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Ok thx a lot gonna try it Should I use 11.8/9/10 then with my 5970? Since its 1 gpu but it has x-fire.
Crashed again in BF BC2 Is there any tool that I can run for a while to be 100% sure nothing is wrong?
Sleek, nice So with 5970/gtx 590/6990 only one core is working in BF3 beta? Didn't know this.
1. Try to add some extra voltage, maybe GPU has degraded a bit. 2. Does this happen in any other game? 3. Remove MSI Afterburner completely if u have it, and don't run any FPS tracking tools like Fraps or something
I know this is an old topic but I really wonder what they gave u now
Thats how I do it also, works for me to.I remember I also had to format/system restore my pc 24/7 if I had used driver sweeper.
MSI Afterburner was still on the PC but wasn't running. Normally I've never got my GPU overclocked, and this BSOD was without OC. I'm going to uninstall MSI afterburner now and try again. edit: Tried arround 15 mins now, so far still working. (I'm hoping so much that it's a software related problem).
Tried Crysis 2 now.Within 2 mins the screen froze, could still hear sound for about 5-6 seconds.Then heard BRRRR soundThen a BSOD came up with code "116" "atikmpag.sys"Was trying on 5040x1050 resolution btw, had checked it for 10 sec before and vram was 1500~ish on lowest settings.
Gonna test Crysis now, and I'm running the card on stock while testing stability.(Played bf bc2 for 5 mins, again same thing).Gonna try crysis now.@ Ken thx, gonna try beta 8.
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