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Just one of many items Frys has way under priced that aren't really available anywhere.
Lol, thanks, but the person only has 2 ratings. I dont trust Ebay enough to buy from those people. Had problems in the past. It is very tempting though.
Thanks for trying, but I couldnt find any of those. They all seemed to have supposedly been sold. I sort through Ebay all the time and never get prices that low. None of those I clicked were available. :-(
Well, I am looking for a 280X. So if you find one that cheap, please shoot me a PM!!
Wanting to get an idea on how much I can get for one of these 7870's. I just got this one as a replacement for my Previous one from RMA. Had my original for 19 months, this one has been in service for 1 month and works flawlessly. I do light gaming, NBA 2K14 is about the only game I play. No original box. Just the card. Link to the exact model: I will post actual pics of card if I sell, but it looks like the one...
All I am seeing is a $30 rebate, which makes it 109.99 plus shipping. But the rebate is a deal killer for me anyways. Good card for a decent price though. Edit: Actually with the rebate I am only getting it down to $142. How are you getting $99?
In for 4/23! Cannot believe it has been 10 years already! Congrads OCN!
I dont think too many people have had any real problems with their BW's. I believe they are some pretty good boards. I think the main issue people have is Razers retail price for them vs other, higher quality, companies boards. They figure if you are gonna spend the bucks for a new BWU board might as well shell out for a DAS or Ducky Shine. But if you get your BWU on the cheap like I did, no regrets.
Can I be in as like the 3rd alt if 2 or 3 others back out? lol, GL all
I got mine for 15 bucks too. Installed it in dual boot with Win 7, and oops. Forgot all about WIn 7. Win 8 basically is just Win 7, with a few added perks and very stable. My Win 7 partition will just waste away until I do a clean install again.
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