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.I tried to use it and didn't like it. I guess you have to get use to it.
Why do you have color blind support on? Are you color blind?
The YouTube tutorial really helped the one on their site really needs updating.
I wouldn't trust lastpass or keepass with my financial information.
i just downloaded shogun age of empire and will be getting assassins creed when it comes out oct 30th. other than that I am good to good. I also have borderlands 2 which is an okay game.
i tried to set it up and failed it doesn't unencrypt.
I tried to use trueCrypt but how do put the password in to unencrypt the file?
Are you sure people on the network can not see whats on your USB?
I need to create a secure text file or folder on my work computer to save accounts, passwords etc. I am on a network and do not trust spying eyes. Anyone know of a program?
Are you using windows with it? How do you like it? How easy is it to navigate compared to an Iphone? If you had one previously. I have heard it is bigger screen faster chip and less expensive.
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