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This is a dick move, I am not paying $300 for a console + another $20-30 for console version of game, when I already bought this on PC. It is simply not fair to that part of the customer base that just happened to buy the same game as others except on PC.
Yea I don't have issue with USA firmware in my experience, should work for you.
get this driver, its official Samsung source NVMe.
new tutorial video on changing medals and announcer voice, which btw, one of them is my voice
I have flatgrass 07 and Hang Em High, i have to install them first and see if they work then i make a video.
Thank you, it was enough to get new players into it, that's all we needed.
Yea yea, mine was made in like minutes, I didn't bother with voiceovers , just text where its needed, it works well enough anyway.
Microsoft won't, Halo is their flagship Xbox game, and this Halo Online version and thus the only Halo 3ish PC game we get is thanks to Russia's heavy piracy market.And well, the demand for a modern Halo is so great that Eldewrito came to be, and just now the Eldewrito 0.5 update added six maps to previously only six maps, making it 12 total with more maps made in Forge mode.
SOURCETutorial Install
Aww I didn't take off the label sticker on mine, is that sticker going to inhibit heat transfer or not really?
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