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You may have a point, redhat, but surely I should get more than 4MB/s if things are as beers say? I did some searching and found out the correct way (I think) to check if DMA mode is enabled. I went into device manager and clicked primary IDE channel. It was set to "use DMA if available", but it was actually running on PIO mode. What does this mean?
Well, my BIOS is saying this. Both are set to auto. PIO mode: 4 Async DMA: MultiQord DMA-2 Ultra DMA: Ultra DMA-5 Is this good or bad? Should PIO be set to 0 maybe?
I never get speeds over 3-4MB/s whenever I transfer files between my server and my workstation/laptop. Is this really caused by my not-so-great CPU? I honestly thought 1,2Ghz would be sufficient for file transfers, but the CPU usage goes straight to the 90-100% area once I start transfering something. I'm connected to the server through Windows' shared folder feature, and I've mapped a "server"-directory to the Z: drive letter on my workstation. Ah, and I'm running...
Quote: Originally Posted by MalVeauX Heya, Well, I've changed my setup since my last post in here some where, so let's update. I'm using a hex-display setup at this point. One screen (top left) has my server, website, torrent & download list, FTP, etc, displaying. My 37" displays(...) *snip* That is one shweeeeet setup you have there, mate.
3dmark01 is 9 years old.. Run 3dmark06 instead is my advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by bobisgod You can buy converters. The first 2 will run with passive converters(energy taken from video card itself). The last 4, or 10 if you get the 12 version need active converters(converters that take energy from usb ports). You sure? Then why do I keep seeing pictures like this?
Quote: Originally Posted by GlockZoR IV 4chan Yeh. It's a script that can download threads from 4chan. Just paste the URL and type in what folder you want it to be downloaded to. Can also download all the images on one specific board at once.
Buy it when you need it and it's gotten cheaper, not now when you don't need it.
Gotta have this thread in my subscriptions.
Quote: Originally Posted by DeepEmbrace OH, i just remembered, AMD can be a girl: *image snip* (Source from Guru3D durring Computex) Now in stores: the new AMD Kawaii X4
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