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that's a shame, what a PITA. i noticed last night that i have some light bleed along the bottom bezel. nothing crazy but it's there. either i didn't previously notice it or it's slowly increasing like your monitor. i'll keep an eye on it.
that's a good observation. margins are indeed thin.
since their XB270H monitor, which is 1080p g-sync, is $599 i'm guessing this one will be on-par with the Swift.
ditto. it's a crapshoot to know what's actually in the store, only way to know for sure is to go in and look.
i logged into battlelog last night and i had only 4 battlepacks (which had been there for a couple weeks). no overload of new battlepacks, guess i'm not part of the cool kids club. i only had time to play two of the new maps. Operation Whiteout: it's fine, snowmobiles are fun Giants of Karelia: gorgeous map. had a lot of fun during the 45 second intervals between being gunned down by enemy snipers looking forward to putting more time into this DLC
Looks normal to me. Did you apply resolution scaling in windows or chrome?
when waking my computer from sleep this monitor will turn on, show the desktop for a few seconds, flicker once or twice, and then go back to standby. only way to recover from this is to force shutdown the computer. of the 3 times i've woken my computer from sleep this has happened twice and one time it functioned as expected. anyone else experiencing this?
Yeah I'll get the 980Ti (or whatever nvidia's next card is) when it's released.
i also can't run 144hz, i'm limited to 120hz. let that sink in to your fragile psyche.
screenshots look awesome! i'm going to look for this game on the cheap (someone selling a code, cheap retailer, etc.)
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