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PM sent.
Looking great! good luck.
+1I used some sockets.
Bitspower Tank-Z 250ml - used 1 month - $30 sold Alphacool VP655 pump - used one month - $90 sold 6x Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans (used one month) - 3 for $55 or 6 for $100. Coolgate Triple 120 radiator w/3 Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans (used one month)- $170 Make an offer, need this stuff gone. All prices include shipping to lower 48.
Happened to me on the 900d USB cable.
Happened to me as well. Two handed with a finger holding the red base while gently rocking the connector out seems to work.
Thanks all. Leak testing now, working great. With the MCP35X2 powered like this, it runs full speed so this is worst case as far as pressure on the tubing and so far not a drop.
Well here we go... And these were worth every penny...
I'm about to put an MCP35X2 to use on some primochill 1/2" OD tubing with ghost fittings. If any pump can blow the tubing out of the fittings, the MCP35X2 can. I'll report here if I have a blowout. EDIT: I'm not worried at all.
2 down 2 to go. Respect to all of you and your perfect bends, this is not easy.
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