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Damn, even better in Dallas!
Ok I will bite. "Scammer"? and "Fool"?
Count me In!
Hate to say it but looks like that card has about had it. I am guessing warranty is probably expired for RMA. Maybe a reason to upgrade now. You can get a good upgrade from that card for very little money as well. But sounds like that card earned its value.
Just got GTA V for 28.80 a couple days ago. Good times!
Im am in. I have the perfect person in mind for this. I have a cousin who has been wanting a gaming PC for a while now.
??? I guess you didnt read my post?
Sorry, your order cannot be completed. There is no stock anymore for this product.
It is not quiet the 960Gb drive but it is 960Gb total. You get 2X 480Gb drives for 189.98 after using code VCOBF15 with Visa checkout. $5 discount on total price plus the extra $15 you get from Visa checkout over buying just one.
Forget Walmart. tried to purchase something online and they sent me an email saying error processing my order. Tried it again same thing. So now I have 2 pending charges to my account that I have to wait to become available to me again and WalMart isnt going to send me anything. happens every year.
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