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i'm excited . had a blast with the closed beta.also don't delete the closed beta. if you still have it installed you just have to download a small update for the open beta.
pretty damn fun. the main story is tough to judge because you get so little of it in the beta. looks like it will be good though. the Dark Zone is a ton of fun. the anxiety of not knowing whether or not a neutral player is going to fire on you is great. i'm playing solo and i stumbled on a group of 6 other solo players fighting NPC's. after getting our loot we all went to extract together. just as the chopper gets there another player came up and threw an incendiary...
pre-loaded the beta last night, looking forward to playing tonight after work.
wow that easter egg is pretty involved. kudos to Jack Frags and company for figuring it out. cool of DICE to do stuff like this (and also pretty damn nerdy, which i like).
i believe it depends on the game, some games it works and others it does not.
i agree with you adjusting vibrancy and playing in windowed borderless mode is the way to go with this monitor. i just have more subtle settings. i'm running:nvcp:contrast: 50%gamma: 0.98vibrance: 53%monitor color temp:R: 100G: 99B: 98larger adjustments in contrast/gamma/vibrance look fun when gaming but skin tones in actual pictures/videos look off. that's the tell-tale sign in my opinion. your settings look cartoonish to me. obviously this all varies from panel to...
that shot reminds me of STALKER. nice.
by "saturation at 75%" do you mean setting Digital Vibrance in the nvidia control panel to 75%?
BO3 is fun, BF4 is a much better game in my opinion. both serve their purpose though.
yeah i get this with my 980 Ti. not sure what the cause is.
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