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So, as the title says. Guy was selling the Razer Mako 2.1 speaker set for $40. In the listing explained it had the infamous popping sound issue. Bought it knowing that it was a $0.50 capacitor replacement. Did that and was pretty happy with how it sounded. Really great for $40. A minute later I noticed that something sounded off. The speaker plugged in to the "right" output is muddled with no treble. Also there is a quiet buzzing, almost bubbling-type noise coming from...
Yeah, both 970s have been on craigslist for a week now, trying to sell either so i can get a second of the other. No bites yet except some scumbag trying to buy my EVGA for $250.
Actually already tried flashing PNY bios to it. I know it worked because when the PNY card is used during boot, a little text pops up on the top right that says card info. After flashing the bios, the EVGA showed the same thing. Still no dice on the damn SLI though
I already looked and I the only thing I'm seeing as different is "BOARD". I doubt there is a way I can change the "board" identifier :/ And yeah anyone saying that "They are 970s it should work" is not up to date on how EVGA screwed a bunch of people over, lol...
TBH could be a bad card. I had the same problem with a Strix card that I bought at Microcenter. I already had a PNY 970 so I knew it wasnt the drivers or PSU etc. so I took it back and got a diff one, worked fine. Just something to think about!
So, I managed to pick up one of the $140 EVGA SSC 970's during that little microcenter price shenanigan this past weekend. Trying to SLI it with my PNY XLR8, however, cannot be done without the use of DifferentSLIAuto. The problem with using DifferentSLIAuto? 1. It puts your PC in Test Mode, which messes with a few games (first and foremost, Arma 3 cannot be played with BattleEye enabled, which 99% of servers use). 2. DifferentSliAuto is not Windows 10 compatible. Maybe...
Microcenter. Was open box, but complete. Meaning someone bought it took it home didnt like it for whatever reason and brought it back. Still had all packaging and accessories most of which were never opened. There were two of them, so I think someone got them for Xfire then decided against it lol
Just picked up a R9 280x for $240 + tax. Had none of the AMD never settle cards, so gave me one for NVidia for AC:BF and Splinter cell. Anything cool to know about the 280x?
Hey all. Going from stock (975/1375) to an OC of 1100/1500 worked fine for benchmarking w/ Haven, but after playing games for a while, it artifacted - first the game then after quitting there was some on the desktop too. Temps were ~60c or so. Do I need to bump up the voltage? Stock voltage appears to be 1175.
Muahahaha.. Maxing BF3, 60FPS, 1920x1200.. Maxing Planetside 2... 60 FPS, 1920x1200... Maxing Crysis 2... 60 FPS 1920x1200... The only thing that DIDNT run 60 FPS maxed was Arma 3, and that's due to A. Optimiztation and B. CPU.
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