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Of course it would, it's a 2005 old game something like Metro LL or Crysis 3, no. But any games before 2012 will run 4K fine on 7970.Wait, i forgot original Crysis..... maybe.
I have no experience with AMD cards on 4K, Nvidia only. Sorry.I DO have a 7970 rig, but that's not gonna do 4K that great, so i limited it to single 1440p resolution, at that it does fine.However, i have F.E.A.R. in 4K Youtube and screenshots: screenshots 4K footageIf you don't see the 4K option, it's still processing. 4K is a much heavier load than 1080p, so it takes a while.
Just because they're x86 based doesn't make it easy to emulate. There's a reason the x86 Original 2001 Xbox wasn't emulated that great even to this day:
Cause seriously, these drivers are like getting a GTX 880 or GM104 through software. Almost.But still, just look at the performance WE could have had if they actually started the low-level initiative sooner. Crysis 3 CAN be 60 FPS on two Titans, it may be possible with these low-level drivers!
Which drivers have these boosts? Are they out now or no?
That quad core is totally tapped out. They need a hyperthreaded i7 quad or better, the upcoming Haswell-e to really emulate all the SPUs in the ps3.
Yea they're 2 panels, but Nvidia's drivers recognize them as one continuous 4K display, so all games can't tell it's 2 panels, to everything it's 1 4K panel.There is no visual artifacts on FEAR, only issue is the microscopic HUD elements since well, FEAR never heard of 4K when it was made. The game runs the same anyway in 4K.
FEAR is perfectly 4K cappable, u just change the resolution in the configuration file. All source engine games will see 4K as an option since it looks up your DisplayID like most games should, the ones that don't is entirely up to devs not doing it right (looking at you MGS Revengeance)I haven't tried Painkiller but its simply fixing up the configuration file as usual.A lot of 4k benchmarks is bullocks since they overdo AA on a resolution that does not need AA. Especially...
Utter poppycock. Most games BESIDES Crysis 3 can be run 60 fps, yes this includes Metro LL, with 2 top tier cards of gk110 or Hawaii cards, albiet with no AA. Not that u need it at 4k 24 inch.People seriously overestimate 4k itself. It is only if you apply stupid AA settings then it becomes impossible.
i have UP2414Q...When you set it on "Game Mode" Input lag is around 3-5ms, on any other mode it goes to 15ms, obviously not good.
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