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I will try that thanks! What is the max temp for this card, do you know? I just want to make sure it doesnt go over allowed temp limits after i do some benchmarks Thanks
This is what i have and i love it 780ti.
I have MSI 780ti FROZR, i love it, it keeps my gpu very cool, and no issues so far that i noticed.
perfect!Thank you!I am purchasing it now.
Premium is if i want to play online, against other people? sorry for dumb questions - just to make sure i am doing the right thing how much, do they charge for premium, monthly lets say? thanks again
no need to be sorry, i wasn't sure myself, that is why i am asking
I thought its full game + something extra, i will do some reading. This is an option as well:
Hello guys, sorry to bother you after long time i logged in to Origin and noticed this: Is this the full game? Good deal? is it worth getting it? After purchasing this game, do i need to pay anything else to play it online? Thanks
while i was playing world of tanks, at this moment Looks like fans are running around 55%
To be honest with you, everything is stock here. Only 'water' i have is for my CPU (H100i) - GPU is running with stock fans. I don't think FAN's are running anywhere near 100% - ill try to get the stats now while playing the game, and report back. My previous card (7970) was running around 60-63C (i think) - and this is my first nVIDIA, so, i wasn't sure, just wanted to be safe
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