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Nintendo's approach to DLC has always been fair so far, or at the very least not scummy, biggest example would be Mario Kart 8 and Smash. I'm doubtful this is cut content, they've probably announced this pack now because Nintendo figures they would get more DLC sells at the launch window than say a month later after release after the hype has tapered off. I'm hopeful the new story will be a playable Zelda, she seems more strong willed in this game and I think it would be...
It's till the end of the year, I highly suggest that you buy it from any participating retailer besides Samsung Direct's shop.It's taken several emails and a call to Ubisoft to get this problem of not getting any my code fixed due to Samsung's website being a buggy piece of crap.
So guess what FINALLY got sent to my Inbox:Took them long enough!Lesson learned, don't buy from Samsung Direct.
It's nintendo, was anyone expecting to use anything top of the line or new?
The panel is made by samsung, and it probably is the same it just lacks the quantum dot back lighting
Yeah when I noticed I didn't get a call today and I checked out their site. I had a good chuckle at the change with the promo conditions and just to test it out none of the eligible items adds anything to the cart.So it's hard to say what exactly went wrong, either the store and promo management had different information regarding the codes,or the site just borked up everything and they had to get a work around done.Either way my display shipped at the 11th so we'll see...
It's a custom unux system based on FreeBSD It's actually credited in the "open source" licensing page in the settings page
pretty much a black area that becomes so black the surrounding area that's not black will lose detail
That's great to hear, so hopefully they will email the codes to those who were eligible including those who've yet to call
I've been playing it with TF2 and Overwatch.It's great, it's nice to have a "stock" 144hz panel that's not TN and on a extremely easy res to run at those frames
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