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sigh, no. 760 and 1060 can both do physx it's not that. But for fun and games, sure he can swap the GPUs and see the difference. but WoW doesn't use physx to begin with.
this does not compute, Ryzen has better IPC than Ivy Bridge.Something is borked within WoW on recognizing Ryzen to begin with.Any way you can make a video with the two PCs running WoW at the same time in the same place in WoW? Then we can see evidence of so?
I did 6700k -> 1700x myself, OP i recommend 1700 non-x, the $329 one. and overclock it to 3.8 ghz, vcore of 1.24v.I do not know the exact offset though, offset value is different depending on whether you have a X or non-X model.Reasoning is, single-threaded IPC is more than good enough, yes the 6700k CAN do better in single thread of like 180 CB or so on its best day compared to 162 CB of Ryzen, but this single-thread difference is far overshadowed by the bigger...
The WoW engine has been uplifted so much over the years but at its core it's pretty old. It has never seen Ryzen before, i wouldn't be surprised if that's why WoW runs like crap.
A lot of software thinks Ryzen is a literal 16 core CPU, not 8c/16t.The game threads then run on the wrong threads, smashing out one core with two threads instead of diverting said thread to empty cores and keeping them within the CCXes.Also, Process Lasso can do this as well, it's a program that sets affinities in general to whatever game/program you target.Yes, disable SMT and go see what happens in this "poof" the same zombie state/rig just goes off, the Ryzen...
Um, i tend to use a custom video render workload for stability now. Like leave it rendering for an hour, if it passes it's stable.Which is more harsh than just Cinebenching over and over again and more likely my realworld work.
Yea... i found out the hard way why my Ryzen rig keeps going into a zombie state right at 65% render complete in Vegas pro.Turns out my Vcore was stable for cinebench, but not for actual video rendering out of a NLE.
stupid idea, why not keep one PC for WoW and have the Ryzen rig for everything else... It works for me
dammit. Something is causing my Ryzen rig to literally go into some "zombie" state literally RIGHT at 65% render complete in Vegas pro. I have no idea what's going on, so i'm recording a video of each time it happens. the red light on case keeps blinking because that's how it works, the NLE is writing the final video to the boot drive as Vegas Pro will always do. Then it stops blinking and TV goes off, computer is still on, but in again, a weird state i'm not entirely...
7700k isn't going to do this and still give me room to play a game on the side as well. Quad cores is dead. Dead dead DEAD.
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