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Well, I am looking for a 280X. So if you find one that cheap, please shoot me a PM!!
Wanting to get an idea on how much I can get for one of these 7870's. I just got this one as a replacement for my Previous one from RMA. Had my original for 19 months, this one has been in service for 1 month and works flawlessly. I do light gaming, NBA 2K14 is about the only game I play. No original box. Just the card. Link to the exact model: I will post actual pics of card if I sell, but it looks like the one...
All I am seeing is a $30 rebate, which makes it 109.99 plus shipping. But the rebate is a deal killer for me anyways. Good card for a decent price though. Edit: Actually with the rebate I am only getting it down to $142. How are you getting $99?
In for 4/23! Cannot believe it has been 10 years already! Congrads OCN!
I dont think too many people have had any real problems with their BW's. I believe they are some pretty good boards. I think the main issue people have is Razers retail price for them vs other, higher quality, companies boards. They figure if you are gonna spend the bucks for a new BWU board might as well shell out for a DAS or Ducky Shine. But if you get your BWU on the cheap like I did, no regrets.
Can I be in as like the 3rd alt if 2 or 3 others back out? lol, GL all
I got mine for 15 bucks too. Installed it in dual boot with Win 7, and oops. Forgot all about WIn 7. Win 8 basically is just Win 7, with a few added perks and very stable. My Win 7 partition will just waste away until I do a clean install again.
Here is mine. My 7870 at stock 1100mhz, cpu 2500K at 4.2 ghz.. Using AMD 13.1 drivers
Dang, those Ivy Bridges really do run pretty warm huh? 94 and 92?
Thanks to this CPU I might make it 2 years in between CPU/Motherboard upgrades! Its just one of those things that sits there and does its job while all the parts around him comes and goes.
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