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Hi guys, I turned off my desktop this morning, after some light use. Upon returning at night, my desktop has gone into a boot loop. This bootloop occurs AFTER postage, but before Windows 8.1 fully loads in. Note: I get the underscore that is the usual before Windows loads for about 1.5 seconds, if even that. Things I have tried: isolated RAM sticks isolated HDDs cleared CMOS Things I do: Computer is always shut down. Never hibernating, never sleeping. Notes: I was...
You were referring to pro players using macros. I also played CoD4 in the amateur leagues down under (underwhelming in every aspect to be honest), so I know what's allowed and what's not allowed. Getting into the bad habit of using macros for a very simple action is detrimental to game play because you begin to take things for granted. It doesn't really give you an advantage imo; just makes you a lazier player.
Eh, I've moved onto CS:GO now, though I still play this time to time. I also found that if you're good enough you don't need to create a macro for reload change weapon twice etc. I'm also running a pro player's config (I think it was Paradox's from 'eSuba) from back in the day.
Dammit Charlie, what ended up happening to this? I vaguely remember you talking about it, but I remember nothing!
... and the fastest speed i personally have here in the land of perpetual crappy internet (australia) is 2.5mbs/0.7mbs
^ is that real piping?
If you're streaming that changes things up a bit. I spec'd an i7 for a friend of mine (4770k). I'm not entirely sure if you need one, but better safe than sorry. The 760 should be able to hole you done for a few years. I'm still running a GTX460 Hawk from about 3 years back.
go for the 3570.
i'm just using a QcK+ ...
If it's a gaming rig, the first thing you shouldn't select unless you have the budget would be an i7. Just go for an i5. It's more than capable for 99.99% of gaming needs. Motherboards are really any at this point. My personal preferences would be any of the ASUS RoG boards, the MSI Gaming boards, or any gigabyte UD5/7 with the appropriate platform. RAM isn't too important if you want to keep a low budget build going, so any 1600MHz DDR3 should do the trick. I recommend...
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