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I reached 30 million this week.
An 8 drive array and only one drive is being used for parity?! I'd have done RAIDZ3 (or at least 2) on that kind of array.
All of the browsers are turning into crap these days. They're losing features, becoming more intrusive, ignoring user feedback, etc. Even the venerable Firefox is crappy now since the interface change. The only decent browsers now that I know of are Pale Moon (a Firefox fork) and Midori.
Doesn't using aptitude fix that? aptitude install x, aptitude remove x, aptitude update, aptitude upgrade, aptitude search x, etc.I use the apt-* commands, but a ton of people use aptitude.I've seen a lot of people using BSPWM lately, and as an i3 user, I'm wondering if it would be a good WM for me. One of the features I love about i3 is the tabbing. Are there any other modern WMs that have that feature?
What's your theme?
I wrote this Python script about a year ago to more quickly convert people's ubiquitous urxvt terminal colorschemes for use with terminator which is my preferred terminal. Code: #!/usr/bin/env python # URXVT Colors -> Terminator config file format by Stolid. Enjoy. I can't promise it will work every time. import subprocess, os urxvt_cfg = os.path.expanduser('~')+'/.Xresources' colors = [] def getColorSetting(search): p1 = subprocess.Popen(['grep', search,...
I've come to prefer Terminator ever since I used CrunchBang. I occasionally use its view splitting/tabs, but mostly use i3 and tmux for those features.
I've used Ubuntu server in the past but now exclusively use Debian. Administration has been nearly identical. I run nginx with PHP (via FastCGI). I should note this has been for personal use, but it's not terribly difficult to setup. I don't use Linode, but I recommend their library for these kinds of tutorials. They've got them for most popular software and on most distros:
I use Crunchbang, primarily on my laptop. While it has a nice, lightweight user interface, I just like it as what I consider to be Debian with sane/convenient defaults. I like the apps it comes with, but I run i3, a tiling WM instead of Openbox. Just for you I logged into my old Openbox config (using xfce4-panel instead of tint2):
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