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The start menu in windows 10 is fine, its just that the full screen menu in windows 8 was annoying especially on weaker hardware where there was significant lag starting it.
botw runs fine on my pc with cemuhook and gpu fence skip on and some variable framerate hack. Last tested on 1.9.1. running a 3570k@4.6ghz btw. as for that 3770k why not try and oc it, ocing should be the reason you went for the k in the first place right?
I think such a punch would be way to dangerous for the other pilot. Same for pretty much every other efficient weapon.
I still think they should have gone with kde while it would be strange consider their default apps are gtk and not qt but in terms of functionallity kde can get much closer to unity in terms of functionality then gnome. Not that it ultimately matters to me as an arch user. (My desktop is stuck on windows)
Without a pilot this would have been a lot more fun indeed. At least then you can actually go till one of the robots stops. It would also have been great if the thing wasn't so damn scripted. Then again when you have an unscripted giant robot fight the designs will actually start to become efficient ruining the whole point. No paintball guns, no chainsaws but actually things that would wreck the opponent.
While there will most certainly be some loss in file transfer speed due to the compression I don't think that this will impact the loading times that much on modern hardware. a good cpu and having the files on an ssd will probably result in a minimal impact on loading times. This app however is nothing special and is just a frontend to the build in compression in windows.
I know this thread is pretty much dead but as a user of this mouse I do have to warn you that the switch under the scroll wheel (mmb) is pretty bad so if you use the mmb more often then the right click like I do. You may end up having to rma the thing after just one year like I did. While not applicable to everyone it is a good thing to know for people who use MMB basically everywhere.
I am mostly basing my opinion on the gamersnexus video so here it goes: the performance is not really that big compared to the pretty significant bump in power consumption and considering that a lot of people are still on intel stock coolers as they are supposed to be enough for stock that may cause throttling and actually worse performance. This alone is a good reason not to enable it. This is however not all, it also seems to run at least somewhat unstable and honestly...
I was about to say inb4 they take down cod video's for gun modding.Because knowing youtube there is pretty much a 0% chance of the thing working well.
While I had some addons break most of them had good replacements. Classic theme restorer I could get around by manually making / edditing a userchrome.css. Other then that I tempoarily switched to tampermonkey until greasemonkey updates and I will most certainly switch back after it updates but the scripts I made do work in the meantime. Stylish I switched out for stylus. flagfox I switched for country flags + although I must admit it does look worse. I really do hope...
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