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What's this Raymarch test you speak of? Why is it so hellish on the GPU/PSU?
Andthe EZflash doesn't need the BIOS to be renamed in my experience. However, it has to be renamed to R5E.CAP on a blank FAT32-formatted flash stick that has to be in the USB port that controls the ROG Connect function. the ROG connect button is the one with the chainlink symbol, not the circle arrow one.
Campaign is a step above the crappy BF singleplayers of past, try it. It's like a stupid version of the departed, kind of. Actually more like a cheesy Bad Boys.
A program called Bandicam. Should work as far as I know. Or if for sure, use AMD Raptr's screenshot function.
Then this is definitely not a silicon lottery winner at all. If they sold this as a 5930k, its fine, but there is an issue when this supposed "golden" 5960x has two cores so weak that it's better off being a 5930k in the first place.
Sounds like a 5930k that accidentally passed through as a 5960x. And you say this is from Silicon Lottery?
BIOS 1302 is fine for me, don't see a reason to update to 1401. As, what exactly is better in 1401?
as Praz said, the stick has to be FAT32 format, and only the R5E.cap file on it and absolutely nothing else.the bios you download from ASUS site has to be renamed to R5E.cap for Bios Flashback to work.
USB bios flashback, my friend. foolproof.only needs an empty FAT32-formatted USB drive with nothing on it.
would be great if i get a large chunk of my Steam games DRM-free. Yea Steam is convenient, but, it's still DRM.
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