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Looks promising. If there is anything I have learned from SSD's so far, its not to buy the new ones until they get a firmware upgrade or 2 released and get all the bugs worked out. Hopefully these go smoother then last generation.
I cant justify going from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge. There is definitely not near enough performance differences in what I have seen so far to make that move. Now that's the rationally, financially responsible part of me talking. I cannot wait for IB. I will sale off my SB and probably keep my Z68 for a while. I dont see the difference between the 2 chipsets being enough to go through the trouble of selling off one and switching to the other. Now if you do not have...
Anyone have a link to a good modded Bios for the Galaxy version? I dont need anything over 1.2 volts. Didnt see this anywhere. About 10 dollars cheaper then New Egg. If you have a CompUSA buy your house dont have to wait for shipping.
Sold to cowie!
PM'ed you for a trade offer.
Yeah, though video cards there are so many things that can go wrong you may be able to swing that. And they will not put up a fight most likely as it would be too tough to prove you werent having problems. Though, I in no way condone doing that. And tax is refundable. But if you bought a working open box video card it seems you could resale for at least as much as you paid for it. Most those open box deals are insane.
Open Box they always pay for shipping and do not charge restocking. But thats only if item is defective. And there are no exchanges on open box. My comment was about exchanging a mouse for another. As posted in an earlier post. Not returning products. If anything is wrong with your open box stuff though they will give money back with no questions asked.
You didnt comprehend my post. I thought it went without saying, but I guess I should have known, that you cannot just say you do not want something. If you bought something that just isnt right for you and your reasoning makes since they do not mind you making an exchange. What are you looking to exchange?
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