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But wait! some mech keyboards DO NOT HAVE ps/2 support inherently, so even if you did get a proper adapter, it's still not going to work.
between 8000-9000 CPU score, as i have 5960x and 1700x. I suppose i could try a test on both to see what i get.
CPU score is in the realm of 8000-9000, can be done on OCed 5960x and 1700x, as i have both.yea, the Inlands are crappy membrane, but used as dedicated PS/2 troubleshooting, that's what they're good for without splurging so much on mech.
I am using a cheap crappy Inland PS/2 keyboard only for bios duty...although, weirdly enough, my wireless TV keyboard works in my BIOS too as well.Can't really help you, you've tried ps/2 adapters already, BUT, there IS one known weird fact about some mechanical keyboards or some keyboards:They do not support PS/2, no matter what, they simply do not have the controller for legacy PS/2 support.My CODE MX Clears keyboard supports PS/2 through adapter, but my other Tacticle...
Blue's and Metal's dead,edit: metal's is revived... still happened?Hopefully mine is not dead..... it's been since march 4th i've had the ryzen gigabyte rig, what the heck is going on with your boards?
CPU-z got coked up on 512kb L2 cache in Ryzen compared to 256kb cache of Intels.
*raises hand*Ya, a 5960x is cool but does not mean i will buy another one as a backup. only reason i got it was because Intel actually replaced the $999 4960x with an 8 core for same price and i got $100 off it on launch day in August 4, 2014 at Microcenter, this was 2.5 years ago.They did not do this for 6950x, therefore i did not get 6950x.However, a Ryzen 1700x proved too good an excuse to have a "equivalent" backup TV rig for far less money than it would be to go...
Tech of Tomorrow's test bench using MSI Titanium. Um..... I kinda want to see what happens if he OCs it far on that VRM on that mobo. lol.
Uh, i'm just going to repaste why I think they went with 2+2 instead of 4+0 for the quad Ryzens: If AMD is working with the developers for games, I see why they chose to use both CCXs no matter what. Keeps the optimization uniform across the entire Ryzen stack, except for the Ryzen 3 models though, 4c/4t. (actually, wait, they'll do 2x2 on Ryzen 3, just without SMT) developers will be coding in regard to the two CCX topology in the future, instead of two ways about...
Is it me or is the amd subreddit crazy? Oh no, its 2+2 instead of 4+0 for CCX, and apparently its only a 3-10% difference in framerates over 100 fps. And the world is ending according to Reddit.
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