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BO3 is fun, BF4 is a much better game in my opinion. both serve their purpose though.
yeah i get this with my 980 Ti. not sure what the cause is.
played for around 3 hours last night mostly Drop Zone (a little Walker Assault also). game is really fun! i'm excited to play more this weekend.
it's go time!
i'll be playing!
the setting that's causing my game to default to 144hz is: nvidia control panel > manage 3d settings > global settings > preferred refresh ratei have this set to "Highest available" and setting it to "Application-controlled" locks me in at 60fps. leaving at Highest available until i hear of any game breaking ramifications.
nice. i'll check this out later tonight.
nice. i played last night with some Widmer Upheaval IPA. i feel like beer and the wasteland go perfectly together
yep agree on all parts. overall it's a great looking game with some (pretty terrible) visual blemishes. good enough for me though, had a blast playing last night.
similar story here. i played for 3-4 hours, stayed up until 2am PST and got about 3 hours sleep before getting up for work. going to be a relatively crappy day at work
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