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Excellent statement!
Thank you, that explains the difference. That's why I view more pages if logged off. Logged off Logged in
That's exactly what I think. Company and consumer have a mutual relationship. So in my view it's ridiculous to install some sort of Political Correctness which forbids consumer to utter their negative opinion. But that's exacly what one encounters all over the web. Like I've written already to me it looks like thought police trying to eliminate deviant arguments. What backs this are these stereotype statements like "complaining, childish" to infantilise critics. They are...
Hi guys, I've justs searched my whole settings but cannot find an explanation. Are there some comments hidden if one is not logged in?
Anyhow: even GTA V - PS3 experience can be a hell lot of fun ... @ Dell 30"
Just scrutinized your rig. Understandable that your uber-beast is hungry awaiting to be tortured. What my humble system concerns I'll alternatively boot my PS3 and play some stone-aged GTA V though the restricted resolution is annoying.By the waĆ½: I will not upgrade my rig until GTA VI. Just in defiance.
+1What is strange in my view is that criticism being uttered harshly towards you and others who express their disappointment about the obviously $$$ motivated delay of GTA V. I wonder what are their motifs. Thought police? Do they work for these companies and cannibalise threads? Is it Stockholm-syndrome? You can watch these guys all over the game related websides. If someone criticizes a topic they call it "complaining", they devaluate the poster irrationally as...
Well, "a little more development time" is just Rockstar newspeak for muck around PC Gamer and make more $$$. Rock$tar developped GTA V on PC platform and downsized it - or let's say in R$ newspeak 'optimized' it for outdated consoles first.So R$ is retarding PC Editon from day one.I'm not critizising that they want to make money what I dislike is the strategy fooling the customer and additionally that easy to see through."You can fool all the people some of the time, and...
Sorry, but pointless argument as most people have multi platforms nowadays. I guess there are only very few monastic PC Gamers left which abhor other systems. I'm thinking about purchasing a PS4.And it would be no problem for me to triple buy GTA V. I've purchased GTA 3, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA IV, GTA EFLC already multiple for my different PCs. And GTA IV, V and RDR for PS3.
The higher resolution is what will make the game playable at last. The low-res PS3 Edition was visually a nightmare. And this extra stuff is ridiculousin in my view. They should add other cities and make assets and buildings walkable and make it like GTA SA.
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