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Agreed. How is MS faulty for this? Unless they gave the manufacturer/OEM the right to license the Vista Ready (or whatever) logo then I can't see how MS is at fault. Their Vista Ready logo/certification is the only way MS would be at fault. If they gave the OEM the green light stating it WOULD run on this platform then sure it's MS fault.
Gigabyte UD3P
Quote: Originally Posted by ljason8eg Well, at least nothing like that will happen over in here in the states. Excuse me? LOL The NSA has at times secretly, with Microsoft's permission, to embed an RSA Keypair that only they have access to so you can do the very same thing. I'll find some links as it's circa 2000 or so but it's been done and found. [Edit] Actually it wasn't the CIA but the NSA and here is a article about it.. I'll try to...
Yea it makes a big difference. I'm upgrading to a new board and 4gig RAM here in a day or two once NewEgg processes my order (DOH!) I'll be moving more into Vista x64 with it as well but I expect some good gains in speed and usability.
You might pick up EMF from the system and the aluminum might act as a channel capacitor as well and build up then arc out. I would stay away from it, period.
Quite possibly the server has the ability to ping it turned off. For security most firewalls/IDS systems disable the ECHO REPLY which is why you can't PING it yet connect to it on another port. They may have also just disabled the port PING/ECHO listens and replies on. You might wish to tame your bandwidth/quality settings in vent on both the client and server levels. You may be trying to push a codec and bitrate that is too high for the current pipe.
Sub'ed BD Have to watch how this turns out.. How many MILP will that get you? MILP = Mother In Law Points
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