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yeah i set it to 100% when i played last night, didn't get great performance. i'll reset graphics options tonight and see how it goes. Thanks for the heads up.
it sounds stupid, but make sure you re-enable SLI. driver updates always reset it for me.
my single Gigabyte G1 boosts to upper 1900's but settles pretty quickly at 1924 MHz and holds there for hours of gaming . i'm on the default gaming mode but with power limit increased to 111% using Afterburner. i'll be installing my second card tonight and that's when i'll start playing with overclocks.edit: i should note i'm us a custom fan curve that's pretty aggressive, settles in at 75% fan use. Corsair 600Q case and using headphones makes noise a non-issue for me.
I think you'll have more than enough cooling capacity with that card, particularly if you use a custom fan profile. I have the Gigabyte G1 and with the fan profile I set it levels off at 60C after hours of playing. It's more cooling capacity than I need. I'll see how it does when my second card arrives on Monday but I'm not expecting it to be a problem. I think you made the smart move going with the 2 fan $400 version.
Woohoo time to cancel my Amazon preorder. I ordered a Gigabyte G1 from Newegg last Friday and I just ordered a second one when it popped up on Newegg. These things are hard to find in stock right now. Nowinstock text alerts are great.
no and they're still sitting in my account with the status 'Not yet shipped'. not sure when they'll ship. to temper my impatience i'm anticipating sometime between next week and the end of the month. someone on reddit posted a screenshot of amazon support saying his card will ship on June 22nd. so maybe that's when this batch will go out. we'll see.
i just ordered (backordered) 2 Gigabyte G1 Gaming 1070's from amazon
Thanks! I'm using a single 980 Ti at the moment, waiting for AIB 1070's to launch so I can pick up a couple for SLI.Thanks!
look what just showed up at work! looking forward to seeing how well this overclocks.
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