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And actual native USB 3, of which there's 6, and 10 sata 6 gbs ports. CPU wise, 33% faster, but IO wise, 200% moar ports.
ah ok i dunno, you said you were using Prime before, but anyway....What vcore are you running yours at? I know there's a difference between hexas and octos for Vcores, but what's your BIOS settings for your OC?
don't use Prime95 ever for Haswell, it intentionally boosts the Vcore over what you set it to, use Aida64 instead for benching, it IS NOT YOUR TIM AT ALL.please, on Haswells, this is a known issue, refer to the Haswell-E Owner's Club for info on this.
Asrock x99 has 12 phases, while Gigabytes use 6 phases and Asus use 8 phases... I assume they all deliver the current to the CPU fine, but what im wondering is, What exactly are the phases themselves and why Asrock went with 12 while others go with 6 or 8? As in, what exactly is the phases' capability themselves solely?
my Asrock x99 Extreme 4. Need to take better pics with a real camera (Sony A7) instead of my smartphone, but here ya go.
I don't pay $50 for these anymore, depending on what middlemen you know or where to look, these games can be scored for $35 or less, even. Heck, I got Shadow or Mordor and Witcher 3 for those prices 6 months before they are even released. It ain't the Steam Store anymore unless there's massive sales off, around -60% or more. Also, i don't do G2A at all, there's other ways to do so.
this is pretty much another pointless release, like Ivy Bridge-E again. Same thing occurs to Broadwell-E as well. IF you already have a i7 3930k or i7 5960x, there is no point in getting the "tick" version of it, as it is not worth the marginal increases a tick usually gives out. It's pretty much going to take a Skylake-E with 12 cores to make me switch over. That's why i got Haswell-E on release day, im pretty much set with this sucker for 4 years if not longer. Also,...
I admit the GPUs, at least in the ps4 is decent, given that it is pretty much an underclocked 7870, but I have to say they are terribly bottlenecked by the intended-for-netbook Jaguars that they put in. It wouldn't be all that bad if the devs can use all eight, but they're restricted to 6 of them, the other two reserved to background OS. they cannot even use the full 8gb ram either, 3gb of it is reserved to OS as well.Now, when you think of an balanced CPU to go with a...
yea, pretty much. Something tells me the trend seems to be if a game is hyped a lot, more often than not it will suck. True with Titanfall (anyone playing that now?), Watchdogs, and now this.I mean it's an decent RE gameplay-type game, but, it's not the second coming of Resident Evil, which is a shame. Also, terrible port.
i did try 1.3v for 4.5 ghz, but im too scared to run it at that alone... in hindsight, its more like 1.35v for mine to be stable, it's not one of the great binned 5960x. Just so you know, you can do 4 ghz to 4.2 ghz with Vcores of like 1.150v to 1.22v in general depending on silicon lottery. Anything after 4.3 ghz requires too much voltage to be worth it.THERE is a native m.2 design on this mobo, but if you do, it disables SLOT 5, which is the PCI-E x8 at the bottom of...
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