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You just can't explain it, the problem with this kind of revolutionary VR is that IT has to be tried to really show why it's paradigm-shifting, there's just no real comparison to it, no previous experience to roomscale VR at all.Thus, the naysayers will say oh its like 3d movies and all sort of BS, it's not even remotely in the same league, at all, it's not even 3D at all, it's something else entirely. the tech is Alien, to put it that way.
GTX 1080 and OCed 980 Ti, probably can do 1.5 for simple graphics VR, but I tell you from personal experience, they're not going to cut it for Brookhaven Experiment at all. Even 1.2 still causes judder in BE.
welp, just got the 2TB Evo. And looking at my rig's amount of SSD storage, no need for any more. I'm totally a SSD storage whore.
I just use my hearing aids as Bluetooth earbuds through a Phonak Compilot that connects to the 3.5mm port on the Vive. For guests, they either play with my speakers turned up with no headset (they have to hear me tell them how to do VR) or a HyperX Cloud headset.
Vive can work fine with standing mode that can work in roomscale games because of teleportation and other artificial locomotion.I just barely meet the minimum at 2.1mx1.6m, but the actual space I walk around in is bigger, like an extra half meters in 3 corners. Your chaperone bounds is your true roomspace, the whole "square or rectangle" thing is just for games to assume your space on.
bought VR Lens non-prescription lens, even though i wear glasses, I can still get a bit more FOV and keep the lens protected all the time for everybody rather than just me. also, not sure on Smell of Death, it looks crap for $25, Swole how is it?
For us VR owners, the bar for flatscreen games is a whole lot higher, and even though this game isn't VR, it's basically unique enough for me to be interested in it! Basically Shadow of the Colossus for PC. Yea yea it would be cool actually doing it in VR, but then... we still haven't figured out locomotion entirely yet. The climbing part however, is figured out as seen in H3VR's Gunasium.
Yea, yea, no actual Touch available to consumers, but this guy has Touch 360 degree roomscale working just fine. No, I do not have a Rift or any of that, but the video is pretty convincing in the feasibility of 360 roomscale on Touch. Now, why Oculus is insisting on standing 180 degrees facing, I do not know. Anyway, VR FAILS!
Aren't they the Intel of image sensors? Last I recall, they own a huge chunk of the image sensor market: 40.2% of that market is nothing to sneeze at, they make the sensors for a lot of Nikons, the medium formats, Pentax, and the smartphone sensors. Only holdout is Canon for their DSLRs, and it's generally regarded that Sony sensors are better in dynamic range than Canon...
geez, were you guys expecting the Second Coming of Christ with this card? I'm happy with it, gtx 970ish up to gtx 980ish performance when OCed, for $200, it's not bad and it's great for budget people. That said, GoFlo's process leaves the perf/watt much to be desired, but however it's still better than AMD 28nm perf/watt. At least AMD now has Maxwell 28nm perf/watt, which wasn't the case with their previous 28nm Hawaii/Fiji. But, it's 14nm, so, they need to optimize...
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