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Can I be in as like the 3rd alt if 2 or 3 others back out? lol, GL all
I got mine for 15 bucks too. Installed it in dual boot with Win 7, and oops. Forgot all about WIn 7. Win 8 basically is just Win 7, with a few added perks and very stable. My Win 7 partition will just waste away until I do a clean install again.
Here is mine. My 7870 at stock 1100mhz, cpu 2500K at 4.2 ghz.. Using AMD 13.1 drivers
Dang, those Ivy Bridges really do run pretty warm huh? 94 and 92?
Thanks to this CPU I might make it 2 years in between CPU/Motherboard upgrades! Its just one of those things that sits there and does its job while all the parts around him comes and goes.
Nothing wrong with Windows 8 so far. I havent seen hardly anyone killing it either. Maybe the pattern of "one bad then one good" has ended? 2 winners in a row. I split up my 1 Tb HDD before installing Win 8 and still have Win 7 on my other half. But I only use the win 8 side. I originally did that in case Win 8 bit the big one. But I have been happy. And only paid 14.99 for my key as well. :-) devices may really be the end of PC's sooner than we think. I sure as hell hope not though.
I will not be playing this game if it doesnt come to PC, and I have an Xbox 360. I just cant play real, graphic intense, modifiable, or games that I want to play online on a console. has to be PC for me.
Count me In!!
Dang, saw this too late. Everything is gone. :-(
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