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Thanks very much. +rep
Thanks.So, am I correct in saying that even with a new drive...Windows will still recognise the product key without me putting one in? Does it read it from the motherboard or something?
Hi guys, I bought a laptop with Windows 10 installed. I haven't got a product key on the case or on any box. I'm upgrading the SSD to 500GB and was wondering how I would go about transferring Windows across? Thanks
After some more troubleshooting, if I connect a HDMI cable from another TV, the screen then turns on. Also, if I put the laptop to sleep while the cable is connected, it wakes up fine. So it's only when the cable isn't connected. I'm still not sure as to why this is happening though.
Hi guys, I've only just got an Asus GL752vw laptop and noticed this issue yesterday. I put the laptop to sleep, then when I went to wake it up, everything comes on...the keyboard lights up, the fans spin etc... but the screen stays black. I have to hard reset to fix it. It's Windows 10 and has all the latest drivers and BIOS. I've read other ppl having the same issue with different brands of laptops and different versions of Windows. Does anyone have any idea as to...
Nice. Thanks for that useless comment.
That sig laptop looks really damn good for under £1000. Could you send me a link to it at all?I've checked PC Specialist and it seemed expensive.Thanks
Hi guys, I'm currently look at this Asus G752 Laptop. I can get it for £1200 The specs are: i7-6700HQ GTX 970m 16GB Ram 128GB + 1TB I've been comparing it to the Asus GL552vw I can get it for £700 The specs are: i7-6700HQ GTX 960m 8GB Ram 256GB + 1TB I'd be paying £500 more for the G752. Is it worth it? I prefer the look and the 970m is definitely more appealing. There are upgrade options in both but I'm completely undecided. I'd be mainly doing 3D and video...
Hi guys, Bottom line is, I'm looking at grabbing the Lenovo Y700 laptop as seen here. However, it only comes with a 5400RPM drive. Why would this be? Surely it should be 7200RPM? I have another laptop I'm looking at which has a 7200RPM drive but I prefer the Lenovo build. Would you guys say that I should forget the 5400RPM drive? Even though it has an SSD too, I feel like they sold out here. Thanks
Yeah unfortunately it is tax which needs to be paid.
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