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Update: Ok, I've uninstalled 314.22 and the PhysX driver. Then I installed the same driver again, but this time using the "Clean Install" option. This seems to have bettered the performance in some way.
I'm also noticing higher DPC latency. According to LatencyMon in Windows 8 it's through the roof! This is on 314.22 of course. I don't know if I can blame nVidia, but I hope that the next drivers will fix this. I get audio cracks, pops (mostly whilst producing music in FL) , annoying mouse hang (for like 0.5 -1 sec) and stuff like that.
SO would it make a good deal? Or is the Samsung 840 500GB e.g. something to look for?
That doesn't sound vague at all, so it makes access load faster. But is it a good deal to upgrade from a ST9500325AS drive? It's 5400RPM. My drive is getting really slow sometimes and I have to work with multiple VMware machines at the same time.
I had this hard drive in mind for upgrading my laptop's slow 500GB hdd. Will Windows 8 fit on the 8GB Hybrid SSD that's included?
For all people, the latest update fixed all my problems with MSE:
bump~ Thread with similar problems over at EightForums -> Microsoft working on it ->
Well, whenever I want to run a scan on my computer it stops at 90000~ (both full-/quick scan) items and the OS stops responding, strangely enough, it's the same thing whenever I try again. I haven't noticed any other strange problems so I can't think of anything going wrong. Haven't had this issue before, so I was flabergasted.This is the error in Windows Logs:
Hi People. I'm a student currently studying in college and we're learning how to create a HTML website with CSS and transforming it into a PHP wordpress website. Fast forwarding: I've implemented a pagination function into sidebar.php which is connected to a function in my functions.php, let me give you guys a quick view: The problem itself: And this is how the code in my sidebar.php looks like: This is how the the code looks like in functions.php (taken out a...
I understand that, but could it be that DVI-D is transmitting more voltage through the cable than HDMI?
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