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Yeah sorry, still incorrect.Model A came out without a lan portModel B came out with a lan PORTThe a few months later model B revision 2 came out with more ram and also an additional mounting point.
Try the mem OK button on the board
If you attach a temp probe that would give you the option to monitor via AI Suite II (or the bios)
thermal probe attached to temp header on mobo and inserted against chip.. or ir temp reader
Not sure on how easy it is to replace but fairly certain with the right amount of time and effort anything can be done.Just regarding the pulsing logo.. I inverted my motherboard which would have put the logo upside down, but I found you can unscrew the block from the board, then remove the insert from the block and reattach upside down then reattach the block to the board which puts the logo the right way up for an inverted build.
have a look here... cheapest advertised price i can find in Aussie. nothing on other than international sellers. I'm not sure what other options there are as I don't live in Aussie myself.
Good choice.1) - you don't need to root to install flash, however flash for android is discontinued and no longer available from the play store, but it is still available from the adobe website if you want to install it.2) You will struggle to find a tablet that can run games as well as the 2nd Gen Nexus 7.. this thing is just awesome for everything I've thrown at it so far.3) there are two generations of Nexus 7, (2012 and the newer 2013) the main differences are the CPU...
I had read about the tablets and while I was at the local store with one of my friends I decided to dive in... On the way home he asked me why I brought a tablet.. I explained to him that I could install some apps and use it as a TV remote.. he said it was an expensive remote... I nodded and said yeah.. but it also has a camera so I can take a photo of myself changing the tv channel
As others have mentioned probably best to perform a factory reset to get rid of whats ailing you.Then before you let the ladies reinstall all their games, install avg tablet edition (free) from the play store and run it, it'll do the basic like check for viruses etc.. but also warns if PUP's (potentially unwanted programs) try to install. you still have the option of allowing it but at least in some cases you get a warning beforehand and can reconsider the choice you are...
This will vary from build to build as it depends what you use as a radiator mount.
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