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I'm in! This would be so amazing right now. It'd be replacing a 560ti in my rig. My pc has stood the test of time: 2500k, 8GB ram, same intel motherboard. All running for like 5 years now. The only thing that's been hurting lately is the graphics card. Thanks and congrats on 5 years sober!
I'm in!
In. Thanks!
In for crawl. Been wanting to try it for a while. thanks!
I'm in. My last headset borked a few weeks ago. Could use a new one.
Hey all, I'm looking to sell my tablet which I don't really use anymore. I've had it for about 3 months. It has 2 ~1/2inch hairline scratches that I don't know how it got. Not noticeable when it's on though. I can include a pink cover case for it if you want except I cut a little part off where the camera goes. It comes with the Windows 8 serial and manual, charger, and an OTG cable. I'm hoping to get $160 shipped for it. Let me know if you're interested, thanks~
I first heard of bitcoin like 4 years ago before the AMD 6xxx series were released. I did mine for a few months on my 2 5830s but I cashed out too soon at $19. oh well. now I have some dogecoins left but I'm keeping them for sentimental value
I don't play a lot of games, but I'm tired of barely being able to run them when I do. If anyone has an oldish video card that I can have for cheap, let me know. I have paypal. Thanks!
I think the low-end graphics of this game gives it it's own charm and keeps it simple like TF2.Also the marketplace, which makes csgo unique compared to other games too. There's no way the ps4 or xbone will ever have something like that. Even on PC, companies like EA would never implement something like that.
I came from halo and call of duty lolwell more recently starcraft 2. I was decent at thatI've been having lots of fun with csgo. I really like the skin system and market. I think it gives casual players more incentive to play.Destructible cover would be so awesome. How about being able to buy different kinds of bullets for each gun that modify it in different ways. =D
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