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Actually most of what I have ever bought on GMG I have had to activate on Steam. But I do not see what makes this a bad deal if it does not activate on steam? In fact, I wish all games GMG sales you didnt have to activate on Steam. Great find!
Signed up! Thanks for the opportunity! I could definitely use some good head phones.
When I add it to my cart it says 89.99. But does not say sold out. Actually the price changes every time I click your link, lol.
Someone local took this off my hands for me. Thanks everyone for looking. I have a perfectly fine working I7 4770, NON K version. This was pulled from a working system that was in use for about 6 months. Only the CPU, no heatsink or fan included. No original box either. I would use it but I am not going to buy another MB to upgrade from my 2500K. I would rather just pocket...
I am really tempted. I have a basic 1920x1080 Asus right now. This seems like it might make me happy?!
Seems this is back on!
DEAL DEAD, SHELL SHOCKER HAS EXPIRED. No, it is back! At least for today! These are not high end, but very good mid range, on ear, headphones. And this is the cheapest I have ever found them. $57.99 Good reviews:
Good, fun game! Used it to get me over until MLB 15 came out. Of course I paid 9.99 for it and that was with my $10 off coupon discount. So 4.80 is a steal!
Pretty much everytime I go to this site there is a 25% off code on the homepage. Trying looking for one there if this one dont work. You can always get 25% off at GMG.
Count me in please! Thanks for the chance!
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