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thank you sir, going to work on this tonight. i'm the world's crappiest jet pilot so 20 kills will be slow going for me. rest of the assignment will be fun.
the download servers must be getting hammered. i'm downloading the update at 1.3 MB/s.
this is disappointing to hear. i haven't played yet but i'm really excited for a new titan-mode. being able to parachute over the enemy carrier sounds like it will rob a lot of the fun out.
man those videos still crack me up
nice, registered. we'll know by 11:59 PM PST on Feb 17th.
subscribed since i'm too lazy to keep an eye on Zampella's twitter account.
it's not nearly as effective as the M26 MASS. i'm not a fan of the shorty. it's easier to kill with a pistol unless you're close enough to bear-hug the enemy. then the shorty would work well.
Goofy stuff going on with Battlelog at the moment. couldn't log in for a bit, now that i have my rank has been reset.
I'm also getting gpu core throttling with the 14.1 drivers. Before updating (was using 13.11 betas) my 290x would stay rock solid at 1100/1200 while playing BF4. Now with the 14.1 drivers I'm throttling down to ~low 900's on the core using both Mantle and DX11. Tried a more aggressive fan profile and it didn't help; card throttled back even at 84 C.
picked me up a K70 from best buy tonight!
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