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Responded, K*RUPT wants them! Taking anyone who wants to get in line if payment doesnt come.
Selling a 4Gb kit of DDR2 as its not needed anymore. Pulled, 100% working, from a AM2+ set up. Selling and upgrading to DDR3 for an AM3+ setup. Comes with everything you see in pics. I will take Amazon Payments (preferred), or Paypal. Ship out first thing Monday morning 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail with tracking. Price is $30 shipped.
Thanks guys!!
As title states, just trying to get a value to list these 2 sticks of DDR2 at. They are about 2 years old, both work 100% fine and pulled out of a working AM2+ setup. Upgraded Board to AM3+ so need DDR3 RAM.
Sold to crazycuz2k
Buy me!
SOLD Selling my 2 month old GTX 560Ti 448 core. I'm going to on board graphics for a couple months and can use the money for this. Card runs 100% perfect, and is in like new condition. Also has 2 years 10 months remaining on warranty and I will help if needed. Card will ship in original box with all accessories. Here are some stats that the card has produced for me.,...
Looks promising. If there is anything I have learned from SSD's so far, its not to buy the new ones until they get a firmware upgrade or 2 released and get all the bugs worked out. Hopefully these go smoother then last generation.
I cant justify going from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge. There is definitely not near enough performance differences in what I have seen so far to make that move. Now that's the rationally, financially responsible part of me talking. I cannot wait for IB. I will sale off my SB and probably keep my Z68 for a while. I dont see the difference between the 2 chipsets being enough to go through the trouble of selling off one and switching to the other. Now if you do not have...
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