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Just get this one. No issues at all.
Dunno why i can't get DX12... oh wait nevermind, i forgot that's Window 10 only. Anyway, Mantle results on a 5960x @ 4ghz: Almost 20 million draw calls.... insane.
May I ask why not GPU-Z? this never occurred in any other game anyway.
Why am i getting random millisecond-long spikes of like, 135c in what is otherwise normal load temps of 75-80c? This is from Battlefield Hardline in Mantle, Crossfire enabled.
doesn't BIOS flashback on Asus and similar implementation render this whole thing moot?
where do you buy the extra HDD brackets?
pretty much these: been using them with no issues.
not sure, but, the included cables that comes with those Dells are crap. For best experience, it's recommended you use a full Displayport cable, no mini anything. Cable Matter's default Displayport cable Full is what i use and you can get it off Amazon.
Making a smart GPU purchase that lasts a long time is all about reading the tech trends and where the market will be.So, of course now that we know that 16nm and HBM will be the major disruptive force, and assuming 16nm will last for a long while like 28nm did, and considering that going any lower is harder (its hard enough to get to 16nm, really) the smart GPU purchase here will be what you said, a 16nm flagship big die GPU with HBM2 from either AMD or Nvidia.To be...
Yea, i had my SLI Titans since launch, then they're sold off in Feb 2015.... 2 years. It's been a decent run, took advantage of their higher resale value and took a slight upgrade to 8GB 290Xs with $350 in profits. Can't blame me for doing so.
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