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My post for the day. Answer is 10
That would be a very good BOINC card, no idea how many ppd for a project but they were a badass card in their day.I would buy a 5870 in a second for a secondary BOINC card if I could find one, those 5 series are still compute monsters.
Floop Answer= 10
In for the 6th
Canadian citizens are no worse at grammar than any other country, if you think any different you are ignorant and misinformed. Take that crap elsewhere.Thank you.
In again, thanks admin.
Day 3 entry, thanks OCN.
In for day 2. Thank you.
Ooh, give me some moneh! In Thanks Admin
Your membership is activated, hence the different color your name now has and the ocn flame by your postbit. You also get to change your user title and can block adds through OCN. Grats on the new overclock account.
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