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Most people do not have z97 or x99 mobos which support nvme boot officially.Urs will boot fine, the adapter is just a dumb passthrough and I have that Lycom for my 950 pro.
It doesn't matter in ur case, ur mobo is referring to chipset lane allocation for that option, which is irrelevant as your m.2 will now be on the CPU lanes.CPU lanes is seperate from chipset lanes.
No reformat or BIOS dickery needed, its pretty much just plug n play really. And I'm the one with three PCI-e SSDs.Just get an adapter card that's it.
So they're willing to do this for almost all their xbone titles... except for Halo. apparently Halo is too precious a IP to keep the Xbox's only thing to get an Xbox for, while everything else goes this way of Win10 store/Xbone.
your m.2 slot on your mobo doesn't cut it, its only PCI-E Gen 2 at x2, vs the needed specs of PCI-E Gen 3 at have to get adapter m.2 PCI-e card and put it in the 2nd x16 slot on your mobo, linked to the CPU, not the chipset.
Because they bought an Xbox and feel the need to justify the purchase.I could say the same with my Wii U, but, Wii U does have more exclusives generally because it's nintendo, whereas Xbox is known generally for Halo and forza..... and what else? Sunset Overdrive, time exclusive like ROTTR, but not as much exclusives/first party content.Then you can see how they get quickly butthurt about it.
hmm..... isn't the NVME driver for samsung can be installed no matter what mobo you have, at least using it as storage? As long as said mobo has PCI-E Gen 3.using it as boot drive is a different story, there's this link on compatibility:
pretty much anything that at least supports PCI-e Gen 3 at x4 link.which is z77, z87/z97, z170, and the HEDT platforms of x79 and x99.most of the older platforms like z77 (first intel mainstream with native PCI-E 3) you run the m.2 in an adapter card and put it into one of the PCIE slots thats Gen 3 and linked to the CPU, not the chipset which is limited to Gen 2 speeds.The newest z170 chipset is the only one that can support the full speeds straight off its chipset lanes...
as far as i know, an x99 chipset can support up to four PCI-e based SSDs, in the case of my RVE,one m.2 in the m.2 slot, an Intel 750 in the bottom slot, an Samsung 950 pro in the 3rd slot, and potentially the 4th one in the 2nd pci-e slot.Can it support more than 4 PCI-e ssds, probably. the Samsung 950 pro in my case is only pci-e x4, but resides in a x16 slot. The question is if there's a PCI-e card that supports four m.2s at the same time, since you could use up all 16...
one minor pro to add to CLCs is that when its installed, there's more room to work around in the case and have the option to remove ram at will, which most air coolers will block access to RAM.
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