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Maybe your anti-virus or firewall getting in the way? Try making an exception for the F@H .exe for your AV and see if it will download. Actually, first restart your PC and see if that fixes it ...Thanks man, stolen off Deviantart lol
Check the FAH log for errors but at this point you might want to delete and re-build the slot to download another WU.Good luck this foldathon everbody!
Needs more overclock
In thanks. Currently and active folder & Boincer, I bounce between both. Also should have a Chimp Challenge x 3 badge and a 2012 and 2013 Foldathon Folder Badge as well. Also have HWBOT postbit. Live in Canada, can help with shipping if need be. Thanks again. Good luck to all who qualify.
Thanks Dark Ryder, much appreciated!
Im not listed on the stats site, could you add me on there please? Not like it matters, I can't seem to make close to the amount of credits per day that I used to. Must be drivers or something. Running all day and all night for the last 6 days or so and I make maybe 300k a day when I used to make 800k or 900k. So another crappy BGB for me it seems.
Three cheers and beers for our BOINC KING!!
Can't wait to see this craze crash.
Mine would be the 5870 Lightning:
Wow, three 7970s and now a 780, very nice PPD for this month. Keep it up dude If you're going for straight PPD and don't Mine at all, I would sell those 3 7970s for a healthy profit and buy a 780Ti or two. Would boost your PPD quite a bit I would think...
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