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What he said. Although my setup is an oddity as it is cheapest mobo available at Microcenter on launch day and cheapest 16GB kit, but lol, $900 CPU. Go figure.
nah, you're middle of the road in expenses for x99.Cheapest option is Asrock x99 Extreme 4, plain greensticks of Crucial 16 GB DDR4 2133mhz, and 5820k.Although in my case, replace 5820k with 5960x lol.Asrock mobo is not bad, what i noticed is that it's just the x99 chipset and nothing else, no third party controllers or anything. that's a good thing right?Turns out, the Asus deluxe's 10 USB ports in the back, not all of them can deliver full USB 3 bandwidth to 8 of the... The Asrocks are the only boards that's completely native USB 3 and SATA with no third party controllers to slow POST times or other issues. Just straight up x99 chipset. The Asus Deluxe may "have" 10 USB 3 ports in the back, but 8 of them isn't full bandwidth USB 3, but rather a hub of 4 ports that share the bandwidth of one USB 3 port.
in my asrock mobo, its installed via adapter card into slot 5 with PCI-E x8. It shows up as "Ultra m.2" as if its installed in the mobo slot, but its not since doing it that way disables Slot 5 AND 1 sata slot, so doing it via adapter card saves the sata port. Either way takes up slot 5. Now, HOW does a second m.2 card shows up in UEFI? Ultra m.2 two? i have no idea how this works or whether m.2 will be recognized if you have more than 1.
oh i do have a use for 8 cores, Sony Vegas Pro 13, enough said. But if all you do is game, 4790k or maybe 5820k is enough.
so, TJ max went up to 105c from 84c since i updated the Asrock UEFI from 1.2 to 1.6... so im not sure if 80c is ok or not, i've not seen TJ max actually be changed before.
i did have a 3770k once, @ 4.5 ghz, but nowhere near that vcore, more like 1.34v.I think over 1.2v is a bit too high for 24/7 OC for 5960x, its not exactly Sandy/Ivy Bridge, these Haswells are lot more sensitive to voltage.
wat? 4.1 ghz for me is 1.85v on adaptive, usually around 1.89v load. That is a dud chip if anything. Batch number?
ok i have the Samsung xp941 m.2 SSD in Slot 5 of my Asrock mobo, running in Gen 3 speed, data is on it (thankfully nothing important) So, the SSD itself for some reason stalls halfway through a filecopy, so i think its my crappy USB 3 hub, but that's not it, wait. So the ASROCK UEFI allows you to switch the PCI-E slot between GEN2 and GEN3 speed. So, i switched the slot 5 with the SSD in it to Gen 2. back to windows, nooooo its gone! But wait its in Disk management...
LOL, that's my batch too! Although, i'm never planning to push mine that hard though, so i can't tell you how this particular batch would do at higher clocks (4.3 ghz and higher)If anything, Core 2 is always 2-5c hotter than the other cores, so there's that.
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