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So apparently, all the PCI-E SSDs works at full speed on my TR rig, just don't use ATTO DISK, not the most accurate SSD benching program. Also installed a 1TB SM961, works at full speed too.
so 28GB/s reads is a thing with Raid 0 960 NVMEs.... a lot of them on TR.
what is MSI using for memory VRM?
My 950 pro can write to 1500 mb/s, but the reads are capped at 1300mb/s, well short of the 2500 mb/s reads.Urs just works fine on the same mobo.I am super confused.For the record, the same exact 950 Pro did 2500 MB/s reads on Gigabyte Phoenix SLI X99.So whatever is going on, the SSD probably hates this board or whatever.
950 pro is 2500 mb/s reads.And 1500 mb/s writes.It can do the writes, but does less than half the reads.Its in the m.2 slot.This is purely a BI0s issue with the m.2 slots.
Well, what a load of crap. the m.2 is bottlenecked for no reason on the MSI X399 mobo. Baaaahhhhh. I had to go make an official post on MSI forums to get their attention. How the heck is my 950 pro running at half speed? Oh also, it confuses the Sata SSD crucial m500 to be in the m.2 slot 1, when its really a XP941 there.
So, this may be a thing. 2304 cuda cores, unknown if its gddr5 or gddr5x.
Um, what's the Core Performance Boost? Is that disabling XFR on a stock 1950x?
that MIJ is ridculous. Like, they literally had 40 engineers and 2 years to make that PSU, custom parts and all. Still, everyone else is better off with Superflower OEM PSUs for the price/performance.
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