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i assume the 'Play a Dragon's Teeth map' prevents us from completing the assignments early?
the 1Gb patch should be the weapons and assignments (and perhaps bug fixes), but no map data. map data will be sent out on the day of release.
i read on another forum that it's the same Hi-Frequency (Netcode) patch they rolled out for BF4.
tip for anyone playing the beta, when you equip optics on a gun click "medium range" or "close range" at the top of the optics menu. it will bring up an option to swap from one to the other. for instance, you can equip the MG36 with close range (1X) optics. i didn't know this. edit: also sniper rifles with close range optics is fun
when does the beta end?
well that explains a lot. i have the c key bound to crouch. i tagged a lot of stuff.
i haven't bothered to look at which key it's bound to, but i need to. i kept randomly tagging stuff last night.
ha different strokes for different folks man. i had a ton of fun with it last night. i'll be playing more tonight.
It's a little cheesier than BF4 but it's a lot of fun. I like the whole cops-robbers-loot theme.
download is crawling for me
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