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ah ok, i pretty much did a 16% overprovision so its 400 GB usable space and the rest of it, 76GB is there for reserve.
im trying to figure out how its done, is it Windows Disk Management or something else? How did Anandtech overprovision their XP941 SSD from 478 GB to 384 GB?
Yes, it is expected. 240mm CLCs just do not cut it for 1.3v and higher. The limit for those CLCs is really 1.25v at Max, no more.
well damn, Titans were expensive... yea, but they still hold up pretty well. Who knew the 6GB of VRAM could be useful after all.
The question is what exactly big maxwell will be, 30 clusters of 128 Maxwell cores each for a total of 3840 cores? That would be a decent upgrade to GK110 considering the 30% faster IPC from Kepler to Maxwell along with the higher clock rates. But, yea, 40% faster... i wish it was 2x faster.
i want to free one pci-e slot of my Asrock mobo, since it's like this now: slot 1 = GTX titan slot 2 = asus pci-e x1 wifi in pci-e x4 slot slot 3 = GTX Titan slot 4 = covered by Titan slot 5 = Samsung XP941 SSD i want to free slot 2, and somehow use the slot 4 that's covered by a Titan. What cable is high quality and can be flexible enough to bend under the Titan?
speaking of that, how do you apply the fix to RAID 0 of EVO 840s?
there is a point for a ps3 emulator... a lot more nice exclusives that Sony bothered to create, whereas Microsoft would rather buy off games/studios than make their own, for the most part. However, for x360 emulation, there isn't as much exclusives, i mean, there's Halo.... Forza..... the Rare games.... um..... Kinect..... Yea, not exactly a great reason to go through development hell for this specific console.
on a side note, what's really going to pull my temps down 10c from my current CM Seidon 240m in push/pull at full speed? It's like 20-25c idle and 50-65c load, and i'm not sure if even a 360mm AIO will improves temps all that much. Yes i know, go custom loop, but i don't have time for maintenance and i do move my full tower around quite a bit, which kills custom loop there on the spot.
Why is this firmware still beta if it fixes the dpi issue? Its pretty much required for Avior 7000/SK, might as well make it official.
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