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I run it dual booted with my current win7 install, I didn't like the UI so I installed start8. I haven't really noticed any sort of difference in performance, just looks. Windows 8 itself seems fine, just packaged with a UI you can't change unless you use third party software.
Might be people comparing a fresh install of windows 8 with a old install of windows 7 when they should be comparing a fresh install of both 7 and 8. I haven't really noticed any difference in performance on my own windows 8.
I don't think anyone running xp or vista will really be all that broken up about not being able to use office 2013, the school computers I see running XP still usually have office 2003 or 2007. As long as students can type their work on it I don't see why they would want to upgrade.
You guys still arguing?
Engineer better get something good. >:c
If they can take the laptop and mainstream desktop end with Llano that's much more market share than bulldozer would of produced. Plus AMD is not apple or samsung, they dont have to make the same choices. It could be a spin, but I like to give things the benefit of a doubt until there proof is there.
I disagree, it matters alot. If you been a victim of intel onboard graphics you would understand, CPU wise a Llano is fast enough for an normal person. It's not all about the raw cpu power when people who buy these things are watching movies, browsing the net, or even may want to play an older game.
You guys need to kiss and make up. If BD sucks, delayed, behind, it doesn't matter. AMD doesn't seem to be all that worried about it, BD can wait its their APUs that they love so much. I mean we hear all about them but BD is nowhere to be found. As much as you guys find it hard to believe selling millions of APUs to oems is much more profitable than some high end CPUs that the few enthusiast buy. People will always say "amd is behind, will fail, blah blah blah" but I...
You guys are going to get this thread closed too aren't you.
I know you were joking but its possible bulldozer is second on the priority list to Llano and the future Trinity APUs as they will bring most of the cash AMD needs. AMD knows how terrible intel onboard graphics are, if they can punch into that market and gain more sales and popularity they'll have the money for more R&D.Since the majority of machines run onboard graphics if they can actually play games it'll help promote PC gaming as well.
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