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What about a BitFenix Prodigy?
Mmm, I agree that its definitely not free for valve to do; but its relatively free when you account for them not having to factor in tax on sales. When you combine that with some new games costing up to $30USD more then in America you can see why people can get a little sulky about it here.Hell a lot of the time now it can actually be cheaper to buy a physical copy in a store here then online which is just silly.
You have a point sort of, however, the valve servers in Australia are run by different ISP's I believe, and don't actually cost valve much/anything.If you look on the server list of the steam servers only 5 out of 16 aren't run by a ISP.
Soooo.... This incoming?
Well in the case of the 18+ in australia you have to show photo id to buy, and there are massive fines for those stores found to not be doing it.
You are on the right track but not going fair enough!Ban All the Games except pong!Really though this is stupid. It just means I have to buy american copies of these games, the government has no right over me and what I do so long as I don't hurt myself or others.
Did you like it? Did many people go?I admit I am curious, I have gone to see them here in Australia a bunch of times, always a great crowd.
Yeah other, aka scroll lock for me.
Volkswagen = the owner of Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati and Porsche.
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