD deal right now? Capacity between 120GB and 256GB is fine.   Crucial M4 C400 256GB? Anyone?
  If your budget and chassis interior space permit, I would suggest you to go with Noctua NH-D14!   For budget constraint choice would be Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO!   For clean interior look, I would suggest you to get Corsair H100 or Antec Kuhler 920!   Get any of the quad core CPUs like Q6XXX, Q8XXX, or Q9XXX would be fine!   P.S.: This is my 2300th post!!! Cheers!!!
Hi cgull! Welcome aboard!   You sure are a fan of ASUS' socket 775 mobos!!!   Feel free to reference and share in this owners club!   Happy Overclocking! @ KingT Glad to see you post again!
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