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Yamasaki!!! I picked up a 30 incher....nicest monitor i have ever seen in person (also tried ben q 30, dell 30,and crapple 30) it is just a little brighter, crisper image then the others, but does have some bleeding on the top of the screen.
Loving mine(does 1300 core)... most games I play regularly it is performing close to my last card... an evga 590 classy @ stock clocks.
I have a ref sapphire, one of the early unlocked ones
Here you are
670FTW+ 4GB, installed two in my friends PC to replace an EVGA 590 classy, they really work great on his 3X 30 inch 1600P monitors.
In like Flynn, thanks.
I have owned many twin fanned GPU's, you can't go wrong with them, yes they dump heat into your case but also dumps more heat away from your GPU.
got bored tonight, so i updated afterburner and it lol, was stuck at 1050 core without it.
My sapphire 7950OC is running @ 1.3v, 1300 core right now, using th latest afterburner
I have a non vapor x sapphire 7950OC, very nice card grab one the duel fans are super silent under %60 fan speeds.
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