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Indeed, In the mean time my rss feeds kept dripping in so its clear some people could access it.
I think screan tearing should be pretty small on a screen with this refresh rate even without any techniques to prevent it. I myself am looking at getting a higher refresh rate panel sometime. I regularly play games I could use it on even on a 7950@1.13ghz. Although my gpu will be getting an upgrade sometime soonish.
EVE Online: the most awesome MMO to never play.
Good riddance. although I do not like tje current crymson software at all as the settings I use most (advanced display settings) are still hidden far far away in the old interface.
I am using a 500gb ssd for 2 years now and I doubt I will need to upgrade anytime soon. the games I play and the programs I use fit on there,I only have some stuff that doesn't benefit much from the speed increase on my hdd and I don't think that will change anytime soon. as for nvme at the very least my 3570k needs to be obsolete to switch. to a new mobo to support that. this will sadly mean I will probably have ti retire my pci sound card. so its a big step. cpu mobo audio
actually you can compare the performance in real world scenarios reasonably well using an os that runs on both argitectures like linux for example. Sure compiler performance will make it differ a bit but its a fair enough estimate. I don't think comparing an iphone like that will work as the you can't just throw a linux distro on there but you can compare a raspberry pi with a desktop processor reasonably well if you give it the same workload on the same os.That being said...
the minimum spec, aka the oldest pc they used for performance testing that could still run the game fine. Stop thinking so much about these specs, I am sure people here can let a sandy bridge i5 outperform the i7 they showed. Those specs really don't give you much more then a very rough indication.
I wouldn't count arm out as the main cpu argitecture in the desktop space in the future but I don't think it will happen anytime soon. As for software it should really only be a matter of recompiling to switch to arm. So yea its gonna suck for stuff that's no longer supported but its not hard to port software and games to arm.
honestly if a hero ends up being fundamentally broken I thibk removing it is not the worst option. Especially tempoarily until it is revamped.
It will probably still be a few months before custom roms on my note 3 reach stable levels on android 7
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