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Broadwell in general, they just seems to stop at 4.1-4.3 ghz, while Skylake goes up to 4.7-4.8 ghz.
Wouldn't Skylake at least OC better than this? I rather wait on Skylake-E, but that's me. Especially with potential AMD Zen competition, more cores for less wouldn't be bad. Yes, I wish they replaced the 8 core with 10 core at the $999 price point like they did with Haswell-e, thats how 5960x became my first Extreme cpu.
Adding to those 252 experiences, there's non-Steam protos, demos, and weird crap.I made a Reddit post and package, here:
Its another 3 years if you want 4k hmds, I'm not waiting that long.They already render the current resolution of 2160x1200 by 1.4x supersampling to account for distortion caused by the stretching of the screen to account for your eyes. And do it at 90 Hz refresh rate.There is no 4K HMD to be feasible considering this, not until we have like gtx 1280 Ti.
There won't be a "GP101" (yes I made that up) because while there is a GP100, a chunk of it is dedicated to FP64 that does nothing for game rendering. Basically, like the GM200 was a whole 600mm of pure FP32, but this time around they're not going to, wouldn't make sense as 16nm yields are still expensive and probably crap per yield. It's Fermi era all over again in a way, and it'll be a while before they will tap out the node to the point that they have to make a 600mm...
Makes you wonder what Facebook had in mind when they bought Oculus for 2 billion dollars, honestly.In hindsight, the HTC Vive in 2015 is still relatively recent, and even a year probably wasn't enough for them to make enough Rifts or whatever?
From what I've heard in the subreddits and glancing at Steam stats, they say there's 3 Vives for every 1 Rift.
I have to say this about how shipping is going from Vive and Rift. Yea. March 18th preorder, received may 1st. Now it's within a week from order to delivery now, and the retail stores are stocked with Vivers. Couldn't be more polarizing compared to Oculus, where the first day of preorders's first 4 hours are just now being delivered. That's January to June, 6 months
Something tells me the 1080 is the new 680: it looks so fast being the first mid-size die on a new process node,but eventually became boring/slow in a year.Just look at gtx 680 now, it's crap performance now, at least the 780 Ti is okish..... but now the announced RX 480 pretty much madeevery GPU below the perf level of the RX 480's value go kaput on used market. $150 or less on every GPU below GTX 970/r9 290 performance level, or "VR-Ready" level.AMD stating the RX 480 as...
Still....In the Westmere, SB, and IB era, the $999 parts were always overpriced six cores.Around Haswell-E, they finally put in the 8 core part for the same price as previous extreme hexacores, of course i bought into it, it helps that Microcenter took $100 off it too.But now, yes a 10 core, great. only problem, it's $1700.I'm just saying, that's a whole decent hexacore Haswell-e decent PC by there by itself. or that $700 could go to a nice motherboard or something, like I...
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