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He says it as if atheism is a bad thing.
Too bad BD isn't out...
If only my heart was still in it.
It's a server chip most of all.Heavy multi-threading is what it was designed to do.
There is no way in hell a 4GHz Thuban is faster than a top-end BD CPU. I get 7 points on Cinebench 11.5 64-bit. I expect no less than that with BD.
If I read that blog post correctly, he wants 420 dollars (more or less) for the sample.
The end of August would be my guess. Damn shame too. AMD is using up a great deal of resources on Llano.
This is a nice mid-end APU. Trinity seems a lot more interesting, though. Let's just hope Intel isn't the "spikes". I'd laugh if anyone catches that one.
Well look at you Chris, pointing out the obvious.
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