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This pretty much, I knew my 5960x isn't a Skylake, but its single threadedness is still 90% of Skylake with twice the cores.I hope Zen does this, bring the octocore into the $350-$500 realm. You can only get so much IPC after 30+ years of CPU iterations, but, adding cores is easy, increasing IPC is not.
5960x don't have integrated gpu for quick sync because it doesn't need it, it got 8 Haswell cores already.
Even so, DX12/Vulkan is the future, and will exploit whatever cores you have, the more the better.And, recording 4k 60 FPS while playing the game purely on the CPU murders a 4790k, just the combined CPU usage I've seen goes up to 65% on my 5960x @ 4ghz.
For the price, can't complain... only issues is the slight banding I see on the monitor... sometimes I see them, sometimes i don't, not sure if they're there.also, every once in a while it does this weird color glitch static flicker, but happens so rarely that its not really too much of an issue. Do you get these quirks?
Finally, hopefully more affordable "5960x"s for everyone. We've had 4 cores for so long, and the closest cheapest higher core count is something like 5820k for $299 if you were lucky to get it at Microcenter, but 8 cores has always been out of reach. Hopefully.... it's a little more in reach, around $650ish for zen 8 core?
Eh, $439 that I paid, is still pretty cheap, but $399 is such a delicious price too.Mine is the one with the flat rectangle base stand, any difference compared to yours with the v-shaped stand?
Yea, the same was said of the OG Titan, and I bought the OG Titan, with exactly the same thought process.And look what happened, overpriced cards, sure its 30-40% faster, but for $1200? Even the GTX 1080 is overpriced, yet is better price/perf compared to that, or hell, the GTX 1070 to begin with.And eventually, the performance of OG Titans, as will this new Titan X, will be had in the later Ti variants for hundreds of dollars cheaper, the Titans were never worth it, and I...
And trace the absolute walls and bounds of your place, no matter what. even if the square fits, you have all that extra space you can walk in, AND tell where you are in VR in relation to the real world. This is how i tell where my bed and my desk is, by the shape of my Chaperone bounds.
Even so, it's not your true limit, whatever you traced out for Chaperone is your real playspace, not the rectangle/square that fits in.Here's mine:Yea, the rectangle fits in there, but there's all the extra walkable space it misses out on, you can still walk in those spaces that doesn't necessarily fit into a rectangle/square.
2mx1.5m is the minimum.
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