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It's a repeat of the r9 290X cooler fiasco, the same "3 out of 5 pipes touching the actual GPU" thing. Not really so "direct" if not all the pipes can do their job equally.
Tell me about it, i dumped my Crossfire 290X setup for 980 Ti, multi-gpu is such a cool idea in theory, but the reality of it makes it impractial.Not all games have SLI support or never will (IDtech 5 games)SLI profiles not always at launch day of games due to developers not doing it right on their end sometimes, or the game is hard to SLI properlymore power consumption, more heat.fiddling around with forced AFR, i could go on.....There is so many niggling issues you just...
Eh, i would not recommend it.The Titan X does not have the full DP compute that the original Titan had, so the Titan X is a pure game card just like the 980 Ti with extra 256 cuda cores and 6gb more vram.And even then, the Titan X cannot even have a hope of even using all of its 12GB Vram for gaming, it does not have the gpu power inherent to even use it.Pascal is a better fit for 12GB Vram than current Big Maxwell.And please, GPUs are NOT an "investment" at all, they rot...
1450 mhz 980 ti can do 75 FPS mostly on 1440p 60 hz, but in 4K its more like 40 fps - 55 depending on where you are in game world.GTX 980 Ti is constant 4K 60 FPS in majority of titles other than Crysis 3 and Witcher 3, provided you turn off AA at 4K.
My score is heavily influenced by the stupid high physics score thanks to 5960x, its more like 15500-16000 give or take with an 4790k.With 5960x, its constant 60 fps in physics bench, but on 4790k its 35-40 fps.
Hmm..... The gaming benchmarks here seems to make 980 ti G1 look so fast to 290: Buuut of course its comparing a roughly 1400 MHz 980 Ti vs stock reference gpus. I am curious if there's gaming benches of OC vs OC gpus in general.
Ur pic says 7940ish score for regular firestrike?Anyway here's my 980 tiI tried the same thing as a simulated 4790k, and well, a FULL 5960x does help the GPU stretch back more compared to literally half its core's simulated 4790k :'s comparison to full 5960x result: GPU tests were like 3% better, but yea obviously the physics test is a lot better with full 5960x.
Ur pic says 7940ish score for regular firestrike? Anyway here's my 980 ti for regular firestrike:
Ok i meant an 1450 mhz 980 ti is 2.5x faster than the r9 280X, NOT THE 290. stupid typo is stupid.
True, but, it's still a year away, why wait?Just get 980 Ti, sell it when Pascal comes out.
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