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Mumble has always claimed to have great latency and this confirms it, I use mumble with a group I play games with as one of the members is a dev on mumble. And personally I have no complaints about it.
From what I know vulcan is just newer then dx12 so devs have had less tim to optimize for vulcan. At this stage this is a very important factor.
While for me bandwidth is not really a concern I do think that streaming will bring latency issues among other things. I think that with low cost hardware getting more and more powerful we will eventually hit a point where the actual improvement in graphical fidelity of a desktop or higher end system will be low enough for us not to care and most of us will use smaller devices to game on. However it may be quite some time before we get there.
I feel like Vulcan should be something all major game devs should focus on, dx12 has limited advantages and vulkan unlike dx12 runs on all windows versions. In case you want to port to linux vulcan also supports that.
I did not read the article before as my german is kind of rusty I did now my point is still valid though just claiming that the performance is much better when the game looks much worse is kind of unfair. If anything I would just disregard any dx12 performance until the issues are fixed and you can actually compare the two fairly. Even amd vs Nvidea is kind of unfair on a game that clearly has issues at this point.
Looking at these screenshots I can see where the performance boost comes from:
While I have nothing against them doing this it will probably make it harder to get an overview of what games I own where, Sure the major titles I will rememember but still its kind of getting a mess.
First of all I am not the best osu! player (play between 4.5 and 5.5 star maps), second I only used a cherry black keyboard (Steelseries g6v2). I read some discussions on the osu! forum and the general consensus seems to be a pretty even split between tactile and linear then again most of them just like me never used both. I personally think that the blue's would be better as having tactile feedback would help during streaming as it gives you feedback when you reach the...
This really is not a matter of performance of the architecture but rather the much much smaller margins on the arm side of things. Intel is not made to operate at those margins and thus they fail.
I doubt that even in warranty a lot of people would think to RMA a 7+ year old PSU. If mine where to fail at such an age I’d probably just buy a new one at least to not have to wait. So I guess this is pretty cheap for them to do
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