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I agree! I've been waiting for Skyrim's DLC to be on sale for less than the Legendary Edition, but sadly it still isn't Since I already have Skyrim itself, if I was to buy the Legendary Edition would I be able to gift a copy of Skyrim to a friend?
It requires ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii and Cazy hairs and demoness hairs conversion by zzjay which are linked on the mods page.
Here's his post of the latest one he posted a few pages back. It's really easy to install, just place all the contents in the file into your Skyrim folder and you're done. My only problem when using ENB is that I can't have MSI Afterburner running or it will crash, so be on the lookout for that also
Most people used STEP and pretty sure most still do for a great basis on where to start, then tweak it from there, adding their own preference of mods. The author of STEP said that the new version of STEP should be out August 16th - 19th, so it might be useful for you just hold off a few days and wait for that guide to come out. I'm interested to see what he puts in it this time. Also, an ENB might be worth looking into. Derko has posted his a few pages back and I'm really...
Thanks for posting the great ENB Derko Going to see if I can get your new one with FXAA working, but here's some pics from your previous ENB you posted. First images posted, so be easy.
They might have changed it back. I was away for eight days and was full on water and food when I left, then I came back and logged in today to find my water red and blinking very fast, however my food icon was still full. I thought they had done away with it while you were offline also, so maybe it was just a glitch, but that's what I found.
Sorry for the late reply, I went on vacation.I wouldn't exactly say that I fell in love with the sound, more so the fact that they're the best sounding headphones I've been able to listen to haha. When I went into Guitar Center to try them, the guy said that I couldn't return them, because I asked if I could buy the Pro 550's since they didn't have a pair in-store for me to listen to, then return them if I didn't like them, or just try them in-store whenever they came in....
Yeah, that might be the better idea since I've already been able to use a pair and liked the way they sounded.I don't know why I didn't even think about buying new ear pads and buying used, but I'm definitely going to look around for some now!Also, thanks for the help I hope to find a pair within the next week or two and will report my findings coming from a "gaming" headset to the 770's to possibly put more information and help anyone who was on the edge like myself.
I haven't bought them yet, only tried them at a Guitar Center. Also, maybe it's just me being picky, but I don't think I would want a used set. Either way though, you think that the DT 770's are the way to go for me? If so, which set would you suggest with my Xonar DG, the 80ohm or the 250ohm version?Aren't these open? If so, wouldn't they not isolate very well?
Hey guys, I need some help in deciding which set of headphones I should buy. I originally was going to buy the Ultrasone Pro 550’s around Christmas time but sadly ended up not being able to get them then. So, in the meantime I tried to find somewhere I could try a pair with no luck. However, I was able to try the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80’s at a Guitar Center and loved them and thought they were a HUGE improvement in the music department over my Tritton AX 720. Given I...
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