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Then why is Oculus so bent on 180 degrees if it can do 360 as seen in the video?Their lawyers scared them into being too safe, IMO.Talk about Steam eating Oculus's lunch. A lot.
Um, out of the loop: is the newer 3000+ bios better than what i have now, 2021? I forget, but my bios was definitely in the 2000ish. (folder view of all "games")Basically, this is my collection of anything I've downloaded that's not from Steam.Sites for VR WearVR was a lot of stuff to sort through, so I thought it would be...
This GIF pretty much explains how Giant Cop happened.
Nah. mine is 2.1mx1.6m, but more like, an extra 1m in two corners due to the weird shape of my room.So your real effective space is whatever you trace out in your room for Chaperone. It will be irregular-shaped, but it's VR walkable.They just use the square or rectangle that fits within your traced space to determine the VR game's fitting in. like Job Simulator, it scales with the room size.
Coming from you, just no.They're trying to do exclusives on a peripheral, not a platform. A platform can run itself like PS4, Xbox One, etc., the Oculus Rift does not, it needs the PC to run on at all.That's like saying Battlefield 1 can only be played on ASUS ROG monitors and nothing else, this is the first time that anyone knows of that a peripheral is even locking software to itself.Fancy and complicated and new VR may be, the current PC-based incarnations still, again,... free roomscale stuff. Knock urself out.
an OCed 1450 mhz 980 Ti is about up there with stock 1080, and considering the OCed 1080s i've seen is about only 10-15% better over OCed 980 Tis,then yea. GTX 1080 is new GTX 680, hot card on new node but not really so hot when you really look at its performance from an overall perspective.
If you need an example, a good example, look at Giant Cop. They worked on Vive version and even had Humble Bundle preorders on that game for Vive.And then Oculus bought them off, so its not like Giant Cop devs were using Oculus money before, it's straight up bribery to put it on Rift.
BTW, the URL has swear words in it that makes the URL broken under OCN filter rules.
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