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... and the fastest speed i personally have here in the land of perpetual crappy internet (australia) is 2.5mbs/0.7mbs
^ is that real piping?
If you're streaming that changes things up a bit. I spec'd an i7 for a friend of mine (4770k). I'm not entirely sure if you need one, but better safe than sorry. The 760 should be able to hole you done for a few years. I'm still running a GTX460 Hawk from about 3 years back.
go for the 3570.
i'm just using a QcK+ ...
If it's a gaming rig, the first thing you shouldn't select unless you have the budget would be an i7. Just go for an i5. It's more than capable for 99.99% of gaming needs. Motherboards are really any at this point. My personal preferences would be any of the ASUS RoG boards, the MSI Gaming boards, or any gigabyte UD5/7 with the appropriate platform. RAM isn't too important if you want to keep a low budget build going, so any 1600MHz DDR3 should do the trick. I recommend...
They generally use mx greens for space bars which have higher actuation than blues or browns. Sent from my LT26w using Tapatalk 2
US servers latency OP
I'm finding it harder and harder to find good servers to play CoD on
First off, don't post the same post in three different sub forums.1) They are very good cans. However, they also cost a pretty penny, so whether you factor them into your budget or not is another story.2) Can't comment on this. Never heard the Beach's.3) I've used my M50s for a multitude of games for over a year now, and honestly, having an slightly smaller soundstage hasn't changed a whole lot (this is being compared to AKG K240s). The M50s are really in a sweet spot for...
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