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These cards are slightly better at 4K than my Titans at $300.... but that's progress, but of course to get the initial Titan-like performance for this cheap requires you to wait almost 2 years for this.It's awesome for those on a budget, great, but honestly, they're not 2x faster. The GM200s will be once we get nice third party versions and i will make the leap, as i did from Fermi to Kepler with GTX 580 before.Guys, yea yea, woo gtx 980 and 970! But you'll regret it the...
everyone's going nuts over these, but i'm waiting for any form of GM200s. Who's with me?
Would be awesome if there is GM200s by Christmas, aka, an excuse to get some nice fresh cards. These Titans lasted an eternity in GPU terms, though.
look, i have a similar CLC (Cooler master Seidon 240m) in push/pull, and really... You're pretty much only allowed up to 1.25v, if your room is decently cold enough. 1.2v at most if your room is hot. That being said, a 240m CLC can handle a 5960x around the 4-4.3 Ghz range if you're lucky and got a batch that can do 1.25v at 4.3 ghz. Anything more than that, gotta get a big fat 360m CLC or go custom loop.
These are the GM104s, right? I'm just curious if there's any clue to any info regarding the GM200s, the big Maxwell types. Anything on these?
i have 3 Mionix Avior 7000s, one of them the SK model, however the oldest one has a mouse wheel that's 2x harder to press in than the others. Granted i've been using that one since February, anyone have hard-to-press mouse wheel issue on the Avior 7000/SK?
more like around late June/early July when they were putting the MSI 3K laptop together from XoticPc.
is there an Asrock edition for Haswell and Haswell-E? Most of the settings are similar, but Haswell-E threw in stuff like cache voltage, FIVR, etc., its different enough from Sandy/Ivy to warrant a separate guide.
well, this sucks. I have RAID 0 samsung evo 512GB in my laptop, three of them. Soooo..... do i just run the defragger every six months?
So how is the mainstream haswells always like 80c hot without delidding and my haswell-e having idle temps of 18-20c and load temps of 45-50c? i expected hotter temps for haswell, surprised it runs a lot cooler than my 3930k did.
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