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Just picked up my Capstone 450M today, highly suggest it for your build it will more power that build flawlessly while being VERY efficient and it won't break the bank.
Why aren't the OCZ ZT's up on the list? They were praised bty Juonny Guru and Hardware secrets and they are an incredible value.
I'd probably go HAF X as well, it's got massive potential for air cooling. With that said I don't think either will have any problems on room for anything, I'm pretty sure they both have enough room for any parts you could want. These are full towers these aren't small cases at all, if you don't have experience with Full towers you are agonn be amazed at how big they actually are.
Lian-Li's are known for their construction, that and fully alluminum cases, they are quiet nice all around.
I got mine on sale for $20 shipped about a year ago, best $20 I ever spent on my computer, hell it would have been the best $50 I ever spent as well.
Then get a cardboard box pull everything out and make sure it's not a parasitic short. Further more you need to trouble shoot once it's out, you need to check all your ram Dim's all your PCI-E slots. Just move one piece at a time and try all the pieces.
You'd be surprised what some of the unit's are capable of. Hell even the good ones have the risk of crash and burning.
EDIT: I don't read.
I've auditioned a pair of these and can attest to these being the best set of closed back( and I say that loosely) headphones I've ever tried. They really are something else. They don't isolate well though, and to sacrifice sound for closed back and still not get the isolation is a little weird. They are kinda like an in between headphone, not really closed not really open. It's strange but at the same time it did feel right. These played a lot of my Post-Rock very well,...
If I remember correctly, he is getting a third 580 and going for the Antec HCP 1200. The reasoning behind it is even if he could get away with less that antec is the best psu on the market. So if your dumping that much money into yours ystem you should probably get the best.Likewise the HX850 is one of the best in it's watt range if not a tad expensive for what it provides. But if you already own your psu, then I wouldn't change it.
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