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i dunno, i got the Samsung XP941 512GB for $530... if you know where to look on Ebay, it's OEM only so its not officially sold in retail.
First world problems... retested again, still performing like new. Dunno where the "bad" performance came from, but still.
Yea, no SLI support yet... or if at all. Nothing can run this game at 4K... not even 30 fps.Come on, Big Maxwell! It's actually amazing how long the original Titan has been around by now.
Ok i just got this yesterday, its the 512 gb one. I tested AS SSD, it is 1000 MB read and 960mb write, as it should be. Now, im happy as farts and started installing stuff to it, Steam games, Sony vegas, etc, like this for one day, roughly 55 GB of data on it. I tried AS SSD, and to my horror it's down to 850 MB read, 750 MB write, im like oh crap oh crap now what? i moved everything off of it and retested it, performance is good as new, THEN i moved everything back...
wait, is this game only 2 threaded? I thought they might have tried to use all cores on the Xbone considering how weak it is.
How is that even "next-gen", that's Xbox 360 standards, that is messed up, feel bad for anyone honestly expecting a leap like it was from ps2 to ps3.
it's still crap optimization. It ran on the weak Xbone, this port could run much better given the effort.
ok theres only 1 usb 3 header on this motherboard, so, ok i will try what you suggest. Anyone know about disabling Legacy USB 3 support? i mean, the native motherboard USB 3s work fine.
If anything is plugged into the front case USBs, windows loading get stuck. However they work fine if nothing is in them and windows load normally. Basically, they're fine once you're in Windows, but only if nothing is in the case front USB ports. Is there some UEFI settings i can turn off or on to fix this?
Yea, when you have SLI gpus, you really only have 2 slots left on most x99 motherboards, in my case. So, the option i can have is to have wireless AC module into one of the slots, and an PCI-E SSD into the other slot. Although i'm considering replacing the wireless AC module with one of those Intel NVMe SSDs..... when i get the money. Sigh.
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