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Wow, this is actually still going. Admins need to choose somebody else for OP - I have retired from this hobby long ago.
I would like to announce that I will no longer be maintaining the OP of this thread. I don't know who the admin of this subforum is anymore, but if someone could tell them to find a more appropriate OP who can maintain it, I would appreciate that. Thanks. I will still be available for PMs indefinitely if anyone needs me for some reason.
So does this mean you want to be added? lol
Nah it's fine, nothing happened to it. Just been preferring a lighter mouse since my wrist tends to get fatigued faster by heavier ones, even in normal PC use.
I agree, that's why despite Razer having some pretty solid support and how they were actually willing to send me multiple replacement units of the 3.5G, I won't buy another product again just because it was such an incredibly annoying process just to have exactly the same issue happen over and over.
IME, huge difference, but only if you are regularly exceeding the max PCS of the 302. I have both.
Not a crazy opinion. I know people with straight up just bad Aviors. One of my friends had serious skipping issues on all cloth pads until he had his replaced. Quite bizarre. But as far as I can tell, there have been quite a few design flaws in Razer the stupid scroll wheel breaking and sinking into the casing issue, as well as the scroll wheel having to be cleaned quite often to prevent double scrolls on 4 3.5Gs I had in a row back in the day. I've seen both...
Honestly, FK1. Somehow the FK '13 someone on here sold me has been working perfectly and so has my FK1 in terms of reliability now that I think about it. FK is at work, FK1 attached to my gaming desktop at home. I know, I know. This doesn't help. But I'm just giving a data point. And holy god, don't recommend the Taipan. Jesus that sensor.
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