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I'm still shocked that their $2,000 late 2013 Macbook Pro 15 inch doesn't even have a dedicated GPU at all. Yea yea, it's Intel Iris Pro, but come on, it's $2,000! dedicated GPU is a requirement if you're spending that much money. Holy crap. From or other sites you can get MSI, Asus, or Sagers with 870m or even a 880m (GTX 670/GTX 680 desktop) for the same price. Just...... wow. i.... have no words.
woah, I wish we can see what they can do if they designed a desktop power CPU... it's been a Intel monopoly on the high-end for too long, could be interesting for a 3rd party in the oligopoly.
Sorry for necroing, but yea... it's marketing... most dumb people look at 8GB VRAM and go "ooohhhh this card is fast!" even if its a crappy GT630m. I have the MSI GT60 3K, and i went for the i7 4910mq upgrade along with 3 Samsung 840 EVOs in RAID 0, all MSATA, cause, dat fast speed, AND a 2TB HDD as well. Need all that space for video projects. so it's 1.31TB of RAID SSD space and 2TB single HDD basically. Yes, you can get the Super RAID 2 board, which is basically an...
if GM204 on 28nm is big, just how big would a GM210 die would be on 28nm? Would they even try to make it?
you have to enable MST mode via the Monitor's OSD to get full 60hz 4K through either Displayport or Mini Displayport.
I need to get these chips to make my rigs truly Russian-made.
Team Purple on the rise, WOO!
from where? be careful, some early UP2414Qs have bugged firmwares that cannot be updated, the A00s, lets hope this one is A01 or later, Basically, any UP2414Qs manufactured after February 2014.
Are you kidding? imagine me, i have 1,130 games, it's becoming more and more of a desert for me sales-wise. You gotta hunt REALLY hard now. :/
There isn't announcement of it yet, Nvidia is waiting for TSMC to get their 20nm node together, and that's a while... spring 2015 if we're lucky, maybe a Maxwell Titan in Feb 2015?
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