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Oh ok, I did wonder that.If I wanted to have the navigation bar change colour when it reaches a certain part of the page though, would that be javascript?Thanks for the reply!
Hi guys, Just about to create my own personal website to showcase work as a portfolio. It will be HTML5, CSS3 and fully responsive. It's my first time with HTML5, but I want and need to do it. I hope to have most of it done within a month. I'm aiming for a clean flat design and I want the header that will contain the logo and navigation to always be on top. So, as the user scrolls down the page, the navigation will follow. I'm assuming javascript is the way to go for...
6GB is insane, I didn't even realise there was a 6GB version. I've used scan before and I recommend too. Would you guys say that EVGA 6GB 780 is better for video editing and 3D rendering too? I'm just wondering as to whether more vram is better all round or just overkill in most cases?
What kind of banner you after?
I will be eventually after reviews and pricing details. It will sure be a nice upgrade from my current i7 930!
Hope the new mobo works. Let us know how you get on.
The RAM isn't the reason for the high temps though. That must be another issue entirely.
These are appealing to me:
It's the 20th Anniversary Ibanez Jem
I'm waiting for a good deal on the gtx 780s. Hopefully won't have to wait too long!
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