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Quote: Originally Posted by yutzybrian Anyone with a DDR3 mobo live near Lima, OH? It would help if I could test the RAM. No one I know has a DDR3 system. Lima or North Lima? Reason I ask, not that I have any DDR3, but a place named North Lima (NE Ohio) that is about 10mins away from me. not to polute your thread, just asking from a fellow Ohio'an
Rainlender maybe? I think that's what it's called.. Not sure if I remember but thought it had fullscreen calendar with skins..
LOL BlueDevil.. I've tried to use `forgiveness over permission` for years and she's clearly more advanced than I am mentally and I end up breaking down.9/10 times she's 100% correct and I'm pretty thrifty but sometimes you just gotta upgrade the Man Cave and pound on your chest ` I AM MAN, I AM SECOND IN CHARGE!` YouTube - Milton singing "The Man Song" by Sean Morey
Cop will find it, supress the guy enough to give it to him and keep it? Just saying.. I have many law enforcement family members so dont' think I'm hatin Wanna keep up with the thread too.. Been reading day 1
LOL.. Marriage is a wonderful institution.. The only ~correct~ thing here when asked, tell her to go make you a sammich and shut her trap.. Then prepare to run as fast and hard as you've ever run in your life.. LMAO.. Over 12 years I've gone from buying what I want to actually second guessing myself over a purchase with a tiny little wife voice in my head asking back `do you REALLY need that?`.. Scary.. Like Pavlovian scary..
Quote: Originally Posted by Kriztoffer Seriouse!? Vinegar? It smells like ****! Like this one? lol Yep! White Vinegar and water solution (preferably distilled) make one of the safest and most efficient cleaning solutions vs. any over the counter cleaner. You can clean just about anything and it's safe and all natural. I use a 1/4 white vinegar to water solution to clean my LCD's with a small shammy/cloth pad. I would never trust those...
Ageed. Not bad at all mate!
Quote: Originally Posted by MobAttack Question about the orientation of the T-line: Should the Fill port be the nub at a right angle to the others, so that the fluid flows right though rather than needing to make a 90 degree turn? EDIT: Darn me for not reading everything, and not realising that Ira-k answered my question one post above Yes. so an upside down T instead of a -|
Hmm.. I think I was the one that might have stated you can do this with RivaTuner to get it to work but honestly I'm not sure if you can do anything in the registry to acheive this globally on the machine. I will have search with what time I have left in this day to find out.. No promises though I'm low on sleep, lol
Quote: Originally Posted by ira-k Now if you already had a BIX I don't know if it would be worth upgrading to a GTX or not. Totally concur there Ira.. Also I'm not sure what I was/am/is smoking but I have a 240 GTX not the BIX so even my sig spec's are wrong..
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