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months. i don't manually update at all, just wait until origin auto-updates. filthy Battlefield and your gloriously fun games.
i have a 4.37 GB 'update' to BF3 today. odd. it must be verifying/re-downloading the entire game content for the base game.
this thread is moving
suppose you're forgetting the 780 price drop when the 290/290X released.
thank you sir
^ Destiny looks great
i've had my PB278Q for about a year now and i love it. it's a fantastic monitor. but the next time i upgrade my GPU i'm going with a nvidia card (for G-Sync) and a PG278Q ROG Swift.
i use TFT Central's ICC profile. I also use their calibrated settings except i have brightness turned down to 22 (instead of their 27), but that'll depend on your lighting conditions. i have Trace Free set to 40.i game fine on this monitor, but i'm getting restless and i'm tempted to try out 144hz and/or G-Sync soon.
i assume the 'Play a Dragon's Teeth map' prevents us from completing the assignments early?
the 1Gb patch should be the weapons and assignments (and perhaps bug fixes), but no map data. map data will be sent out on the day of release.
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