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I've been looking at HSF's for a while now and almost decided on a SA then I saw this which i've seen a few people on here swear by this site. I just cant believe that a CM V8 (almost half price) is only 1 degree warmer, and the hyper 212+ is only 2 degrees warmer (at 1/4 the price) Is 2 degrees really worth over $50 more? or am i reading something wrong?
the corsair sp120's are also good quiet fans, and newegg is having another 20 percent off fan sale, thats why i went with them instead of the ap-15s.
i said "hopefully soon" a year ago. not bashing amd/ati but the lack of dual monitor/oc support is swaying me towards nvidea when i upgrade.
is your 1090 overclocked?also post your temps when you get it.I have an h80 and in hindsight I kinda wished I would of gotten the h100, but have no complaints about the 80.added 2 corsair sp120s and its even nicer.right now im running 4.0g at 28c idle with 21c ambient
anytime clc's come up as an option for someone, seems like this guy is here to bash them.I have a h50 and h80 and absolutely zero worries of mine leaking, and with a 5 year warranty on it I will probably have a newer version before that time arrives.
I cant find it on their site, but do they ship to US? I want one of those at that price
a 212+ is a great choice, but I dont believe overkill is possible, especially where someone is going to an OC fourm where overkill becomes a very expensive habit.
at 4.4 especially with a 12 degree difference over 4.3, your most likely ready for a cooler upgrade. 2 new fans, a shroud and even cutting the grill, you might see a 10 degree drop. I think theres a point one reaches when you get to a high enough overclock, you gotta invest more into your cooling.
Maybe try a shroud between the fan closest to the pump and the rad. Also dont take insult to this, but double check that both rad fans are running the same direction. Its a silly mistake that i've even done before, but with that high of a temp that could be a reason.
I switched to these I was looking at the ap-15s, but heard they were loud, Newegg put a promo code on fans and wound up getting them. They dropped temps by a whopping 1 degree, but I was already happy with my temps with stock fans, and are alot quieter than stock fans.
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