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so what's the issue? need the same thing done on Nvidia just to make sure?
Then someone has to verify the CPU benchmark, since as it stands now it's 10 FPS ahead of other CPUS on the same GPU:all we need is multiple sources confirming this if this is really true, normally an regular OCed i5 should suffice... is that still the case?
Wow.... usually you don't recommend a CPU higher then an i5 for gamer PCs, and that 5960x is meant for video editing or compiling....But holy crap, if there's a first-time justification for a $1000 CPU in increased performance for a game, this is it.And well, it will be so because the consoles being weak 8 Jaguar cores will require multithreading of the utmost degree to effectively use them anyway.
eh, i prefer tocks over ticks, first dibs on new arch for me, cause i know ticks aren't always all that worth it sometimes.
I mean, that's not hard to believe, controllers are always at an inherent disadvantage in precision aiming compared to KB/M, at the surprise of absolutely no one knowledgeable about this.And, well, BF4 PC, obviously will have KB/M players all over the place, of course they will kick your butt. I believe anyone can get higher K/D in controller-only land than KB/M land.That being said.... i played Borderlands the pre-sequel with a controller, because it's not a competitive...
And actual native USB 3, of which there's 6, and 10 sata 6 gbs ports. CPU wise, 33% faster, but IO wise, 200% moar ports.
ah ok i dunno, you said you were using Prime before, but anyway....What vcore are you running yours at? I know there's a difference between hexas and octos for Vcores, but what's your BIOS settings for your OC?
don't use Prime95 ever for Haswell, it intentionally boosts the Vcore over what you set it to, use Aida64 instead for benching, it IS NOT YOUR TIM AT ALL.please, on Haswells, this is a known issue, refer to the Haswell-E Owner's Club for info on this.
Asrock x99 has 12 phases, while Gigabytes use 6 phases and Asus use 8 phases... I assume they all deliver the current to the CPU fine, but what im wondering is, What exactly are the phases themselves and why Asrock went with 12 while others go with 6 or 8? As in, what exactly is the phases' capability themselves solely?
my Asrock x99 Extreme 4. Need to take better pics with a real camera (Sony A7) instead of my smartphone, but here ya go.
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