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anyone know what time the beta ends tonight? wondering if I can sneak a couple hours in after I put my son to bed
i had a ton of fun playing last night. playing Heist i saw a lot of teamwork from random players. my experience was a lot different than other people in this thread; i saw a lot of teamwork in Heist game mode. i saw the same during the first beta.
i'm competitive but i still want a good, immersive experience. different strokes for different folks. i'll never understand people that play at 800x600 all low settings just for a marginal competitive advantage.
as far as i can tell from googling, there's no way to adjust the FOV. any geniuses out there figure out a way around this?
4th patch is out on steam, not for Uplay yet. will Uplay auto-update the game?
i run BF4 at High settings, 2xMSAA (+MFAA) and average somewhere in the 70-80 fps range. looks great and is a very fluid experience (g-sync helps).
yikes, sounds like a shady company
voted for: Dalian Plant (BF2) FuShe Pass (BF2) Kubra Dam (BF2) Mashtuur City (BF2) Road to Jalalabad (BF2) Strike at Karkand (BF2) Belgrade (BF2142) Camp Gilbraltar (BF2142) Cerbere Landing (BF2142) Fall of Berlin (BF2142) Arica Harbor (BC2) Port Valdez (BC2) Valparaiso (BC2) Phu Bai Valley (BC2)
just a heads-up, you can change the graph limits displayed in Afterburner monitoring (e.g. set core clock to 1600 Mhz etc.)
i'd easily buy both. modern-day combat is fun but i'm ready for a change of scenery. bring back WW2 or an all-out futuristic game like 2142.
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