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Why on earth would anyone play video games for any matter? They're a waste of time then.Just for giggles, here.
there's already games that benefits from extra cores.Let me ask you this, would you say the same of dual cores now? Does anyone seriously recommend them now for a $700-1000 gaming rig?Honestly, this picture says it all.
The question is, what could the game's potential be, if again, NOT ubisoft and someone else to fully utilize octocores?It's a chicken and egg problem, made worse by the incredible mindshare of Intel for so long, and AMD has to make fresh new mindshare with Ryzen, which takes time as more consumers see the potential of flexibility that more cores can offer and not feel limited.
You want a WOW? I'll tell you how.try running a video encode in Handbrake in the background while you game.Your 2500k would stutter. the Ryzen will not.Try running 2 or 3 games at the same time.Your 2500k will not, the Ryzen can.That is what you can do.
Yes, i know ubisoft games is not the best example, but this is real usage from one game alone on a 4 ghz 5960x. The question is, how many other games on PC uses at least 50% or more of an octocore like the Ryzen 7s and 5960x/6900k? I know BF1 is a good optimized example, that one as well. Any other games?
Oh yea, this: Tell me, i know this is an Ubisoft game, but, come on. if this is 80% on a 5960x already, where does that leave quad i7s let alone the i5s? Also, what if it isn't an Ubisoft game, one that takes real optimized potential of 8 cores and 16 threads? Thats what I want to see.
I used to be on Tom's Hardware way back in 2010. Lots of noobs go there, this list is completely shilled to a sickening degree. If you want real recommended list, Tech Report does a much better job of this and their site isn't an eyesore. Or well, us, at OCN here.
2666 MHz ram is fine, and you can save dosh on ram that way. Most of the improvements come at 2666 MHz, yes 3200 MHz is better but its not the same difference compared to going from 2133 MHz to 2666 MHz.2666 MHz is also officially supported for single rank 16gb ram, 8gb two sticks on all Ryzens.Timing is not as important, the frequency is. The timing could be crap for all I care, as long as you get 2666 or 3200 MHz to make the infinity fabric faster between the two CCXs on...
Just go with r5 1600. Both Kaby Lake and Ryzen are within 4% in IPC to each other, with the Kaby Lakes being able to OC quite a bit to 4.7-4.8 ghz, true, but consider this:It may be, for the price of the 7700k it gets you:4c/8t, 4% better ipc, 20% better OC headroom (taps out around 4.8 with a few lucky 5 ghz), and that's 25% better ST performance.But, Ryzen is no slouch in ST either, at its 4 ghz cap it can still hold its own in ST performance, more akin to Broadwell IPC,...
There were epic flamewars on Reddit over this, lol.Now Oculus's roomscale is fine as Vive, provided you got three sensors.Hmmm.... is their tracking space still smaller than Vive or is that improved?
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