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Hmm..... asrock taichi or gigabyte gaming k5... decisions decisions..... Is 2 m.2 slots possible, but likely 2x pci-e gen 3 lanes each? Need to know how lanes is allocated or shared, or what SATA ports get disabled if you pick m.2 or have 2 m.2s at the same time.
honestly, I buy my stuff by "it just works", don't care if it's blinding RGB everywhere or utilitarian grey beige. The fact that my Gigabyte x99 motherboard has proven much more stable than my previous x99 mobo Asus RVE. Long story short, It will be on features and how well they manage the limited resources of the x370 chipset, whoever makes a mobo that can do at least six Sata ports with options for maybe both m.2 and u.2 at the same time, although... more likely it...
I mean, right now I have access to Asrock z170 bios and Gigabyte x99 bios.... interface wise, Asrock wins. I had to look up on here to figure out how to do offset voltage on Gigabyte BIOS, apparently you have to type in "normal" in the vcore section, then the "offset" option shows up. it's more obtuse than it has to be. Asrock though, gets it right mostly, although both BIOS doesn't really annoy me. It's either Asrock or Gigabyte for me on Ryzen, depending on which...
True. I never folded before like February 4 when i got pmed by lanofsong, and i figured, our powerful gpus are great for gaming.... but, they can serve a higher purpose. To help cure humanity's illnesses by harnessing our compute power for the greater good. My txp and 1080 would be idle doing nothing when im not using it, but f@h gives idle compute time a higher purpose.
Pretty much my backup rig, but replace cpu and mobo with Ryzen r7 1700x Either Asrock or Gigabyte motherboard, dunno. Carry over everything else.
Don't buy anything yet, WORST POSSIBLE TIME TO BUY A PC, anything. This is essentially the last month of the old Intel high prices, $300 for 4c/8t and $350 for older 6c/12t Haswell. and still $850 for intel 8c/16t and above. Beginning March, there will essentially be AMD's version of the 6900k for half the price. Everything intel charges, AMD you pay half. Just wait til Ryzen comes out and then see from there.
Something tells me the Intel i7s, at least the 4t/8t models, will drop prices like a brick when Ryzen lands. I mean, it's been a long time, and the 4t/8t cpus were always $300 or so. $170-180 should be pricing for those type of CPUs now.
Cpu puts out 1% of what a gpu can do.I can do 1.6-2.2 million ppd because of2 ghz titan xp, 1,500,000 ppd potential.2ghz 1080, 900,000 ppd potential.Now i say potential because its highly dependent on getting good WUs that stretches the power of these gpus, and some WUs actually bottlenecks the GPU.
Bbq closing up on boinc, just about 2 million behind them, need 10 moar recruits, im trying to pump 1.6 million ppd or 2 million if im lucky.
stupid question, how do you get the F@H stuff added to the profile like yours is? like, folding team rank, the icon, all that.
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