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This is hotly debated, the stuck sensors and by all accounts I truely believe they will NOT deem this RMA ready. Also, the stuck sensors don't really matter at the lower range and Intel has stressed they become more accurate as the die heats up. Their reasoning is if it's below the thermal threshold why be as accurate as if the die is near that limit? I don't disagree but accurate temps are our mainstay. Also, in RealTemp you must configure the TJMax and for these...
Quote: Originally Posted by TeenAgeReneGade2316 ironically enough i have this same problem only my reset dosnt work instead of my power lol. I see a mutual cross-shipping swap in both your futures
Quote: Originally Posted by someone153 I put 1.45 volts through my E8500 on accident and it didn't die. I'd say go at least to 1.7 I run my E8500 @ 1.42v 24/7. Been that since day one I plopped her in.. no LLC enabled and just let her go as high as she wants and I've never had 1 issue *(knock on wood for safety sakes)*
Quote: Originally Posted by Sheira Morning. What a great day. I can do some gaming, instead of bothering with reinstallation/configuration and whatnot of fresh OS install. Of course this couldnt happen without great help from Ictinike, for what i am really thankfull. I owe you big time mate hehe.. Enjoy it mate! Game some up for me cause I won't be able to today Been up already 23hrs without sleep and have a family function here at dinner...
I've been checking into DLink Xtreme N Gaming Router Seems quite a nice one but I'm not sold yet.. A bit more of your budget but they listed Refurb'ed @ 119$
I own the BIX 240 and have so now a few years and keeps my E8500 @ 4.25Ghz 1.4v cool so much the temps very rarely come out of their stuck temps of 39 and 41c. Now, that may seem odd but this is the lowest they go due to the way Intel did the temp monitors on these proc's. I use 2 panflo on them but can't remember the models. Has done me now 5+ years without issues.. Great rad.
My 11 yr old boy, who's just now getting into cars and as of late racing games using my MoMo wheel, he would do flips over this.. In and thanks mate!
Update to the original post concerning Win7 as well the 3 commands needed to get the Vista boot manager working once you reset the RAID config.. Another success story here! This works with Win7 but the navigation to the Command Prompt in the recovery console is a bit more `hidden` but have it go through Repair and when asked after it states it's fixed something hit NO and go to the Recovery Tools area where you'll...
Update! I take cash, checks and diners card Well done mate, she fought hard but in the end persistance and superior skills took her back from the clutches of darkness! She lives again! Cheers! ~Ictinike
Yep I think that's your bogey.. Hit P on that screen and see if you see similar files/directories such as mine below: If you do then that most likely is your RAID array hit q to quit that screen and then ENTER to continue which should ask you to Write the changes, follow the prompts and write the partition record. ICQ I've not had in years, never updated my profile. I can do GoogleTalk if you want either chat or voice if your up for it..
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