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Yes that is the one. I use to frequent it the most out of any other server. it has been gone for a couple weeks nows. They created an Armour kill map server instead. I have not a fan of any of the new map packs to be honest.I am struggling to find a decent server that has the same map rotation. Call me old fashion but i like the vanilla maps.Some of the air maps are pretty decent as well. You don't get the overkill of armor in the air maps that you do in Armored kill. It...
This reminds me to up the sensitively for tanks. Though i never use them. The game is just not fun when using a tank. I feel like I am cheating and have no skill.
Any update on the update? like what it contained. It went down around midnight. Saw a hacker yesterday for the first time in a while. He kept using Auto aim with support class. I guess that is what i get for not sticking to the same server. But I do not like that many. I am pissed that my favorite server is gone.
very sad news, my thoughts and prays are with his family. Is Windows 8 ready to run all your games on release ? Probably not, games like Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire won’t even start. Some need to be ran in compatibility mode. Some won’t even detect the correct Refresh Rate. And most of them will under perform in comparison to Windows 7. While just a few will perform the same or better under Windows 8. Things will definitely change in the future, just before...
.I tried to use it and didn't like it. I guess you have to get use to it.
Why do you have color blind support on? Are you color blind?
The YouTube tutorial really helped the one on their site really needs updating.
I wouldn't trust lastpass or keepass with my financial information.
i just downloaded shogun age of empire and will be getting assassins creed when it comes out oct 30th. other than that I am good to good. I also have borderlands 2 which is an okay game.
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