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In. Will be going in my wifes computer, which is the second one in my sig. I am upgrading her from her old AMD Phenom II to an Ivy Bridge chip soon and would love a H100i to cool that bad boy down.
Link: Shell Shocker for today only.
If you like this series this is a pretty good deal for a 3 pack series for Max Payne. 3 game code downloads for $6.99 .
Thanks! Worked great! +rep
You have to use that coupon code on the page in the link.
Just one of many items Frys has way under priced that aren't really available anywhere.
Lol, thanks, but the person only has 2 ratings. I dont trust Ebay enough to buy from those people. Had problems in the past. It is very tempting though.
Thanks for trying, but I couldnt find any of those. They all seemed to have supposedly been sold. I sort through Ebay all the time and never get prices that low. None of those I clicked were available. :-(
Well, I am looking for a 280X. So if you find one that cheap, please shoot me a PM!!
Wanting to get an idea on how much I can get for one of these 7870's. I just got this one as a replacement for my Previous one from RMA. Had my original for 19 months, this one has been in service for 1 month and works flawlessly. I do light gaming, NBA 2K14 is about the only game I play. No original box. Just the card. Link to the exact model: I will post actual pics of card if I sell, but it looks like the one...
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