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Just to clarify its all about the browsers implementation of javascript not about html5. As a matter of fact you can create good functional ads without even using a drop of javascript. Its just that tracking the interaction with the add gets harder without scripts. Either way I think an adblocker is way more effective at preventing malware then any current virus scan.
I have a 3gb 7950 now (probably going to whatever amd is going to release for around €350 when it comes out) but personally the only cases where vram become an issue at 1080p are mods.
I just assume hackers are not going to the trouble of hacking their way into activating the camera on linux Especially on a laptop that is not used a lot anyway. I am just not that interesting.
To be fair Apple is also quite good on that matter especially since debugging is a pain without apple hardware which I really have no other reason to use.Personally though I am a firefox user as its ui customization with addon's is the best that I can get and I am just very used to the browser in every regard. Sure chrome may be a tiny bit faster at times but firefox works great.
While I do somewhat agree that you don't need better specs to make great games the problem will be third party support. If the console is less powerful then the competition developers will just not develop for it.
While thjer5e are some clear visual downgrades there are also some clear choices they made on those games. They generally tone down HDR, lens flare, bloom and the dept of field. Those effects are awesome on a trailer but suck in gameplay. Still the smoke and lights are downgraded. Regardless it all looks like they are doing everything they can to make the trailers look more cinematic while in practice they either have to scrap the stuff because of of gameplay reasons and...
It does matter quite a lot if you are up to date or not. If you are fully up to date they probably need to use zero days every step of the way which is something that people tend to be used primarily on direct targets and the average user is not one of those. infected ads and fishing mails generally go for the more readily available less expensive exploits to grab a large portion of people who have yet to update. As long as you have enough targets this is probably the...
Mumble has always claimed to have great latency and this confirms it, I use mumble with a group I play games with as one of the members is a dev on mumble. And personally I have no complaints about it.
From what I know vulcan is just newer then dx12 so devs have had less tim to optimize for vulcan. At this stage this is a very important factor.
While for me bandwidth is not really a concern I do think that streaming will bring latency issues among other things. I think that with low cost hardware getting more and more powerful we will eventually hit a point where the actual improvement in graphical fidelity of a desktop or higher end system will be low enough for us not to care and most of us will use smaller devices to game on. However it may be quite some time before we get there.
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