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Um, im curious if this is exclusive to z170 alone. How does x99 quad channel 2133 mhz fair against dual channel 4000 mhz? We need to see if quad vs dual channel does anything.
There's more to it, the 1060 3GB has less cores than the 1060 6GB, for some odd reason.probably done on purpose to confuse new people into thinking that oh, the 1060 6GB performs better because more VRAM!
Should've been its original price to begin with. It's a mid-range die, the GTX 980 was pretty much like $500-550,So why not its successor? $700 for FE edition or $600 is retarded, if im paying $650-700, i expect a larger die size more akin to those found in the 980 Ti or Fury X, around 550m2 or 600m2 in die size.
Found r9 280x on ebay several r9 290 listings for $110, maybe there's a $100 r9 290 somewhere.
Whats your budget? An rx 470 can do fine. Basically a GTX 970 in performance for $189 here
I have like a buttload of Crucial SSDs, all of them of the Crucial m500. two 960GBs in my main rig, and one 960GB in my backup rig. Also the MX300 2TB looks tempting, but I have too many SSDs at this point.
Yea, that mx300 750gb for $99 was a steal. Better deal than anything on eBay, cause i've paid like $179 for a Crucial m500 960gb. (yes crucial m500 is old, but its performance is still better than a lot of budget TLC drives and some MLC drives as well.)
As of now, a good used deal on a 980 ti or this 1070 will do.,rt:2&q=gtx+1070&oq=gtx+1070&gws_rd=ssl&prds=oid:6515937939733628819&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi1vpKcr8fQAhVIKyYKHUlEBcMQ8wIIXw Or ebay on 980...
Look, get an rx 470 and call it a day. An OCed one is right around gtx 970/780 ti performance and supports the latest technology now. I would not get any kepler cards, they aged poorly and are not suited for dx12 at...
So, if looking at my x99 rig, taking out the hdds would reduce POST times?Some says the Intel 750 ssd is also notorious to slow POST down as well.That being said, its pretty much 45-55 seconds for mine from power button to Windows login.
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