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Honestly, it's all on user's own experiences with the brand, it's the first impression that counts. I can say Asus or Gigabyte sucks and go on about them being crappy forever IF my first impression of their mobo was shoddy. I've had an Asrock Z77E-ITX and i have no issue OCing a i7 3770k on it to 4.5 Ghz @ 1.3v. And an Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4, to which an 3930k is OCed to 4.3 Ghz @ 1.31v. Nor do i have any issue with my current Asrock x99 Extreme 4. 5960x @ 4.1 Ghz @...
i do have the XP941 in a M.2 adapter card on my mobo in PCI-E Slot 5 with x8 lanes... what i do get is 1095 mb reads and 905 mb writes when using AS SSD, but this one i overprovisioned to 400 GB from its usual 475 GB capacity, because when you use it at 475GB, its performance goes down 200 MB/s for some reason.
Honestly, 50% OC is like, very good, 33% OC is decently good. (5960x)But yea, the voltage/Ghz wall is a lot closer on the 4790k than the 5960x due to their wildly different base clocks, they're on both opposite ends of the spectrum.Essentially, the 4790k is a 4770k OCed to decent 4 Ghz for us already by Intel, the 5960x is kept at 3 ghz base clock just to keep within the 140w TDP. If they went for 200w TDP, they could do 3.8-4ghz base clock.
We need marketing like the consoles manufacturers do to pimp their consoles, but to point out everything good about PC. However who is the One entity to represent us? Valve is the closest candidate, but we have to agree we have somewhat of a problem getting the word out to the mainstream.
No, its the console makers being too cheap to put in at least a 7950 spec GPU, for a start. And the devs only asked for 8gb unified ram, everything else is left up to Sony and MS to decide.
Well.... as long as they don't lock 30 fps of Unity on PC, I don't care what the consoles are doing.
may i ask, is there such a fear that some console fanboys will find out their new machines aren't all that hot and the companies are trying to hide this fact? Well, why not just leave PC to itself and have all the graphics it has, that is the point, some consolers don't care too much about FPS or resolution, im fine with that. What i'm not fine with is the weird-ass ways these companies are acting to somehow, pull wool over some fanboy's eyes at the expense of...
I just go with Asrock, no issues with my extreme4 and you will appreciate the 1 extra pcie slot for more M.2 and stuff.
I'm on 4.1ghz 1.185v on my extreme4, solid board without the BS. Vortez has a review of it and so does Review Studios and Toms hardware.
CoreTemp 1.0 RC7 shows all eight cores fine. here:
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