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I've read some confusing stuff on X99, brings me to a question... I have an X79 setup now with 3930K LGA2011 socket, fully watercooled and running Dominator GT 2133 memory. Can I walk into microcenter Sunday and pick up an 5960X and an X99 board and re-use everything else ?
In regards to cinebench numbers, anyone care to speculate what the 5960x at 4.5 will do ? For reference, my current 3930K @ 4.7 breaks 1200 and at 4.8 it's over 1250. Drooling at the idea of giving lightwave 3D 8 cores and 16 threads in a non-xeon setup.
Blameless is right on track here, 32GB of RAM is tough to overclock on the 3930K. Alot of people recommend overlcocking the machine with half of your memory (16GB, preferably 4x4GB) then once that is stable add the rest and fine tune. The 3930K is a monster processor, but it has a weak link. The IMC (integrated memory controller) usually needs alot of voltage to run 32GB @ 2133. Another point, jump over to the ROG forum and read Raja's guide on offset mode...
PM sent.
Looking great! good luck.
+1I used some sockets.
Bitspower Tank-Z 250ml - used 1 month - $30 sold Alphacool VP655 pump - used one month - $90 sold 6x Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans (used one month) - 3 for $55 or 6 for $100. Coolgate Triple 120 radiator w/3 Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans (used one month)- $170 Make an offer, need this stuff gone. All prices include shipping to lower 48.
Happened to me on the 900d USB cable.
Happened to me as well. Two handed with a finger holding the red base while gently rocking the connector out seems to work.
Thanks all. Leak testing now, working great. With the MCP35X2 powered like this, it runs full speed so this is worst case as far as pressure on the tubing and so far not a drop.
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