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Hi guys, I'm creating a fully responsive website, and I've just had this thought. The general width of a website used to be 960px, so it could quite confidently fit on most users screens. However, now, a website is designed with media queries so it can be fully responsive with every screen size. Is there now a general width ppl go by? I was thinking of designing at 960px and then using media queries once it's completed to adjust it for larger and smaller screen sizes....
Ok, thanks.Any ideas how I would go about getting the navigation bar to behave the same way as that web site I linked?I want the navigation bar to slide down when the user has reached a specific div element. I know this is going to be Javascript. Waypoints.js looks useful.Thanks again
Ok. So does the way I mention sound like the way to go?
Thanks for the replies guys. Would you recommend this: Code: html, body, div.content { width:100%; height:100%; margin:0; } Code:
Div content
Some other content down here. I've tried it and it works, however a small issue arises. I have an svg animation that I want to animate when the user scrolls to it. (This is the original reason why I want this...
Hi guys, I have found this website: When you load it up, you will see the red background with the text inside. This takes up your entire screen and then you can scroll down. Try resizing your browser...this div will always fill it up and allow you to scroll down to content that immediately follows it. I'm wanting to achieve the same effect. Any ideas on what the best way to go about achieving this would be? I'm assuming some javascript will be...
Hi guys, So, I have an SSD as my OS drive. Only 128GB right now. I have 14.2 GB left and I'm sure I can free up some space. I haven't got much installed on there so I'm pretty sure it's registry and other OS related stuff maybe? I'm wondering if there is a recommended way on cleaning it up to free up some space without uninstalling anything? Thanks in advanced. EDIT: I'm using Windows 7 64bit
Oh ok, I did wonder that.If I wanted to have the navigation bar change colour when it reaches a certain part of the page though, would that be javascript?Thanks for the reply!
Hi guys, Just about to create my own personal website to showcase work as a portfolio. It will be HTML5, CSS3 and fully responsive. It's my first time with HTML5, but I want and need to do it. I hope to have most of it done within a month. I'm aiming for a clean flat design and I want the header that will contain the logo and navigation to always be on top. So, as the user scrolls down the page, the navigation will follow. I'm assuming javascript is the way to go for...
6GB is insane, I didn't even realise there was a 6GB version. I've used scan before and I recommend too. Would you guys say that EVGA 6GB 780 is better for video editing and 3D rendering too? I'm just wondering as to whether more vram is better all round or just overkill in most cases?
What kind of banner you after?
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