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Is this the finalized version? Is it safe to install?
Interplay's rights expired and they were forced to hand them over to Bethesda. That's why they gave them away for free on GOG, to give away as many free copies so Bethesda will not be able to profit as much from it. Bethesda already working on getting them back on Steam: But not so much GOG:
What kind of an idiotic comparison is that?Do your books and movies also stop working after 5 years? Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament are 10+ year old games that still have healthy online populations. In case you didn't realize, once a company stops supporting it's multiplayer product and moves on, the community buy and maintain their own servers.
Have the same problem. If you're using MSI Afterburner, turn that off and turn it back on. That somehow fixes it for me.
I got my 2720mdp from him recently. Pretty much a perfect unit. He inspects the monitors before sending them out. My only complaint was there was a 2 day delay in the shipping.
I have the 2720MDP and I'm a gamer. I've noticed no noticeable input lag and I mostly play FPS games.
Got my 2720MDP from dream-seller just recently. There was a 2 day delay in the shipping. When I got my monitor he included a note saying he opened up the monitor and tested it before shipping it to me. When he tested it, he found a lot of dead pixels so he returned it to the manufacturer and got a new one for me which he tested as well. Why he didn't just send me another unit I have no idea. Either way, the unit I got has no dead pixels and very little backlight bleed in...
Problem with your statement is that Hard Reset was actually a $40 game. It's also only 4-5 hours long with no multiplayer and little to no SP replayability.
So I bought an Acer Aspire 5560g with the 7670m from Tiger Direct the other day. I got it today, and needless to say it was filled to the brim with bloatware. Even after uninstalling everything and disabling most of the startup programs, it took around 50 seconds to fully load into Windows after POST. That's when I decided to just reformat the damn thing. After having an awful day at work I was tired, angry, and frustrated. I didn't make any recovery discs. I just wanted...
If you want a Filco, grab a Rosewill RK-9000. Those are rebranded Filco keyboards at a fraction of the price.
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