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I know how SLI works by now, but I'm curious how the red side handles multi gpus. Like, I heard xFire doesn't support borderless or windowed, but Sli does. Also I know u can mix 7950 and 7970 together, but u can't do this on Nvidia, only two same exact cards. I noticed u can download seperate application profile packages for AMD, this is usually already with the driver download on Nvidia. Please enlighten me on more differences. How often does new profiles come out on...
Not for Watch_Dogs, that one takes up 4.5gb Vram with no AA at all. There is 780 6gb, but yea its 15% slower than 780 Ti. There will be more games like WD, absolutely Vram hungry, so, really its either 780 6gb, the Titan variants, or the r9 290s. sent by rooted Sony Xperia Z1 using Tapatalk
if anyone wants Nintendo to do mobile games on phones, there's a big fat reason they're not doing it. The casual mobile gamers gives up on the games after only 24 hours, never to touch it again, and it's a toxic market as far as trying to stay competitive.
That ASUS is still MST. So, yea i am still waiting for a IPS SST 4K monitor. As of now, all the SST ones are TN panel, so i have to wait until Dell updates their monitor lines with a SST version of what i have currently.
i have the UP2414Q, it's MST yes and can be had for $600 off Ebay, seriously the price drop is insane on it. I do not have any issue with it despite it being MST, and the UP2414Q, for the Ebay prices, gets you a IPS full AdobeRBG range vs the TN panels found on the 28 inch usually sold for the same price. under Nvidia it operates as a single 4K monitor, it is tiled yes but the drivers fools Windows into making it a virtual single screen 4K.
does x99 platform comes with PCI-E 4? Or really, does SLI Titans or CFX 290Xs even saturate PCI-E 3? What about PCI-E 2 as well?
Don't ever use Ken Rockwell as a legit source again, he has damaged photography beginners' learning for the longest time with his BS.his entire site is his opinion, and some of it isn't correct. He's more of a marketer out to get hits on his site than actually knowing much about photography to begin with.
ah that explains a lot.... do the metal characters differ from the others that much? mixture of medium/heavy traits?I don't even know where Peach Gold came from, lol.
What's the difference on PWM between the UP2414Q and the IGZO 31.5 inch panel? i'm curious.
oh, they are HARD, that's for sure.I've been using Shy Guy on Comet bike with Crimson wheels, even i still curse them at times.Seriously, what's the best drifting/fast combo in the game, btw? Something that's like the Quacker or Dolphin Dash from MKWii.
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