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is $60 a month for 50/50 download/upload from FIOs ok? The speeds often go up to 60 Mbps, so i get more than i pay for. it;s part of their Double play bundle with local TV channel + Internet. Seeing the posts here, i say its average pricing for that speed.
It's good for $400 i agree, but the expectations of "next-gen" was too much for these consoles to begin with, and all i see in the debate is "What resolution/FPS is it?" For anyone even asking this, if you wanted both, a PC will do both better, it's entirely stupid to expect these consoles to be PC-beaters, and thus i have different expectations for a console.To be honest, the Wii U is more of a traditional console to me than the PS4/Xbone, and actually comes with fun...
It is underpowered, when compared to last-gen's X360 compared to top-of-the-line PCs back in 2006. The X360, when it first came out, had unique GPU and CPU features (tri-core, unified shaders) that most GPUs back then didn't have. Somewhat the same story for PS3, and it took the Nvidia 8800 GTX to eclipse the console's performance in 2007.Now? the PS4 has what's between a 7850 and 7870, a Radeon core of 1152 cores, while the top-end Radeon chip, the 290x, has 2816 of them,...
this generation of consoles should've had 7950-class GPUs at the minimum.... yea, this console generation is not going to last 8 years like the last one did, or they're switching to an Apple/Android-style upgrade plan.
yea, me too. Nintendo is doing it right with their games, no stupid bugs or game-breaking of any sorts. Yes, i have my PC for other games, but Nintendo is doing good when it comes to their consoles' games' first day release state of the games.
Ohhhh damn. Wait, there is no fatality version of my Extreme 4 full ATX, so I will not see the black sticker? Pics please? This is interesting.
I wouldn't think so, there is Killer NIC soldered onto the fatalities that's not on the extremes, which are Intel X99 chipset only, aside from the Extreme11.The UEFIs are specific to their motherboards, I don't think you can just flash a fatality onto an extreme, unless they're carefully modded.
Using the Dolphin benchmark, it was 9 minutes 10 seconds, roughly on an 4.3 Ghz 3930k. On an 4.1 Ghz 5960x, its down to 7 minutes 20 seconds. It would be 7 minutes or lower at 4.3 Ghz, and into the 6 minute realm into 4.4 Ghz and above. Wish Haswell's 30% faster improvements in emulation carried over to other programs.
Get the HyperX Cloud, they're rebranded Takstar Pro 80s with a mic port added.QAlso, they are pretty much a Beyerdynamic in the way its built, and it should cost $180-250 for its sound, but its only $80 on Amazon.
Is it? Well hey, it will be a bit revived come 16nm Big Maxwell, and whoever gets my Titans for cheap can join here, lol.
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