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To be honest, there's always something better around the corner. The question is WHAT gpu will stay ahead of that curve better than others. One could argue that the original Titan 6GB was especially long-lived, even still doing great compared to the GTX 780 Ti which is short-lived due to its low 3GB framebuffer. At any rate, i would recommend waiting for the "big" gpus from each company (GP200, Arctic Island) However, an OCed GTX 980 Ti right now is literally 780 Tis...
Not necessary, its a 600w tdp cooler on an 375w gpu, and it never breaks 70c at 75-100% fan speed.
Stock or overvolted? I can only add 85 MHz to core and top out around 1450 MHz. Any higher, not stable but then again that's only on witcher 3, haven't tested other games.
Sony Vegas is faster with AMD openCl than Nvidia, get the 290x. Actually I have one available to sell, pm me.
Yes, an custom PCB like gigabyte g1, with easy oc to 1400 MHz is more or less Sli 980s in single gpu. Actually Nvidia finally did optimization for Kepler, 5-10 fps increase.
Why not a custom PCB 980 Ti like the Gigabyte G1? Custom PCM 980 Tis overclocked to 1400mhz or higher beats Original Titan SLI and Crossfire 290Xs, I know this because I had those setups before. Even the OCed 980 Ti is very very close to two stock 980s, as you can see here: Honestly, i gave up multi-gpu for its not worth the driver/heat headaches for me.
is more VRMS necessarily better? I'm curious why the Gigabyte G1 would "only" have 8 phases while others have 10 or more.
I would have to admit that, open air does not work well temp wise in multi-gpu, especially with 290xs. You need really really good airflow with cold air which isn't possible at all times. An open air at bottom and blower on top would be better off or both of them be blowers.
Reference GPUs are pretty much Nvidia's bog standard PCB, not the greatest but enough for Nvidia's own specs and an easy way for partners to slap their names onto it. Don't expect the greatest OC out of them. There is a dramatic difference between an reference 980 Ti and say, an Gigabyte GTX 980Ti Gaming G1. The latter has improved extra phases, two 8-Pins as opposed to ref's 6 and 8 Pin, and an 150 mhz added on top of the reference clock rates. regular 980 Tis boosts...
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