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I actually use firefox because of the ui. You can customize it a lot and while I agree the default sucks with a few addons you can get it to work however you want. I for one have tabs on the bottom a menu bar with addons and bookmark icons as well as the windows controls and made my navigation bar full woth fully getting rid of the unneeded search bar.However this is just how I want it and I can imagine other people wanting a more minimalistic layout
For me it sounds like one more reason not to use edge. Besides that edge seems to be an inferior browser overall. I personally like to use programs that are dependent on one os as little as possible. And while I do not use netflix I feel like this kind of pulling ahead of a browser makes it less deserving of my use.
Left4Dead 3 however it is not.
Man that fury x score just goes up so much on vulkan, this does kind of shows. How much the opengl implementation is hindering the card's performance.
As bad as their dlc may have been and as dead as the game is now. I still had enough fun playing it with friends to not consider it a waste of my money buying it.
If these graphs are real I expect the real word performance to be about on par with the rx480 probably giving you a slightly more efficient card at a bit of a higher price.
Just to clarify its all about the browsers implementation of javascript not about html5. As a matter of fact you can create good functional ads without even using a drop of javascript. Its just that tracking the interaction with the add gets harder without scripts. Either way I think an adblocker is way more effective at preventing malware then any current virus scan.
I have a 3gb 7950 now (probably going to whatever amd is going to release for around €350 when it comes out) but personally the only cases where vram become an issue at 1080p are mods.
I just assume hackers are not going to the trouble of hacking their way into activating the camera on linux Especially on a laptop that is not used a lot anyway. I am just not that interesting.
To be fair Apple is also quite good on that matter especially since debugging is a pain without apple hardware which I really have no other reason to use.Personally though I am a firefox user as its ui customization with addon's is the best that I can get and I am just very used to the browser in every regard. Sure chrome may be a tiny bit faster at times but firefox works great.
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