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I'm having an annoying issue with waterfox and the flash plug-in crashing on Youtube/hulu. It mostly happens when I use the back or forward button.
I'll wait for 20nm Maxwell
Too bad the only couple of games I really play right now are DX9 only
My onboard is good enough well at least with the one on my current motherboard. I would rather use an external sound solution via usb/spdif instead of dealing with possible buggy drivers again from ASUS.
Ah I. Am on the mobile site so I. Didn't see his signature
780Ti would be over kill for that resolution. Get a 780 or wait for Maxwell for performance for your dollars
Didn't expect to this this thread still being bumped, this build of the benchmark reflects on the release build. The actual current client build runs even better.
Line conditioning isn't needed unless your home has crappy wiring and isn't grounded, typically found in older homes A simple surge protector is fine. Though considering that much power you're using it wouldn't hurt.
I'd rather wait for whql, though I wish nvidia would break the habit of waiting till a product release to distribute a new driver.
I see what you mean but I think their direction is that they would rather have you get accustom to the game before having you forced into party play. The main scenario doesn't force you into party play till about lv 10~12; 15~17, when Guildhest and the first 3 starting dungeons are available to you. The way the exp system and it's event centered leveling you're going to be bound to level up your class/job in parties.Yeah GD is garbage, I try to avoid it. The fact that some...
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