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No, it cannot have lower IPC if it's literally based off the same exact die as the r7 8 core dies, it's the same exact core, there is no IPC change at all.The "lower scores" you see is due to running awful DDR4 2133 ram, that's not even timing of 15, but worse timing of 18. and 3.5 ghz boost on this.this IS NOT the retail Ryzen 5, someone just pretty much ghetto leaked it without the knowledge that faster RAM can affect Ryzen's performance a LOT more so compared to Intel.
wouldn't make sense for AMD to support three sockets when Intel only supports two current sockets for consumer and workstation.It's more likely to be an AMD LGA lifted from Naples fitted to single-socket only with a different chipset.
this is competing with x99 Intel.X370 competes with z270 intel.Not a slap in the face at all, two different markets. Consumer and prosumer/workstation.CPU prices will be $600-1000 for various 12c, 14c, and 16c models to completely kill current Intel x99 as we know it for cpu core count.
damn, i just tried 2933 mhz with manual DRAM vcore of 1.35v, sure it boots to windows but actually didn't stick, its at 2133 mhzSame timing of 16-16-18-38.How are you doing this on Ryzen master in Windows? I prefer BIOS only but then, the bios is too immature for speeds higher than 2666.
what about Korean monitors? even some of them supports Freesync too.I have a Crossover 324k, that would have been a $1000 4k monitor but i got the same thing basically for $385.
oh, this debate has happened before.Core 2 Duo E8400 vs Q6600.,Now, 7700k vs r7 1700.People forget that we moved up in core count simply because we run more and more stuff in the background, games are becoming more complex, and single-threaded IPC has stagnated badly since 2011 Sandy Bridge, with the only recent decent jump being 2013's Haswell.
Guys, anyone on gigabyte mobos, is DRAM Voltage (CH A/B) the way to manually set the DDR voltage? Doing XMP doesn't change the DDR voltage from 1.2 to 1.35v, it only remains at 1.2v Also, does VCORE SOC vcore needs to be 1.2v for DDR speeds of 2933 mhz and higher to work? Is this the correct way to do so?
makes you wonder how polished 1st party Nintendo games are, and then to think, how do you get it that polished on PC's Hydra heads of all sorts of configuration alone.Nintendo cuts down cost a lot due to only validating and optimizing for one single spec of their console and nothing else, no variable to mess up their coding.
Not gonna lie, Asus has UEFI design down to a tee, now if there only was like, a Gigabyte dual BIOs mobo with Asus UEFI design.... ahhhhh one can dream.
/\/\/\/\ what he said. but TBH, despite what "people" say about Ryzen for gaming, most people will not realistically tell the difference at 60 or 100 fps 1080p gaming with either a Ryzen r5 1600 or Intel i7 7600k What they can tell, however, is the stuttering that will happen to gaming FPS rates when too many background tasks or the game itself is CPU-heavy (hello BF1 multiplayer) here, there is no question in the price/performance of the R5 1600, especially the...
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