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On the startup splashscreen you have to enable them. There is a place where the files are listed and you have to check them to load them.
Quote: Originally Posted by KillTheKing but it dosent let me overclock anything. the only thing i can change is the fan speed and the driver settings button is nonexistent Due to limitations on driver versions > 185.xx RivaTuner must be forced to use a specific driver version. To enable said force please see the updated post HERE first. This will enable you to get back the Overclocking capabilities of RivaTuner w/ drivers > 185.xx
Check my HowTo as I've updated it on how to overcome this.. The 1st post has an update to the last post containing the details. The nVidia one.
Quote: Originally Posted by skkhai I think you're supposed to use long screws to connect all three pieces. Radbox + fan + radiator. No need for nuts. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mortimaxis this one linked has more options than the Creative an its much better. TRY IR BOYS> Uhhh.. Again, crashes so cannot use it. What I saw it looked OK but fails Vista DEP check..
Welcome back Saber.. I'm returning after a similar hiatus.. Always good to see quality members return
Quote: Originally Posted by Maddog7771 I love that little tool. It shoul come one the cd. And be called "creative mode switcher" I think. Ahh yep that's the one.. And this other linked one to download, XFIMODE fails with a Vista DEP error.. Not sure why.. Oh well, I still use the original mode switcher and have no issues so... YMMV
Quote: Originally Posted by Mortimaxis I have X-fi Titanium With latest driver Volume panel NO MORE!!! an switching betwenn my preferred modes takes 4 or 5 mouse click. Too much hassel for a lazy **** like me. SO this Creative AutoMode Switcher in my X-fi CD cannot be installed for some reason. Odd.. I just upgraded X-Fi software last night and I can still run the autoMode Switcher.. Sorry I can't help more, new to this software...
Wait.. my X-Fi has a mode switcher in the software.. You put in apps you want and the profile (game, ent, etc) and it switches to it as well switches back to another upon exit.
Grats... I know in the past we've not seen eye-to-eye on things but a great member and well deserved 5th flame. Well done..
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