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Microcenter. Was open box, but complete. Meaning someone bought it took it home didnt like it for whatever reason and brought it back. Still had all packaging and accessories most of which were never opened. There were two of them, so I think someone got them for Xfire then decided against it lol
Just picked up a R9 280x for $240 + tax. Had none of the AMD never settle cards, so gave me one for NVidia for AC:BF and Splinter cell. Anything cool to know about the 280x?
Hey all. Going from stock (975/1375) to an OC of 1100/1500 worked fine for benchmarking w/ Haven, but after playing games for a while, it artifacted - first the game then after quitting there was some on the desktop too. Temps were ~60c or so. Do I need to bump up the voltage? Stock voltage appears to be 1175.
Muahahaha.. Maxing BF3, 60FPS, 1920x1200.. Maxing Planetside 2... 60 FPS, 1920x1200... Maxing Crysis 2... 60 FPS 1920x1200... The only thing that DIDNT run 60 FPS maxed was Arma 3, and that's due to A. Optimiztation and B. CPU.
Meeting someone to sell my 570 in about 40 minutes then picking up the 7970 on my way home. Can't wait!!!
Weeeell. now that you mention it.. I found one openbox for $240 on microcenter. If the buyer for either of my cards can pay me today (one said tomorrow) then I'm driving straight to MC and picking this up
Uhhh what about this?
I also just found a 7970 for $240, open box @Microcenter... thoughts? And yeah I'm alright going sliiightly over 250, maybe to 270, but that's like, top stretch only if it nets me very "worth it" gains!
Hey guys, trying to get a new card and need your advice! I'm selling my 480 and 570 for about $220 then trying to add max $50 cash to get a new card. Gonna answer all the relevant questions! Looking to buy this weekend, possibly next week (depending on when my sales go through) I use my PC for gaming only, never really watch movies or do 3D work, or fold. I haev a Kingwin modular extreme 600w PSU, has one 6-pin PCI-E and one 8-pin PCI-e. CPU is AMD Phenom 975 BE (Quad,...
I have a perfectly working reference 480 (this one right here Only used for about 4 days. A friend gave it to me (He won it in a competition), I used it for a few days before deciding I liked my 570 GTX better. If interested I will A. Take pic of it w/ proof, and B. list it on my eBay page for a price we agree on, so that you are backed by eBay insurance Let me know!
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