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SOLD ITEM: 8800 GTS 512 ITEM DETAILS: I bought this card 1 year ago off a member here on OCN. Card has ran 100% perfectly fine playing games like GTA IV, both Batmans, and the Tomb Raider series on my GF's computer. It has ran at stock clocks its entire life and idles around 50c and loads at around 72-77c. REASON FOR SALE: Got her a GTX 550 Ti as a replacement. I am using as PhysX card for now, but its not getting used much at all. SHIPPING: USPS Priority Mail...
Lol, this. I never knew it at a different price. Just like the I5 2500K at 179.99. Unless the I5 was on sale for 149.99.
You will notice the slight upgrade.
I didnt see GTX 680 in the poll. I want one of those. Because I feel they are better because...... Ahhhh just kidding!! I know, Im sick of those threads too. But its gonna happen for a while, unfortunately.
Try to move the 7970 fast. You might get $475-500 for it. As for the 6990, $500.
Alright this is it guys. $219 shipped for a $270-300 card. Last price drop and last 3 days for sale. Someone snag it. I can ship on Monday though as I am going out of town here in a few hours.
Man those test must have been done with a crappy CPU, because my 560ti 448 scores a P6695 with a very modest OC. Ahh, nm. Looks like that is stock 448 core 560ti. Oh well, still seems low.
8800 GTS 512 is on par with a HD 4770 or almost HD 4850. 8800 Ultra is about a HD 4850. 8800GTS 640/320 are the slower versions. Heres a graphics hierarchy link because there are a lot of 8800's and they get confusing.,3107-7.html And that passmark graph wasnt graphics performance. It was price/performance. Thats why the cards are in no kind of power order. As you can see a GTX 580 is above 7970 and the...
Thanks everyone! +Rep given. If I decide to part with this I will list it at $50 shipped and go from there. Thread closed!
I already have the 550 Ti card. Overclocks to 1050 core with no voltage change and never gets above 53c at full load. Not a wonderful performing card, but better then 4870, 5770, 6770, GTS 450 that I was considering. I got mine brand new for just 80 bucks. Never would have spent 120-130 on a 550Ti.
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