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more like throttling to 1550-1750 mhz due to 50% fan cap if no MSI afterburner is ever used.If OCed and kept cool by more aggressive fan profile, easy 1950 mhz boost consistent.
1531 is the MINIMUM it will ever boost.OCed though, it can boost to 1900-2000 mhz consistently as long as you keep a fan profile that goes to 100% fan speed at 60C temp,and OC of 180 on core and 200 on memory in MSI Afterburner, AND have power limit of 120% and temp limit of 90C.Here's my Time Spy and Fire Strike:
Well balls, this OCed Titan XP can do 65-70 fps constant on Ultra settings at 4K on Gears of War 4, no AA or motion blur as I always turn those off no matter what Finally first 4K60 card ever. Now the thing is, i heard its like 45 FPS in Crysis 3, but at that point, don't we have BF1 that looks pretty good like Crysis but with better performance? I'm just saying, is Crysis 3 still a valid game to use anymore?
you can buy my G1 980 Ti for $300 if you want, beats a 1070 at its stable 1450 mhs boost clock. If you want.
Had it since July 2015, still trooping on. Known to be 1450 mhz stable and 350GB/S bandwidth stable, with +84 on core and +140 on memory in MSI Afterburner. Will do $300 plus shipping or give me your best offer.
So my TXP arrived, finally. I may be part of this club now.
From what I recall, it's an extra 20-30 FPS in general over a 1080 depending on OC and games.Yes, it's Nvidia exclusive, no partners at all on this Titan X release.That being said, they ship fast, i ordered last week and I will get it this Tuesday.
why is it that i don't believe such insane memory OCs? Is it something to do with GDDR5X? Intentional huge headroom in memory OC? Is this done with volt changes or stock volt?
BS.... no way that memory OC is actually stable? you sure you stress tested that with 3dmark stress test or something?I just have a hard time believing you literally maxed out the memory slider and it's you take a look at that link, +250 memory was slightly unstable, and they only got +200 memory to be stable.there is no way that +1000 memory is stable, you will crash any game you play on it or get massive graphic...
I remembered when i got my first 1440p panel, i was like "holy crap it looks so 3D!" Then I got my first 4K panel, it was the same feeling too! only well.... less so in a way. Something tells me the more you increase the resolution, the apparent difference isn't as dramatic as it used to be. going from 1080p to 1440p was like but from 1440p to 4k was like I think the only way i'm going to tell is staring at the horizons in the background to tell that, yes, I can...
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