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thunderstorms today. knocked out the power while i was at work. came home to a powered off pc and its not looking like it will finish before deadline. two weeks of disappointment. sorry team. since our temp is already up and running, you can go ahead and switch over
01:04:50] Completed 242500 out of 250000 steps (97%) [01:50:49] CoreStatus = 8B (139) [01:50:49] Client-core communications error: ERROR 0x8b [01:50:49] Deleting current work unit & continuing... [01:51:04] - Preparing to get new work unit... [01:51:04] Cleaning up work directory :( :sigh: cry: sorry team. looks like the 85*F weather here while I was at work (when I forgot to turn on the AC before I left) resulted in an epic fail and waste of 4 days folding.
not to whine, but idk how i feel about mach1 running both i7 slots for ppd. just sayin'. wanted to throw it out there for a reaction. this city's like a ghost town...
this guide won't work without a gui, because i omitted all of the commands for the terminal. jedixjarf has a guide that has all of the terminal commands, but you still would have to use terminal inputs to mkdir and know the commands to follow fah as it runs.
whats wrong with my pirate avvy?
up to second! fold on!
just getting 6901's now. has anybody tried a -bigadv16?
ahem. americans may butcher the english language quite often, but we are sticklers for grammar on the interwebs. (just not capitalization)
i'll try to be back for cc, and then will def be back in june, so that makes it easier
april for certain, 50-50 on may (depending on how much time i get after i move to get my rig setup) I also need to go through my h2o and clean it, clean rads, blocks, etc, so that may be a good time to do so.
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