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you have Haswell-E, I have that too at 4 ghz, again, no reason why BE should be juddering.Anything else taking up background tasks? What storage is BE installed to? and so on.......Install new drivers?
My 980 Ti @ 1450 mhz does 90 FPS at rendertarget 1.0 fine for BE, your 1080 should not have issues at all.what's the rest of your system specs? This is odd that the 1080 can't keep 90 FPS at rendertarget 1.0, considering a 1080 OCed is 20% faster than OCed 980 Ti.However, Nvidia Funhouse @ High is not attainable on even a OCed 1080, that's SLI 1080s or a 1080 Ti. We have a VR Crysis 1 here.
90 FPS all the way, again, 1450mhz 980 Ti.I can tell if Reprojection kicks in because the hands/guns will look judderly if i move them.relevant OC vs OC benchmark:
Nvidia Funhouse plays fine on a 1450 mhz 980 Ti, on Medium where they recommend 1080 for that. High, is ehhhh..... 1080 Ti territory. Yea, Assembly extra $10 for just 3D monitor mode is dickish, extra $10 makes sense if they implement motion controllers. Only games that makes sense for controllers with VR is cockpit games for car/plane stuff if you don't have HOTAS, other than that, no.
Geez, so much whining on TLC.... No one looked at Tech Report's SSD endurance tests? the TLC planar lasted a looooong time, up to around 700 TB to 1PB of writes before they gave up the ghost. and that's not even to say about 3D VNand's increased endurance, which applied to TLC, makes it last just as long as planar MLC or more. So I don't see any issue with TLC, planar or VNAND, if the price is right.
Unfortunately, no one can beā€¦told what VR is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You turn down VR, the story ends, you turn on your TV and play your 2D. You put the HMD on, you enter into 3D Land, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the future. Nothing more.
Look up Tilt Brush on YouTube, your argument is invalid.
1070 not worth it, according to this, even a 1080 is not worth it compared to a 1450 MHz 980 Ti, the 15%-20% improvement is not worth $600-$700 for me. Wait for 1080 Ti at this point.
Basically a more ergonomic Vive? Apparently Gen1 Vive was literally the easier to manufacture Pre model, and I see why, they made a LOT of Vives in record time doing so.
But why push for 180 degrees when the competition is already 360 degrees? I cannot imagine VR without 360 degrees, it's only gimping the VR experience at that point. Hell, Raw Data, Brookhaven, lots of VR game simply wouldn't work without 360 degrees.
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