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yea, me too. Nintendo is doing it right with their games, no stupid bugs or game-breaking of any sorts. Yes, i have my PC for other games, but Nintendo is doing good when it comes to their consoles' games' first day release state of the games.
Ohhhh damn. Wait, there is no fatality version of my Extreme 4 full ATX, so I will not see the black sticker? Pics please? This is interesting.
I wouldn't think so, there is Killer NIC soldered onto the fatalities that's not on the extremes, which are Intel X99 chipset only, aside from the Extreme11.The UEFIs are specific to their motherboards, I don't think you can just flash a fatality onto an extreme, unless they're carefully modded.
Using the Dolphin benchmark, it was 9 minutes 10 seconds, roughly on an 4.3 Ghz 3930k. On an 4.1 Ghz 5960x, its down to 7 minutes 20 seconds. It would be 7 minutes or lower at 4.3 Ghz, and into the 6 minute realm into 4.4 Ghz and above. Wish Haswell's 30% faster improvements in emulation carried over to other programs.
Get the HyperX Cloud, they're rebranded Takstar Pro 80s with a mic port added.QAlso, they are pretty much a Beyerdynamic in the way its built, and it should cost $180-250 for its sound, but its only $80 on Amazon.
Is it? Well hey, it will be a bit revived come 16nm Big Maxwell, and whoever gets my Titans for cheap can join here, lol.
Sup, I have the HyperX Cloud (Takstar Pro 80 rebrand) and the sennheiser HD 280 Pro. Both sounds great and somehow the Takstar Pro 80 has better build quality for $20 cheaper than the Sennys. Go figure. That said, I'm a noob when it comes to audiophile headphone tech. I know that Beats suck, obviously but, what makes a Grado or Beyerdynamic cost $300 and above and what I get with the Takstars? Do I tell a difference or what?
seems about right. it's 35-40 FPS on 4K resolution, if i extrapolate your FPS on 1080p and deducting it by half to account for 4K resolution. Which is my experience with this game is right now.
I shouldn't even be adding to yet another WCCF thread, but come on, WCCF has always been clickbait and has never definitely for sure tells me that there's an actual R9 390X or whatever, I want to see official validation from AMD or Nvidia, not this tripe. And these threads always go on for like 1000 posts and counting, a lot of ado about nothing, because it's WCCF. Honestly, ban WCCF from OCN, I'm sick of getting a bit excited when my eyeballs see GM200 or r9 390x...
is there a source for this .exe being an dev version? I believe it, but i want to see the source for this.
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