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Where do i buy more 3.5mm caddies for 760t? I'm utterly filled up the 2 caddies it came with and i need moar, so where you get them? edit: is this it?
Well... remember when GF104 was meant to be mid-range, like GTX 560 Ti? I'm not on the G*104 bandwagon, yea they're going to be nice cards, but when's the real GM210 card coming out?
Considering past pricing of the GTX 680, THEN how we saw the GTX 780 drop from $650 to $500-550, i would wait for the Maxwell version of that card if I were you. Specifically, a Big Maxwell with a few disabled cores.
In my experiences with different routers, I recommend Buffalo and Asus only at this point, they're both rock solid to me and are easy to configure to my needs.Of course i had Netgear and linksys, there's always minor issues with those, but that's just me.Currently i own the Asus RT-AC87R which i bought from BB early (thanks BB, the only time that dang store is actually useful)and two Buffalo routers, the Airstation HighPower N300 and the Airstation AC1200 Dual Band.Whole...
Um, MU-MIMO? Well, for all i know i keep the 5ghz band to myself and let everyone else use the 2.4 Ghz band, so i guess that works. What exactly is the nature of MU-MIMO? I'm not too knowledgable about routers other than whether it's AC, 2.4 ghz or 5 Ghz, and setting it up in their config menus.
Yea, this is the truth here. They're still going to milk the mid-range SKU for all its worth, and it all started with Kepler GK104.I am not going to just change my SLI Titans to a next-gen mid-range GPU, the 35% is not worth it. I want the 80% or faster improvement, which hopefully an overclocked Big Maxwell GM210 will do.
Why do we even bother with WCCF? There should be a ban from OCN on this WCCF source, it's always rumors, nothing concrete comes from that site. Someone can prove me wrong otherwise though.
I got the ASUS RT-AC87, of which there's two versions, but both are exactly the same, the R version is sold retail and the U version is sold online. Interestingly enough, i got mine a day early before its July 20th release date, Best Buy sells them early. This router is the fastest one i've had and can penetrate through the whole house with ease on the 2.4 Ghz band, and i can use the separate 5 Ghz band for high speed when i'm close to it. Also, their web config address...
Hmmmmm..... are they OCable? especially maybe the 10-core variant, problem is, how much do they cost?
Bleh, hardware upgrade has gotten more bleh nowadays.... and the GPU cycle is taking longer.... i know its harder to shrink the node down and all that, but still... And on the CPU front, i'm not even sure if its worth it to go from a 4.3 Ghz 3930k to a 3ghz 5960k, i get the feeling its a sidegrade if you don't OC the 5960k, and even then, it's not the dramatic improvement i had going from a 1090t to a 3930k. it's gonna take forever to get a CPU thats 2x faster than...
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