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Count me in please! Thanks for the chance!
Count me in!! Thanks for the give away!
In. This would go in my wifes PC. We cannot afford anymore good gaming cards yet, and she loves to play games. This would be a nice boost.
Just finished the main story on PS4 tonight! Cannot wait for PC release to do it all over again!
Count me In!! Thanks for the chance!
Add me!!
No. It is the exact same card as the other one. Only difference in the two cards is the 12 digit code.
Feels ok to me. But it isnt much different then PS3 or 360. But I am happy with it. Also I have a question. I bought the GTA V The Last of us bundle. Inside I have 2 vouchers for The Last of US. I redeemed one and am downloading now. Do I need the other one? Or did I just accidentally get 2? I wanna know cuz I will sell it if I can.
In. Will be going in my wifes computer, which is the second one in my sig. I am upgrading her from her old AMD Phenom II to an Ivy Bridge chip soon and would love a H100i to cool that bad boy down.
Link: Shell Shocker for today only.
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