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yea, the GTX 980 will suffer the same fate as the GTX 680: it's bonkers amazing at launch, but it ages so fast it's not even funny because of the low VRAM crippling it.This is why i never get those $500 "real GTX 960 Ti" mid-range chips, they simply do not last.If anyone is smart enough to follow how the GPU release cycle works, you would try to get the real flagship die (GM200) or the AMD equal rather than these overpriced mid-range dies.And since i paid just $850 for my...
Indeed, the way the compression works means that if one frame is completely different in all pixels than the one before, compression cannot do anything about it.Racing games LOVES compression, while something really chaotic (not sure, really fast-paced Unreal FPS?) won't benefit as much.
Yea.... people were like WOAH it beats Titan Z!!!!But then we have to remember its clocked so low, now compare to decent OCed Titans in the 1200mhz range, and, lets assume a really good OCed Titan is up there with a GTX i assume the Titan X is 25% faster at stock? i
What's the point of a Titan without DP? That's what separates it from regular Geforce cards, and, old Titans are still keeping their decent resale values.
Umm.... Titan x has 3072 cores over gtx 980's 2048 cores, so really it should be 50% faster, but games don't often scale to that degree. I say more like 40% at best. Just look at original Titan vs 680, same thing. Where are you guys thinking its going to be 2x faster? Titan X is still on ancient 28nm node at over 600mm die size. I'm telling you that if this was a 600mm die, but in 16nm instead, yes it would be more than 2x faster.
figured this would help... not sure on the 8GB variants though.
Such drama, oh no! this thread is like As The World Turns, or some cheesy Mexican soap opera, except with Jen Hsun Huang in the lead role. Like, "I am so done with AMD forever, count me out!" As if you can have a personal relationship with a large corporation, yea. Its a business, they will release their GPUs when they can, and its all delayed because of TSMC not getting to 16nm fast enough, but I can't blame any foundry, that takes a looonnng time to even come to...
does a freesync 4K monitor exist yet?Well, it's either $600 for one GTX 980 or, for a little more, two r9 290Xs from XFX of the open-air double-fan cooler, last time i checked on's $309 for this Powercolor variety, 2.5 slot: $329 for the 2 slot XFX.And i wonder, why does Amazon suck so much for pricing compared to Newegg? i looked at the 8GB 290Xs and they were...
Might as well get the $329 R9 290X or $429 for the 8GB version, you can only wait so long, and you can keep on waiting until God's perfect GPU has been bestowed upon us. I just recommend getting something for now, and wait a bit til everything is ironed out.... ESPECIALLY with the GTX 970's nasty little secret not being known til 4 months later.
Oh, the Xfire 290Xs rock hard indeed, even more so that i made a profit of $400 switching over from SLI Titans to these 290Xs. I wouldn't have done so if this wasn't the case, you usually lose money selling old GPUs.Yes i am aware i didn't get back the full price of a Titan, but that was 2 years ago, come on.Yes, you can PM me when I ever get around to giving up the 290Xs.... although waiting for an better GPU that's not Titan X and HAS 8gb VRAM will be a long while off.
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