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actually, screw thumbscrews, i just got a 2 inch long 6-32, which is long enough for me to hand screw it a bit down, then i just screwed it all the way down with a screwdriver. So much easier this way.
Yea, no need to fiddle through the BIOS menu, the Flashback method is so much more idiot proof just stick it in, hold down ROG connect button, let it flash away, and done!
6-32 machine screws? you sure thats the same screw thread to use in the Corsair 760t for pci-e? just need to make sure.
actually i like it over the regular BIOS update method, it's foolproof really.
ah awesome, short thumbscrews are the bane of my existence, i will do this!
ohhhh ok... lolActually this picture will explain everything. First you download a BIOS, but it has to be renamed to R5E.cap, and the drive have to be empty with nothing else on it and has to be FAT32 formatted.just unplug everything except the power cord itself to be safe.
yea you see, i'm stupid with home improvement stuff.What screw thread size measurements are they? what exactly is it so it will fit into the Corsair 760t screws for PCI-E?
yea... which clock are we talking about?
who's to ask?my OS is fine, its only a month old honestly, its just that I never seen this kind of weird "bios corrupted by force restart in middle of game" thing.And uh, the other corrupted bios incident was because of the broken adaptive Vcache.
it's fixed with the latest Omega drivers, and also, why does it combine the VRAM of both cards? it shows up as 16000MB in the video options for me, and running at 4K with Ultra, with no motion blur/AA (hated motion blur), the Vram usages is like 12500MB, so, divide that by 2 and total VRAM usage is now 6250MB.Folks, this is a sign of things to come, Finally, a game that not even 6GB VRAM is enough, lol. to be fair, this applies only to 4K resolution, for anything lower...
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