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no, not at all, you have the same GPU as I do, so it's easier for me to explain the part after you set up the Lighthouses:plug in the HDMI cable from the GPU to the linkbox, the side that's colored grey, NOT ORANGE. the HMD's HDMI/USB/POWER cables goes on the ORANGE side of thelinkbox.Plug in the power cable into the grey side's link box. Then the grey side's USB port, herein lies where your PC may get fussy.The USB connection on the grey side prefers USB 2 or USB 3 from a...
No idea.... right now the HTC Vive is easier to get pre-order wise than the Oculus Rift or PSVR.... go figure. IF you're in USA or Europe.No idea if you can pre-order from Europe then have it shipped to Turkey, so, again, I have no idea on this.
No, just set it up the usual two corners setup, and sitting, standing, and roomscale is all possible.
Yes, in two opposing corners of your planned out playspace, mount to be at least 6 feet from the floor, and tilt them 45 degrees down.
What's going on??? It was one order for me, nothing like what you did.
It's Facebook going "Lets go APPLE on VR" and lots of the decisions are made through committee, influenced by investors/shareholders and all that. Did any of them did research on their market audience? I don't think they did, we're not the casual audience, we're the early adopter/PC gamers audience. And these decisions will piss us off, then we reverberate onwards to our families/friends, the very "casual audience" that FB wants. Someone has to be the early adopters to...
there is. Some Rift games are only on Steam and not Oculus Home, as odd as that is.
I wouldn't mind if this basically is a Ivy-Bridge IPC 5960x honestly, if they can sell it for $400-500, they would sell like hotcakes, relatively speaking.
oops double post
FB/Oculus trying to do Apple on VR, but with none of the 20+ years of experiences in supply chains or shipping, and even though they may be more well known than the Vive to the general public, that's only because Oculus was known since 2012 from its initial kickstarter, while the Vive was only known last year and partly in the last months of 2014. You can't do the Apple business model on what's essentially a peripheral that needs a Windows 10 PC with a powerful CPU/GPU to...
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