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Yup, that is true.Initial loading of Battlefield Hardline always spikes my 5960x up to 45% of usage with it being hyperthreaded.No hyperthreading, an hypothetical i5 version of an 5960x WILL spike up to 75% in the same load.Hyperthreading makes a real difference now.
Only way to save your settings from BIOS to BIOS is old-school: write them down into Notepad or on pen and paper while reading the BIOS screen in front of you.Or, what I do is take a pic of my monitor with my HTC One m9 or Sony A7ii of each screen that I need, and refer to those when setting up the new BIOS.
Ok, so I pre-loaded the Star Wars alpha, then I go back to BFH... NOW WHY is BFH in the single digits FPS when it was flawless 60 FPS at 4K? This problem has happened before, when I had BFH installed, then i went and downloaded BF4, then BFH goes down the toilet FPS wise. I forgot what i did to fix BFH, oh, REDOWNLOAD the whole game again!!!??!? Why in the mother of GOD does something so stupid like this happens? The mere downloading of one game turns the other game...
Get a low profile USB 3 header cable and put it in before the intel ssd, problem solved.
Mobos either do M.2 in several implementations: 1. takes 2 lanes from the PCH and they are only PCI-E Gen 2, so that's 1000 MB/s maximum in bandwidth roughly. 2. same as above, but with 4 lanes, 2000 MB bandwidth or limited by bandwidth of DMI itself (1800 MB/S) (for z97/x99 chipset) 3. take 4 lanes directly from CPU, for PCI-E Gen 3, for about 3600/3800 MB/s bandwidth. But this takes lanes away that could be used for GPU and is especially scarce on z97 chipset with...
It works, naked 3.5 internal HDD attached to my PC via some sore of Sata to USB converter, but its slow USB 2, bottlenecking it bad. Is there a USB 3 version of some sort of SATA to USB connector?
I have my CPU on 4 Ghz with adaptive vcore of 0.075v + turbo boost of 0.001v = 1.175V for 4 ghz, roughly. Speaking of LLC, it's on auto now, is there a good LLC number for this? 7 or 8?
no, not really. I have GTA V on a Intel 750, load time into game is still roughly 10-15 seconds.
And I was just fine with my 16gb 4x4 Crucial 2133 kit. Yea the bare greensticks. Pray tell, what do you do with 64gb of ram?
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