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yea I won't be gaming too much on it. I am away from home a lot so I end up using my laptop a lot more. Yea I actually do have the 1gb version but I think it is bricked now and I was looking to get a decent 7950/7970. Sadly my gpu picked the worst time to brick with all the miners snatching up all those cards and driving the price up.Mainly I'm looking for the quality of AOC, I haven't heard much about them.Yea 1080p at 27" for games will be a little worse but it won't be...
anyone have any information on this display? looking for an IPS and at 27" would make for a good photo editing/movie watching as well as some gaming. im looking for your input on AOC as I have not really heard of them. on a side note how is eyefinity with say a 27' center display and two 24's on either side or is this not possible thanks
So I'm looking for a monitor. Main uses will be for photo editing and some gaming so I'm definitely looking at an IPS. 24" is probably in my price range but 27" would also be nice. I'm looking for quality as well as I will have it for awhile. With this in mind I might swing $300 if it really offers significant advantages. Thanks
Awesome was looking to pick this game up In!
Well I think I might have narrowed it down to the video card as it was spinning up then slowing down. Unfortunately I don't have onboard video or an extra one lying around to test it. Also my other power supply is currently being used in my mom's PC in a different province
So I tried to to take it apart and put it on a test bench and same thing happens. I just plugged in the bare minimums as well. Anyone else have any ideas?
Yea so far I have checked all I can with out pulling it all out. Still same problem I'll have to retry everything again when I get the time
Well unfortunately something has gone wrong when I switched computer cases. I just finished putting everything back together and it won't post. I think I might have hardware problems now, I'm looking for confirmation. It's my Sig rig Here is what happens Start it up fan starts up but then slows down the runs up again and then slows repeating this process. It does not post. My fear is it is the CPU is gone. Everything was working fine before the transfer Thanks guys
Crappy. I never usually raced people online in gt 5 but I do like their online challenges to keep it interesting. Doess gt6 have more rally stages? I wish it was a bigger part of gt5
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