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Ignore the programmer's art graphics, this is the first real good VRFPS multiplayer, and fun to boot!Just wear sweat bands, that's all.
Ok, i'm confused. I have Asus USB 3.1 card installed in PCI-E Gen2 x4 lane, but it's really a x2 card internally. all my SATA ports are filled up except for the Asmedia SATA ports on the Sata Express on top. Can you still use those sata ports, the Asmedia-controlled ones, with the USB 3.1 Asus card too?
Yay for pro consumer moves by Oculus! Sort of. They just got rid of the stupid drm check, now they need to officially support other HMDs and be like EA origin, basically.
This thread and the vr gaming thread? Yup.
Hey, i know you're trying, but it's a lost cause to them, they're not gonna see it for what it is, software being exclusive to peripherals.I was suddenly reminded of this when I was playing Pool Nation, all of a sudden the image froze, then went black. it went off.My PC somehow turned itself off, I blame Windows Update. Point is, now the Vive (and the Rift) is now useless, their tether to power from the PC platform now cutoff, and in turn, any software you were using at...
Sometimes i'm just wondering whether Oculus genuinely thinks all the bad PR will simply blow over.Isn't it just adding fuel to the PR fire anyway by being swarmy about it?I'm just wondering whether they think FB money can simply force their way into the VR market, no?
Ditto here. Better to have positive talk on VR, ignore the trolls/arguments, carry on.Also, try BattleDome, it looks like crap but its the "quake" of VR right now. Meaning, its really good competitive VR team FPS with Splatoon thrown in.
Just curious, where is the analyst's article about its lifespan and all that? Just wondering.Anyway, comparing Oculus to Sony is stupid. At least Sony controls their entire platform and ecosystem, Oculus doesn't, they sell hardware and a digital storefront. they're missing everything else, like a "console", custom OS, everything if they really wanted to go that exclusive.
Ya, good point. Lets just post cool VR stuff here.Someone made a Lighthouse mod of that Razer OSVR. be great to see cheaper Vive-like headsets here.Or really, anything goes as long as the tech can track well by Lighthouse or Constellation or that Razer Hydra, or PlayStation Move, or yet undiscovered ways of tracking!
Yea. You smelled the bait better than I did. I just gave up really, I already argued my points. But I was so welcoming initially.....This is a war that didn't need to be fought, we just want VR everywhere bro!.
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