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Cool do you think the H240x's stock tubing will be long enough to fit the air flow fan bracket accessory?
Planning to get this quality product (when I find a retailer with stock lol) and was worried if it couldn't be mounted to the side with this test bench pictured below.
The frame rate unlock is nice but are there any side effects? There's a 60fps cap for a reason.
I am going to make a pretty huge necro bump and say thanks for those pics, I just bought this testbench and I was wondering how I could route the PSU cables without looking terrible.
To say this game is only 1 hour long is very misleading. It's at least 3/4 hours long if you decide to do the side op missions, more if you decide to collect the collectables and S rank all the missions. This isn't first major title to do this either. Gran Turismo did the same with "5: Prologue"
I wouldn't call this a port considering the Fox Engined deputed TPP with a running PC version using 2 GTX 580s. I would call this good for Konami at a first attempt of a multi-platform engine.....Fox Engine might be the next MT-Framework after a little more work is done to it.
These console developers need to cut the BS and state they can't provide a game with constant 60FPS gameplay so they lock it to 30 for performance.
I'm having an annoying issue with waterfox and the flash plug-in crashing on Youtube/hulu. It mostly happens when I use the back or forward button.
I'll wait for 20nm Maxwell
Too bad the only couple of games I really play right now are DX9 only
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