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Star trails? Long exposure noise reduction takes foreeeeeeever It's also bloody hard to compose an image when you can't see anything through the viewfinder First try, looking straight up: Try again a few nights later, with some foreground: Same night, just pointing in the opposite direction with the city light pollution:
Is there an award for roughest panorama ever?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mootsfox Save the catalog and pictures, you may have to remap their locations, but that's as easy as Import from disk -> that folder. When I reformatted, I completely forgot about the catalogue and my pictures . I hadn't slept for a long time... So I've lost all my adjustments and what not but thank christ I had Lightroom set to create a backup on another hard drive so I do at least have a copy of all my original .NEF...
Quote: Microsoft says it has been unable to duplicate the bug yet on its 40 test PCs. In the whole world Microsoft has 40 computers testing Windows 7? This recession must be hitting them hard :/
I'm forced to reinstall Windows tomorrow, how would I go about setting Lightroom up on the new install with my pictures and settings intact? I can save a backup of the catalogue but I'll be putting the pictures on a different hard drive though so the file paths will change...
My computer was working perfectly last night, switch it on today and suddenly only one SATA port is working. There are 6 ports from SB and I have three hard drives, usually plugged into #1, #3 and #5. The motherboard will now only recognise a drive plugged into port #5. Dying motherboard perhaps? Everything else seems to work fine :/
Quote: Originally Posted by Hellisforheroes £7 for ticket, £3 for popcorn and coke shared. Warrington. Take your own coke and a bag of jelly babies. Matinée showings are £5
I think most people get a bit carried away with HDR. I think it should be used to make the image more realistic and not to look like some other-worldly experience. The idea of HDR is to capture more light than the cameras sensor is able to in a single exposure and therefore create an image that is closer to what the eye can see. Some people just seem to take it way over the top and most HDR pictures end up nothing like what your eyes see.
You cannot upwardly resize a .jpg image, especially not by such an amount as 800x600 to 1680x1050. They aren't even the same ratio
Quote: Originally Posted by Hellisforheroes if i fancy spending £10 to watch a bunch of steroid junkies overcompensating with their weaponry on the large screen then sure I'll watch this. but i dont. £10 for a cinema ticket? Where do you live?
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