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I've come to prefer Terminator ever since I used CrunchBang. I occasionally use its view splitting/tabs, but mostly use i3 and tmux for those features.
I've used Ubuntu server in the past but now exclusively use Debian. Administration has been nearly identical. I run nginx with PHP (via FastCGI). I should note this has been for personal use, but it's not terribly difficult to setup. I don't use Linode, but I recommend their library for these kinds of tutorials. They've got them for most popular software and on most distros:
I use Crunchbang, primarily on my laptop. While it has a nice, lightweight user interface, I just like it as what I consider to be Debian with sane/convenient defaults. I like the apps it comes with, but I run i3, a tiling WM instead of Openbox. Just for you I logged into my old Openbox config (using xfce4-panel instead of tint2):
Not that I know of. Generally speaking, unless everything is closed you never have an exposed "desktop" to right click on anyway. Most people just use dmenu, or in my case I use gmrun (comes with Crunchbang) along with some shortcut keys for common programs.You shouldn't need to mess with your sources list. The only thing you might want to add is perhaps wheezy-backports (lets you get newer versions of packages sooner). If by update you mean the command apt-get update,...
Wow, that's BS. Since when is it a suspicious to use perfectly legal electricity? You'd think the power company would just shut up and just take your money...
Over 3 million in the last month alone.
Wow, I came in at 22nd, with 2009 hardware, no less. I used to get around 200th! Congrats to the prize winners.
Thankfully, it looks like I'll manage to finish this second bigadv WU (8105) in time. Already I've folded more than double my previous amount.
Ready and folding on this ghettostrosity: It's not a shiny new G34 or anything like that, but it does do bigadv, and judging from this last week, I should be able to land at least 200k points during the foldathon (more if I can get two WUs uploaded within the timeframe).
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