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no issue with GA-x79-UP4 here, but yes, there were issues with their UD versions.
Can't they use the 2560x1440 screens from the LG G3 into the DK3? I'm used to 4K monitor by now, this DK2 would be pretty blurry to me going by what you guys have said so far. Or, is it possible to do a sharp resolution in the center and slightly lower resolution for peripheral vision?
Eh, why is a 32nm Sandy Bridge-E ok on CLC 240mm but 22nm Haswell-e is not?It only gets 75C at most on my Seidon 240m cooler, i know it's two extra cores but i figured maybe 22nm would improve that? or maybe i'm mistaken if smaller process nodes imply a reduction in temperatures... please enlighten me.
I dunno, 150% scaling works fine here for me on both 3K and 4K (laptop and desktop)The retina sharpness is very nice over standard 1080p rendering of pretty much a lot of applications.... They just need to be updated for it, but surprisingly it's not all that bad, considering im using a 24 inch 4K monitor.There is not even any 3K 17inch laptop screens, they don't make it compared to 15 inch of which most laptops are sold in that size.
Well damn... need a 360mm rad now for this CPU.As far as i know, 3930k OCing was pretty easy, so..... how much more complicated is it now other than just Vcore/clock speed?And even then im not sure if its worth upgrading to this one from OCed 3930k.
Yea I would've went with Sager/Clevo... if they had higher-resolution panels than 1080p. MSI is the only one offering 3K screens on gaming laptops basically, and Lenovo too, they have 3K and now 4K screens. Good color and details for photo/video editing. But, if you want to game, you have to stick to 1080p unless you have SLI 880ms... MSI's RMA is decent on my end, i sent mine out on RMA for bad light bleeding and stuck pixels and they fixed it within 1 and a half week... think it's that, but i'm not too sure. They both sound similar
40%??? That's nothing to sneeze at even if its for specific workloads, Now, the question is whether this benefits video rendering and CAD as well. Again, i don't want to lose out on something like that, like, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.So, is Broadwell-E going to have the TSX fix or the second stepping of Haswell-e?
Well, TSX is disabled in Haswell-e, the thing is.... do i need this feature? Will it make multithreading faster, for video editing? Someone could elaborate more on what exactly TSX is meant for. I don't like missing features :/
Eh, true. Whatever works for you the best. I mean, why are we even arguing this at all, this thread was supposed to be about Tomb Raider exclusive on XBone.... oh wait.
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