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This really is not a matter of performance of the architecture but rather the much much smaller margins on the arm side of things. Intel is not made to operate at those margins and thus they fail.
I doubt that even in warranty a lot of people would think to RMA a 7+ year old PSU. If mine where to fail at such an age I’d probably just buy a new one at least to not have to wait. So I guess this is pretty cheap for them to do
So what I am seeing in this is slightly higher vulkan then ogl performance on linux and slightly higher linux performance in general under opengl. And vulkan performance on windows which regresses quite badly. So I would guess this probably means that in this particular game the vulkan implementation on windows probably needs some work. If I remember correctly vulkan was still experimental in the game. I wouldn't go raise your tux flags anytime soon as this is just one...
I'd probably take it, look if there was anything interesting on them then format them. Of course any html pages and links I would gladly look at the source code. I think the odds of it actually being harmful are pretty benine.
While it is true that firefox doesn't sandbox addons not sandboxing them does bring flexibility. Addons like firebug may be impossible to do in a sandboxed environment. That being said for most addons sandboxing would be much better.
If the data stream up was 7MB/s I highly doubt it was statistics, could just be cloud syncing or windows messing up or something else. That being said it would not surprise me one bit if Facebook was using the rift for data mining.
Not to mention a software ecosystem that has been build for x86 for ages and a operating system (Windows) doesn't even have a proper arm version to speak of. If linux where the dominant os things could be different but it is not.
I will still wait a bit with the game till the state of mods on the nexus has progressed a bit further.
I will personally still wait a bit before I jump onto the vr boat. Although I would be more then willing to pay the current price for great vr I do have my reservations about what's out there now and I am also hoping that in the future vr sets will adjust for nearsightedness. However my primary concern is that I want to wait on a open general standard for vr and not have a fragmentation of implementations where some stuff will only work on one set and other stuff only on...
I remember in the Netherlands we don't use voting computers exactly for this reason. They are vulnerable to abuse and are less transparent. There have been numerous proof of concepts of abusing these computers so yea it does not surprise me at all.
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