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I think I found the worst 5960X in terms of overclocking at microcenter last week (batch: L424B998). Best I can do with it is 43 @ 1.27. For 44 it wants 1.34 and temps get close to 70 on custom water. For 45 still not stable at 1.38!
I'm probably going to be putting this one in the for sale section here very soon. Double wide horizontal.
Just stunning Stren. Congrats.
Hi all, a couple of questions for overclockers with the MSI X99S boards. Using the BETA 152 BIOS. 1. Where is the BIOS setting to disable EPU Power savings ? 2. Has anyone changed the VCCSA ? (I manually input 1.20 but AIDA64 latest says 1.256)
FWIW I'm returning the 1300 G2 I just bought. The fan is soooooooooo loud and no way to slow it easily.
I've read some confusing stuff on X99, brings me to a question... I have an X79 setup now with 3930K LGA2011 socket, fully watercooled and running Dominator GT 2133 memory. Can I walk into microcenter Sunday and pick up an 5960X and an X99 board and re-use everything else ?
In regards to cinebench numbers, anyone care to speculate what the 5960x at 4.5 will do ? For reference, my current 3930K @ 4.7 breaks 1200 and at 4.8 it's over 1250. Drooling at the idea of giving lightwave 3D 8 cores and 16 threads in a non-xeon setup.
Blameless is right on track here, 32GB of RAM is tough to overclock on the 3930K. Alot of people recommend overlcocking the machine with half of your memory (16GB, preferably 4x4GB) then once that is stable add the rest and fine tune. The 3930K is a monster processor, but it has a weak link. The IMC (integrated memory controller) usually needs alot of voltage to run 32GB @ 2133. Another point, jump over to the ROG forum and read Raja's guide on offset mode...
PM sent.
Looking great! good luck.
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