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 Oh wow now that sucks, when was the last time you cleaned your rad with the fan off it? Fan in the 5.25" bay Once a Scout Always a Scout! Feel free to stay with us. Old School in the house!
Welcome! What is the main use for the PC, gaming, rendering, photo editing? If yes to the last two, make sure the programs you use will be support the GPU. Are you going to OC? If not you don't need a K CPU. Does the Blu-ray drive come with software? I hope so for that price. Everything everyone said sounds good. Fan sizes can be found on page 1. Welcome to the CMSSC!
Red dots are so cool, i will never forget the first time using one firing a M4.
Well if you ask me, you spent your money well. I'm sure it was way more fun than BF4, I would love to get a chance to shoot in a Kill House, although I'm sure the scope didn't help much in there.
OK 2 weeks are up back to work ;) No really I feel your pain, I've been working my self to death lately.
Looks great! Sounds like you have done a window mod or two in your days. First off welcome! Second, no SLI? Is that a 360 in the front and what does the F stand for? Welcome and nice build! Good see you stopping by, and thanks. Oorah! Let your Dad know he has not been forgotten. Please share your findings, I don't get out of this thread too often anymore these days. CMSSC/CMSTC Brotherhood!
I have to agree with Branish on the fitment. If I remember correctly the only coolers that have fit in to the 5.25" bays have been the non blower style ones. As for long GPU's in a Scout V1, the blowers work great but block almost all airflow to the top half of the case. If you put a fan in the 5.25" bays you will over come this making the Scout one of the coolest running cases around.
Nice setup and welcome! Well it's more like 10 6/8th. As for the card fitting in the ODD bays, I have seen a few get away with it, but I can't say for sure. What card are you looking at? 
My Asus MIIIF was like that just on the CPU header. It also had very high amp limits on the headers, I ran my EK 4.0 pump off the CPU header. 24 watts per header with up to 84 watts combined total, that is crazy high for a MB and I wish Asus would do this on all their ROG boards. 
It can be done, it sound like you are close to making it happen if you all ready know you need to build a relay circuit. This might help, it's from the CMSSC but should work the same.
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