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GTAV PC Patch 335.1 Strange. The game worked flawlessly and smooth as butter at day one. (3930k, GTX980, 16GB) After the first patch it took me 1 endless minute to pass Social Club log-in procedure but the frame rates were ok. Now with the latest patch today heavy stuttering appears even in the city! So better disable automatic updating in Steam.
Thank you. This installation is 6 month old by now.Aida64: 32°C
Just ran this tool first time. So what does the result tell me now, could someone give me an advice?
Old firmware: New firmware: Now:
Hmm, so what do you think is a realistic approach? How much per cent is the PC platform in relation to consoles? If it's just a million copies compared to 80 million console I'd say forget PC. If it's much more due to digital stores that would be another story. Has anyone an idea how much the volume in units and $$ is?
I've just stumbled across a link that could calm down the frustration. If these numbers are real I can understand why Rockstar has little commitment for PC gamers and they have any right to act like they do. Playing with the figure it's crystal clear that the beggarly revenues of the PC platform are economically negligible. Either one get's a console or has to wait for...
Excellent!This type of helpful comments approves my assumption. Thank you, Delaystar*
End of the game. R* will go on kidding PC gamers forever. This Mafia company has a sadistic pleasure to torture PC gamers. And what is more astonishing: PC gamers seem to love it. They forgive whatever you do to them and are grateful for every single kick in the pants. Or is it Rockstar NSA that pays for all these sympathetic comments?
First impression: And not a single word about PC release... sigh Why does this news left me cold though I'm an addicted GTA enthusiast? Besides, will one be able to step in hopefully new acquirable assets while being in 4k? I'm not that optimistic about 1 person view. Maybe it causes nausea as it's afterwards added to 3d. Still the map is only a 10th of GTA San Andreas and it takes about 10 minutes to go round the entire map. Still all the clutter of signs along side the...
Hmm, these tests were made several times. And the spikes looked all the same. And even more: It wasn't the system disc. The tests run from another SSD (Samsung 840 Pro) to exclude artifacts. So what makes one that sure to know what these are really? Obviously only speculations.Furthermore I can't find any statement about big versus small spikes in my post.Besides: there is obvously no burst rate for ssd that's for hdd as far as I've searched. No idea what burst rate...
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