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Can confirm with my backup rig's MSI 1070, it's impressive for a $389 card. I always think that in the Nvidia cards, the *70s and the *80Tis were the better FPS/$ compared to their more expensive/more cores enabled version.
So I was at best buy and noticed that they have the Oculus Rift with Touch, under glass box. The problem is, it's just there, yea it's Oculus but there was no demo station or using the Touch or anything, it's literally in the back of Best buy in the aisles, not even front-store advertising, you have to look for it. And i'm like "how are they supposed to show how VR is like if the population can't try it? At least with Touch?" in contrast to Microsoft and Gamestop...
actually, the 32K does have HDMI 2.0 ports, but basically, yes hdmi 1.4 is no go for 60 hz, its limited to 30 hz at 4k.As for OCed 1440p on a 32k, no go on this specific 32k model:
Thing is, I know my cpu's vcore is 1.150v if i do offset 0.006v, but here's the problem:CPU-Z shows the actual vcore on a Gigabyte Designare, but for some reason after a mobo swap, to the Phoenix SLI, the vCore doesn't look like it changed at all in CPU-Z on Phoenix mobo.So what exactly reads the CPU vCore on certain Gigabyte mobos to begin with?(reason for mobo swap was that two straight Designares were faulty out of box at Microcenter, had to switch to cheaper...
quick question, on Haswell-e, does 0.007 offset results in a maximum vcore of 1.160v?
Did they at least optimize the UE4 engine and tuned it for better anti aliasing? Been a while since i played it.
Player base is pretty good for VR, and i mean like 5-6 servers with 1-3 people most of the time, and sometimes 5-8 people. There's bot support too, although the ai is dumb as a rock lol.
Early access now with one map, but basically, Counterstrike in VR yo. get it.
Its on 40% off sale now for $18, usually its $25.
as for movement in Art of Fight, locomotion wise, the dev added Easy and Pro mode to be toggled by right quadrant of touchpad. Pro mode is arm swinging locomotion, easy mode is point your controller and you move. Pro mode, however, lets you climb over windows and stuff, so i mix up the two locomotion options on the fly.
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