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My GPU-Z proof. My Valley Bench
So I have finally come to what I think will be my complete build, here you can see my full basket including cooling. Any ideas or changes would be most helpful as this will be only my second ever water build.
Tech might drop in price quickly but I don't upgrade often. So 5000 quid will last me at least 6 years. Ok so here is the latest basket update. I want to take this thing full under water, only problem is I don't quite know which chipset block I would need to get for my Asrock X79 Extreme9? Any ideas?
I won't be gaming on triple monitors but I need the overhead for high work load. Also played about with the basket and its coming in at a lot less. I have edited the link in my original post which now shows the new basket. Though this doesn't include the water loops. I was planning on modding the fractal case and having a 420mm in the roof, and a 280mm in the front. Kind of like this
Ok so I have recently been informed that I have a new full time job. So this can only mean one thing, new computer . Now don't get over excited as its going to take me a while to save up for this beast. What I need is something that will see me though my final year of university in 12 months time. It will be doing a lot of rendering, image manipulation, video editing and of course gaming. Oh you can throw folding into that mix as well. Now at this moment I haven't got a...
Care to share with the class?
Sadly not yet though I have put this project on the back burner just until I have completed more important projects which are coming to a close soon. Though when I find out how to fix this problem I'll make sure to post it on here to let people know.
Yer it connects alright but no information shows up.
Ok so I have recently installed ubuntu and have followed the guides on this forum for setting up the SMP client and also my client is working nicely and I can launch which shows my team number and total team WU's/points like expected but for some reason it won't show my current progress/ETA/Points for my WU's. Any ideas why not? I believe I have the destination folder correct.
This is really for anyone thinking of getting into water, I have just brought and installed my first water loop which as in the title of this thread was the EK H3O Supreme LT 240mm Kit, behind the link is my thoughts in video form an the temperatures I have been able to attain under full load. I hope this is of help to anyone who is thinking about putting their rig under water. Link to video If anyone is interested then here is a video of the unboxing Finally I would...
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