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Posting in a XI thread on OCN....this is unexpected. This reboot though isn't news, it was originally announced about a year ago when they announced the "end" of XI's story and the support of the console versions
I expect it to run similar to Rise of The Tomb Raider
I really don't care, publishers are going to push DRM whatever we like it or not. Unless it can compromise my system in any kind of way or cause possible damage, I'll just play the game.. I bought RoTR + the season pass on GMG because it looks fun, I'm holding off for FC: Primal because Ubisoft never seems to release a game that's stable now these days.
Something missing....PS1 version had it's charm with visuals.
It's just a gimmick you're still paying off the phone for 2 years at a fixed rate. You just don't have to pay 200~300 upfront.I personally would rather just pay the 200 and pay a lower monthly bill.
This is great, if I can push a few more GHz or at the very least lower the temperature peak in this old Ivy Bridge cpu I'll do it. I always wanted to delid my cpu because I have a very leaky cpu, but I don't have the steadiest hands so I just didn't want to risk nicking it with a razor.
HDDs are still superior for long term storage right? I remember reading something about NAND can only hold data for a certain amount of time without power, like a year or something?
You can trust KP, they did the PC version in-house. It wasn't outsourced like AK was, it's the same engine as GZ and for most GZ ran flawless.I wanted to buy the CE PS4 SKU also, but instead I bought both OSTs from CDJapan and gifted 5 friends copies of TPP.I might grab one from ebay if the price isn't too crazy.
That's just a temporary offer though, I know not everyone will have the funds to buy it by then, some might just want to play it on consoles. I was thinking about the future months, down the road from release.
You would have to at least play MGS: 3 and Peace Walker to not be completely lost with TPP. GZ is not worth buying now, hopfully they will bundle it to a single SKU with GZ+TPP.
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