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got it just in time for the weekend
it's a driver issue as of the last couple driver releases. i don't believe it will be 'fixed', something to do with nvidia preparing for the Windows 10 environment. i'm too lazy to google it and give you more specific information
i played Dragon Valley in BF2 and had some fun but it was never one of my favorite maps. I was really hoping for Cerbere Landing from 2142 (a long shot to win). i'm certainly not going to complain about free content! I'm glad they went further back in their catalog and didn't just use a BF3 map. also the updated Dragon Valley looks gorgeous, graphically. i'm excited to try it out.
it's a shame Hardline had such a short life. I've gone back to BF4 (after a 6 month hiatus) and i'm having a blast rediscovering it, but it would be nice to load up a game of Hardline every now and then.
ha players in another server, well said. yeah i noticed the difference right away, they're pretty powerful.
tons of servers, game is alive and kicking. i'm excited for the spring patch.
check out the Acer XB270HU, it's an IPS screen. i've never personally used it (i'm really happy with my Swift) but it's received great reviews albeit there reports of QC issues.
maybe the problem is that you're here to argue, and concerned with whether or not people can 'properly argue', instead of being here to discuss the game.
yeah the graphics are a little stylized. still better looking than most FPS games. i played Blood Money last night for the first time since the initial beta, man i forgot how much fun that game mode is. also seemed like cash accumulated very quickly.
when i try to play, usually evenings PDT, COD:AW mp is essentially dead. i can find a Mosh Pit server or two and a couple TDM servers but that's about it. it's been this way for the last couple weeks.
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