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yea you see, i'm stupid with home improvement stuff.What screw thread size measurements are they? what exactly is it so it will fit into the Corsair 760t screws for PCI-E?
yea... which clock are we talking about?
who's to ask?my OS is fine, its only a month old honestly, its just that I never seen this kind of weird "bios corrupted by force restart in middle of game" thing.And uh, the other corrupted bios incident was because of the broken adaptive Vcache.
it's fixed with the latest Omega drivers, and also, why does it combine the VRAM of both cards? it shows up as 16000MB in the video options for me, and running at 4K with Ultra, with no motion blur/AA (hated motion blur), the Vram usages is like 12500MB, so, divide that by 2 and total VRAM usage is now 6250MB.Folks, this is a sign of things to come, Finally, a game that not even 6GB VRAM is enough, lol. to be fair, this applies only to 4K resolution, for anything lower...
Oookkkk.... so, i tried running 3D mark fire strike, and in the middle of the benchmark i want to stop it, so i press ESC. black screen, nothing going on, so i restarted it. And WHAT!!! the bios is corrupted? WHY! at least USB bios flashback saves the day again! Why would a simple force restart corrupt the BIOS?
Hey guys its all nicely installed and ready to play! I basically uninstalled the nivida stuff in control panel first, then restarted in Safe mode and ran DDU. all good. Only weird thing is that first time i installed AMD drivers, the screen went black for like 10 minutes, and i have no idea what's going on, so i just restarted it. Lucky me, cause, the drivers are just fine after all, AMD catalyst is there, AMD crossfire works, all is good
is there any comparisons made between this revised model vs the old one? I'm curious.
The standard thumbscrews that comes with my Corsair 760T are well.... an absolute PITA, considering i can barely put in GPUs due to my cerebral palsy. Ok, putting in the GPU is the easy part, but the HARDEST, most HATED part in all of this is screwing in the thumbscrews, it's a miracle every time i screw it in. Well actually, it really depends on the cooler the GPU comes with. The crappy standard thumbscrews are easier to put in when the cooler's height does not exceed...
holy crap they actually fixed the power connection on the MSI gaming OC, they reversed the connector on the 8 GB model so its not a PITA anymore to take the connector out.
Well more research would have to be done. and it's a bit hard to tell. Like, the MSI Gaming OC one has a "custom" PCB that's pretty much a reference PCB with better parts on it. That one should be reference, but, more research is needed.
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