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yea.... is it me or is some WUs not propping up my potential 1.2 million PPD of my TXP? I'm only getting like 655,046 PPD on this work queue while the GTX 1080 got a queue that's doing 850,679, close to its 900,000 potential PPD. I mean it's boosting to 2 ghz clock speed on both so I dunno.
Every bit helps! but apparently the GPUs matter a lot more for total PPD than any CPU, that TXP and mine is easily 1.2 million PPD, whereas even the 6950x can do 100,000 PPD on its best day ever.Dunno, somebody else here can explain why GPU kicks more butt per PPD.
ummm why is my 1080 on base clock rate at 92% usage when it can do 2050 mhz usually? Something is weird.
cool. Just trying to get some WUs done on 1080 so the Team BBQ signup can work properlyand it's 10 WUs to get the bonus points?
uhh... apparently i'm finishing a WU or whatever that is so i can sign up properly. My two rig's GPUs alone can do like 1.7-2 million PPD, i wonder how much this contribute to the overall Team BBQ pie. here's my rig PPD shots:
I admit the GPU Boost 3.0 is annoying in that it's not a constant boost value like previous generations.I can say for sure that my previous 980 Ti always did 1450 mhz, no matter what, that was my OC.Now, the TXP and 1080, i have to go like "yea it's 2038 mhz but more like between 1930-1999mhz most of the time.question is, if this 1050 ti cap can somehow be hacked in for other Pascal cards to essentially achieve a constant value with no fluctuations.this requires some...
How does that even..... oh.Um, just for reference, I tried to do 2150 mhz clock speed on my TXP, sure it's applied, but in no way it was stable. crashes on anything 3D intensive.So..... what's the difference of you applying your insane +1150 offset and you get a boost speed of 1911 mhz or otherwise capped to that speed, whereas mine could go higher the more i apply core offset, but obviously to Pascal wall limit it crashes.
Only way to get real clock speed is from Sensor Tab in GPU-Z while running a game or benchmark.I do have Pascals, on my TXP, i added +200 to core and my actual clock speed is between 1930-2012mhz depending on temperatures and fan speed.As for my 1080, It's pretty much +180 to core, but that gets me to 2050-2100 mhz actual clock speed.As i recall on the 1070 i had before i sold it, I can only add +100 core to it to the same Pascal wall limit of 2050-2100 mhz because it's...
Jeez the amount of stupid is too damn high in this thread. Due to imperfect yields, some chips that cannot pass as 8 core Ryzen can pass as 6 core, and if that fails too,.sell as 4 core ryzen. Its making the most cash possible from imperfect wafers to begin with. Or, if there's more demand for six cores than eight cores, and thus more money, they will lock the 2 extra cores and do so.
I sent email, it's of my 5960X/Titan XP rig.
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