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Anyone have any luck in getting Logitech into sending them replacement mice feet for wearing out in a month? I use a Steelseries I-2 glass pad and the mice feet have already reached the point where it's at the same level as the plastic surrounding it. I thought these were supposed to last "250KM" or whatever it's rated at but for me, it's already worn to the part where it's pretty much plastic scraping across my mousepad. I don't even game nor use my mouse that much,...
So, does that website state the release date?
It works on my Steelseries I-2 (successor of the Icemat)
If you bought it for $650, call in to Dell and ask for an adjustment. It's only $630 right now.
^ I bought it during Dell's DoD. It was only for one day. Probably will pop up again in the next Dell Days of Deals.
Ah well. I shall use it and see. It's a 30 day return policy anyway at no cost or hassle to me.
Hmm, I personally just purchased a Dell u2711 from Dell Canada online yesterday for $570 and shipping back the Dell u2713hm I bought for $540 also from Dell Canada. 2 dead pixels and severe IPS glow (not sure if it's back light bleeding) did it for me. I did see the cross hatching but I had to put my face up close to see it. But it wasn't as bad as what people were photographing in other batches. Opted for a refund for the u2711. Friend has one, I've seen the AG coating...
While watching some Youtube videos last night, my GTX670 fans just ramped up in speed and have been "stuck" so to speak since as it sounds as if I have my fans spinning at 70% or more. I haven't played games lately for a couple of months now due to my research project work and there should've been no major stress really to the card to even warrant such fan speeds. I've flashed to a different BIOs and installed 301.xx, 306.xx and even the 310 betas but to no avail with...
lol, try Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars. 12-15 seconds to reload a musket/rifle/pistol depending on your weapon. 100 vs 100 multi-player servers. Good fun.
No modifications are necessary as the HDD cage fits behind the fan. Just requires some effort as it's a tight fit.See post with my Bitfenix Spectre Pro 200mm:
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