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actually you can compare the performance in real world scenarios reasonably well using an os that runs on both argitectures like linux for example. Sure compiler performance will make it differ a bit but its a fair enough estimate. I don't think comparing an iphone like that will work as the you can't just throw a linux distro on there but you can compare a raspberry pi with a desktop processor reasonably well if you give it the same workload on the same os.That being said...
the minimum spec, aka the oldest pc they used for performance testing that could still run the game fine. Stop thinking so much about these specs, I am sure people here can let a sandy bridge i5 outperform the i7 they showed. Those specs really don't give you much more then a very rough indication.
I wouldn't count arm out as the main cpu argitecture in the desktop space in the future but I don't think it will happen anytime soon. As for software it should really only be a matter of recompiling to switch to arm. So yea its gonna suck for stuff that's no longer supported but its not hard to port software and games to arm.
honestly if a hero ends up being fundamentally broken I thibk removing it is not the worst option. Especially tempoarily until it is revamped.
It will probably still be a few months before custom roms on my note 3 reach stable levels on android 7
While that is true it wouldn't explain why the iGP's are not registered at all comparing the article that only talks about dGP's yet the steam survey that also takes the limited amount of amd iGP's into account does not seem to come up with a different number. So I wonder where that difference comes from.Besides that there are plenty of amd apu's with a stock clock of above 3ghz. Looking at the pricewatch on the dutch site only 8 out of 50 desktop apu's have a...
If that is the case I think amd is scoring a bit low on the steam survey as amd has 20% of the cpu share, a portion of which is people with amd apu's as their cpu / gpu. so basically amd integrated graphics.
remember guys metal gear is not just metal gear solid. Take metal gear rising for example. I wouldn't write off a surival game as out of place. Personally I like games like this providing they are done well. Given the current state of konami this is not a given and the game may very well be garbage.
I believe its almost impossible the balance a game lijke evolve properly. As you need to make sure a great monster can give a well oiled good team a great fight while also giving a team of noobs a fair fight against a new monster. Most importantly every step inbetween needs to be balanced. Now considering teams have by nature a different lerning curve than one monster you can see proper balance is a nightmare. and if that wasn't bad enough there are quite a few hunters...
I actually think the game got worse with the fre to play update. sure it is faster now but at the very least it is also less balanced. I did enjoy it the 40 or so hours I played it near launch but the recent update gave me no real reason to return.
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