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um, i do not know if Pewdiepie will be that well received outside of Youtube... just saying, imagine his screeching on TV.
Well actually, 150% DPI scaling works fine in Window 7, but the same cannot be said for Steam or other programs. I had to use a modded Pixelvision skin with largest fonts to make it even usable in 4K, Steam is not affected by the Windows DPI scaling at all. Sony Vegas... it does work with DPI scaling, half-assed a bit though. the top tool bar is bonked out, and the words are still tiny. Yea we're not there yet for resolutions beyond 1440p for most programs.
4K is easier to support for HUD and FOV scaling since its 16:9 like 1080p and all that instead of the 21:9 or wider ratio that surround usually entails. However, it's still early 4K adoption, so not all games support it out of the box, although surprisingly some games do see 3840x2160 as an option right away. Older games usually needs config file editing to support 4K, or in worst case scenario like CastleVania: Lords of Shadows 2 you need to run Widescreen Fixer program...
Is Logitech ever going to do an Ambi version of this sensor? Not everybody is right-handed....
Yea, but that 28 inch Dell only does 4K 30Hz at max. it probably still uses one of the old TCONs that you needed two of them for full 4K 60hz for early MST monitors.This Samsung UD590 finally has a beefed up TCON to do 4K 60hz properly and the first one i know to have the better TCON.Hopefully this means cheap nice Korean 4K monitors.... hopefully IPS, this UD590 is still TFT though.
wait, wasn't it only six cores for PS4 developers to use and the last two is reserved for OS operations?
Yea yea, no Ambi G502 makes me a sad panda...... Any other Ambi 3310s at the moment? Can't expect most companies to bother making a left handed version, only Razer did that with deathadder 3.5g.
What? It happens. Samsung or whoever makes the timing controllers finally figured out how to get 4k/60hz out of one TCON rather than needing two as it was with early 4k monitors. its progress. It's just that this is very recent development and the UD590 is the first monitor to do so, of course the drivers didn't recognize 4k 60hz out of a single TCON other than MST 4K. The recent developments comes, and Nvidia/AMD adapts to it accordingly.
What, Already? I thought 3310 was boss!wait, but 3310 is public to all companies while this Proteus sensor is exclusive to Logitech, right?Bummer that its right-handed.... this world hates left-handers. Is there gonna be an Ambi version of that mouse?
I knew it. This monitor being the first single tile 4K monitor, it's somewhat obvious the drivers don't see it as of now because single tile 4K wasn't available until very recently with the Samsung monitor. Just a matter of driver update, no biggie. (well, to us consumers, no biggie. I do not know how it's actually done to update a driver programming wise)
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