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Yeah serious. Don't laugh
Hey, mad! See you haven't lost your touch and still going strong!
Still got my 690 under water and is going strong. However, I had revert the settings back to stock some several months back due to instability in some games. It was probably one of the recent drivers, but I don't bother benching anymore since the 690 is about to hit 2 years now. Probably won't plan on replacing her until 4k monitors become mainstream and/or affordable.
Hey Stick! I think with my color scheme with most of the case black, it would be very hard to tell the difference between the Black Sparkle and Shining Silver given that I didn't bother with installing lighting mods in my case. If you want to see a close comparison between the two, take a look at my bitspower pump mods. They are actually black sparkle.
Not unless you lift it up by the PCB alone lol. Just keep it on the desk and put in the new screws that came with the backplate. Done this with the 480, 680 and 690 and it doesn't get more complicated if you aren't doing anything other than that.The EVGA ones should work with the ASUS ones since they are both based on the reference design.
I'm with you there. But EVGA probably didn't start ordering production of the back plates til later. If we were to get on nVidia's case on producing and including the backplates themselves and putting them on all their reference models....
I hope not. I have thoroughly enjoyed people celebrating how cheap and/or income challenged they are and mistakenly thinking that their tears will magically reach nVidia hoping they will charge whatever they prefer to pay in a forum obviously dedicated to hardcore hardware enthusiasts. I think they will have a better chance occupying their campus but who knows
Lemme rummage through those damaged crates to find one in tact! I'll still pay full price!
You try watercooling? Did wonders for me. On 690, but I couldn't even OC past +20 core on air. Now I can do +200 24/7.
Oh it's going down buddy. I haven't had a piece of hardware that has retained its value since I got it. And I'm sure most others here as well. The 690 has had a good run and is still one of the top cards for just about a year. But don't get your hopes high that it will remain that way beyond this year.
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