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This is great, if I can push a few more GHz or at the very least lower the temperature peak in this old Ivy Bridge cpu I'll do it. I always wanted to delid my cpu because I have a very leaky cpu, but I don't have the steadiest hands so I just didn't want to risk nicking it with a razor.
HDDs are still superior for long term storage right? I remember reading something about NAND can only hold data for a certain amount of time without power, like a year or something?
You can trust KP, they did the PC version in-house. It wasn't outsourced like AK was, it's the same engine as GZ and for most GZ ran flawless.I wanted to buy the CE PS4 SKU also, but instead I bought both OSTs from CDJapan and gifted 5 friends copies of TPP.I might grab one from ebay if the price isn't too crazy.
That's just a temporary offer though, I know not everyone will have the funds to buy it by then, some might just want to play it on consoles. I was thinking about the future months, down the road from release.
You would have to at least play MGS: 3 and Peace Walker to not be completely lost with TPP. GZ is not worth buying now, hopfully they will bundle it to a single SKU with GZ+TPP.
So I have a question about activation, I've been using Windows 10 since the Insider Builds were first Launched back in October. I've seen done a clean format and on the previous build before 1024. What I would like to know is if my PC will have activation issues when I decide to do another reformat install from the Windows Pro ISO from the Microsoft website.
Just flash my G1 980Ti and was noticing the same thing till I messed with ABIs there a way to have the card clock up to 1455 without the AB software? figured it out
I will be buying this card, I would like to know if this card has bios switch like some graphics cards designed with overclocking in mind.
Looking forward to the bundle, I will definitely get a 980 Ti if it comes with MGSV. Saves me some money for a game I was already going to buy. and what's with the gameworks debate, kinda not on topic.
So I recently learned that the PS4 is compatible with some USB audio dacs, I thinking of a getting a used modi and magni and use them to enjoy my DT880 600ohm headphones with my PS4. I'm aware that the Modi 2 Uber has toslink inputs but If I can save a bit of cash and still have good audio to enjoy with my headphones I'm going with that. I contacted schiit and they're not sure themselves about the compatibility with the USB interface. So if anyone here owns both...
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