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I tried Asrock's driver on the Asus USB 3.1 card i have now, it works with it, and they both have the same controller chip. I wanted the Asrock card for the option to both have Type C and A, and i see new USB hubs that runs off Type C, so there's that.
I'm curious if the asrock USB 3.1 type A/C pci-e card works on non-asrock mobos?
Ahhh its like a Avior 7000 but with bigger side buttons or something... does the software allow you to put whatever function you want on any of its buttons? Can't find this mouse on sale anywhere.
2500 mb/s reads, 1500 mb/s writes.Yes, lots faster than 550 mb/s read/write of SATA 850 Pro.
Does this have to do with the fact that Win10 lets you use parts of the system RAM as virtual VRAM for least-used memory? Win 10 only allows half of your total system ram to be virtual extra Vram, so, if you have 8GB ram, it's 4GB Virtual VRAM and so on. Black Ops 3's bad coding makes it so that 6GB and 4GB virtual VRAM isn't enough apparently, so this seems to be the case that when they added more system ram, the game ran better.
Here's mine: Just giving out ideas, make what you will of the parts i picked.
hardware RAID doesn't work with PCI-E SSDs on most chipsets, only option is software RAID, and even then.... you know, having one samsung 950 is like RAID 0 of 3 or 4 SATA III SSDs, i mean, thats A LOT of speed already without risking data integrity.
I'm honestly surprised by the pricing. $350 for 512gb blazing fast m.2 2500mb/s SSD is actually a steal, considering the performance for this. I'm still stuck on old-timey XP941 as boot drive, this new SSD is 2.5x faster, but..... then again, 1000 MB/s is still not bad for xp941 for me. Granted i do have the Intel 750 1TB for my ultra-fast SSD, but the samsung 950 is the first "cost-effective" option into ultra speed SSDs. (cost-effective meaning that it used to cost...
Hmm..... Is there a different way your program can export the pictures? Depends a lot on the export settings, whether its JPEG 80% or even 50%, TIFF, etc. ???
I'm curious if you can over-expose/recover the dark parts of your blood eclipse shot. Anything show up?
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