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I can wait this time for me to decide whether i want an 390X or a non-Titan GM200..... I ain't paying the Titan price again, they got me and a lot of people into it last time, but not this time. I am not so sure the sales of their new Titan X would be higher than it was with the original Titan release.
so stock volts wise, with power limit on +30, core 1100 and memory 1400 is fine. Now i try core 1150 and memory 1500 with power limit +50, and it's not stable. The option for adjusting core voltage is locked in Afterburner, but to be fair the top GPU already is always at 80c load with fan speed of 90% , however the bottom gpu is 10c cooler.... i guess you can't help it with having two open-air GPUs in a full-tower chassis, yes maybe blowers would be better but there...
Yes, 2400 MHz ddr4 is supported.
Never? Not to incite some stupid fanboy wars, but Nvidia SLI works with windowed mode....Not that it matters to me since I play fullscreen, but if AMD has it working in Mantle, then they will have it working in DX12 I guess.What's the full list of Mantle games?
Wait guys, does Crossfire work in windowed mode?
Yeeaaa i forgot about 780 Ti launch, but still, almost there.Still, more launches should be like R9 290Xs, $550 was ok for at least the top-end chip, its the $1000 i have an issue with for a single GPU.
Does it have anything to do with AMD optimizations inherent from the GCN architecture also in ps4 and Xbox one? How does a 2011-era AMD GPU (7970/280X) come so close to a Titan and even a GTX 970? Wow.... that has to be what you mean by Nvidia dropping the ball on driver optimization.
Ahhh... yes, confirmed by Anandtech.Still curious if it has the same performance under ACHI as opposed to the better NVMe standard.
I know this is kinda of a late response, but i am curious what happens exactly to Kepler cards when Maxwell came out, driver wise.What happens? Yes there is still new drivers to get for Kepler, but what do you mean?
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