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Why is this firmware still beta if it fixes the dpi issue? Its pretty much required for Avior 7000/SK, might as well make it official.
still, imagine Big Maxwell with this kind of bandwidth efficiency. The only question is if they go 512 bit bus this time or stay with 384 bit.
Yea.... i admit my former 3930k would have been fine for me, but then i got the 3930k in 2013, so it was kinda late into x79 at that point. So i figured if i get x99 right when it launches, i don't really have anything to upgrade CPU wise for four or five years. And i needed more SATA 6 ports, the x79 chipset sucked really bad in this that they had to use inferior third party controllers to make up for it.And once again, Microcenter made it easy to buy x99 than anywhere...
what about Mionix Avior 7000/SK? Those are comfy awesome mouses! DPI is pretty much from 50-5000 DPI so you can set your 1150 dpi and you're fine to go. They're so good i have three of them lol. Also, what's with Roach's ranting threads? i've seem them before but they're like anal nitpicking or something.
Yea, the red bars are the OCed results, but still, the blue bars still shows that the GTX 980's gains over the 780 Ti comes from the higher clock rates, although the faster Maxwell cores doesn't hurt as well.Actually, what if someone did a clock-for-clock comparison between 980 and 780 ti? i want to see that.
that's it? I've only been doing 0.145v over stock? hmm.... lemme see if i try 1.22v and see what extra mhz i get.
actually, what's the maximum stock load volts of 5960x again?
It's still a sidegrade... just look at the massive 300+ clock rates it takes for the GTX 980 to beat the 780 Ti. Granted, the Maxwell cores ARE faster, but still doesn't make up for the more cores the 780 Ti has, even in slower Kepler form. Roughly, it's like this, (thank you OccamRazor!) GTX980@1450mhz = TitanBlack@1250mhz = GTX780Ti@1300mhz = Titan@1350mhz = GTX 780@1450mhz the 900 series are upgrades to everybody except those with GTX 780 and higher.
that is a 5820k though, six cores are easier to deal with heat wise than eight cores, but, voltage is the same idea no matter the core count?
because the old way of doing it (*80 being the absolute top end card) and introducing the big daddy first is expensive and yield issues are plenty when you do big dies on any node.It makes more money for them to pass off a midrange die (GK104, GM204, etc) as top-end for people that doesn't know any better besides us, as it is cheaper to make those smaller dies on the same node than the big daddy models.This strategy all started with GTX 680 that was able to compete with...
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