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one minor pro to add to CLCs is that when its installed, there's more room to work around in the case and have the option to remove ram at will, which most air coolers will block access to RAM.
Btw what was that program you used to test pixel skipping? Can I have a link to it?
I had brightness set to maximum but set blinking to 0, no malfunction or any issues here.
What is going on here, 1-2 seconds disconnect? Never happened to my mouse, but,,,, that's me though.
This is a dick move, I am not paying $300 for a console + another $20-30 for console version of game, when I already bought this on PC. It is simply not fair to that part of the customer base that just happened to buy the same game as others except on PC.
Yea I don't have issue with USA firmware in my experience, should work for you.
get this driver, its official Samsung source NVMe.
new tutorial video on changing medals and announcer voice, which btw, one of them is my voice
I have flatgrass 07 and Hang Em High, i have to install them first and see if they work then i make a video.
Thank you, it was enough to get new players into it, that's all we needed.
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