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do you mean force Xfire or does the Catalyst 15.4 driver has a profile already?
If you're a TMO post-paid customer, you can get a lease on a TMO version of the RT AC-68U for $25 down, or $99 to outright buy it. I think you can just buy it for $99..... get a cheap prepaid plan or something, not sure. Considering that router usually costs $150 and up, it's a no brainer.
oooooo that's a douche move there. And removing options like MicroSD slot and removable batteries. Although I admit my HTC One M9 doesn't have removable battery, a small battery pack makes up for it. But the Micro SD is needed for me. Back on topic, Samsung is making so many S6s that apparently they cannot source enough camera sensors from one source, so they had to do this. Sure, even though I don't use Apple devices at all, Apple probably doesn't do this, but I'm not...
1440p is a huge resolution for a phone 5 inch or under, at that point diminishing returns kicks in hard and I have to agree it's very hard to even tell which is sharper from a normal distance, unless you literally put your eyeball right on the screen. I still can read the tiniest of fonts on my 1080p HTC One M9, and I recall that the PPI jump was more dramatic going from 720p to 1080p, than it is from 1080p to 1440p.Yes, you can tell 1440p from 1080p on a 27 inch monitor, ...
Yea sure, and pay the $100 premium for every step in the internal storage, and have to deal with the hassle of transferring stuff off old phone into new phone if you only did internal memory. With SD, at least you just pop out of the old one into the new one.You pay once for a 128gb SD card and can keep reusing it, i've used my microSD 128GB Sandisk across 3 phones in two years and I don't have to pay more for the same space.Leaving the internal storage only for apps, and...
No Micro SD slot steered me away from the S6/Edge, and considering what phone i should get when I switched to T-Mobile, I went with the HTC One M9. It's not a bad phone so far I would have got the S6 if they included Micro SD in the first place, what's so hard about including it? HTC had to put one in their recent One phones since they realized they lose a bit of sales when you drop SD slot.
which 4K monitor, I'm curious?
Whaaattt, no really?Might well have to wait til its like the 3rd or 4th gen of Freesync for Xfire support.
$650 for a 48-75hz 2560x1080 monitor? I understand it has Freesync, but I just got my Dell P2415Q for $450, so.... there's still a premium for variable refresh rate, and that 48 FPS cap worries me, for even some games are coded badly enough that even SLI Titan Xs can't entirely brute force through, or games without multigpu support (Wolfenstein the Old Blood is coming soon, on IDTech5.... great engine, NOT)
In my experience, the first few times I booted mine, it was like 25-30 seconds to post or longer, but now, it can boot stupid fast to log-on screen in like 12-15 seconds after i press the power button. This is probably due to being on Samsung XP941 and Windows 8.1.
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