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Eh, thing about Sony emount is all the cheap lenses u can get that's a lot pricier to get because Canikon doesn't have such a flexible short flange distance mount. I can get a $90 100mm macro lens and an $30 40mm f1.8 pancake lens, then get nice $15 adapters and go to town
All will work, its official Sony adapter, you cannot say the same for unofficial adapters like commlite or metabones. My sigma 50-500mm, 12-24mm, and tamron 28-75mm works well.The only lens that do not work on official adapter is obscure Minolta XI powerzooms made in the 1980s.
Prices for the exact same lens is cheaper in A-mount than Canon EOS or Nikon F mount, i just checked Ebay, it's $200-300 cheaper.I called my local Cameraland store and inquired about the resale value of some of my A-mounts, they pretty much said A-mount is dead though I know Sony didn't say so and just did release the a77 Mark ii.But it's telling, for any mount's future when you see Sony's new E-mount getting a body every 3 months, especially the Full-Frame models, whereas...
Does MGSV make this popular, well, partly? eh, that was a game where old casssette tapes co-existed with 50 ft tall mechs and bionic arms in the 1980s.
I'm not sure if that works but i'll try it anyway. Will let you know.
question is, for everyday stuff or something like sony vegas video editing, is faster memory worth it over my 32gb of DDR4 2133mhz Crucial greensticks? note that its all 8 slots filled by 4gb sticks.
Is there any fast ram that works on BCLK 100? does 3200 even work on that BCLK?
Then what x99 can take for quad channel?
will these kits even work on x99 without tweaking anything? I'm curious.
Why does my rig need to restart twice every time to get to the log-in screen? boot screen = the POST screen with the ROG logo initially the first time it boots up, the boot screen is basically 1080p stretched to fill my 4K monitor, then it goes to the log-on screen. Then the whole rig restarts itself, and this time now the boot screen is native 4k resolution (i can tell since it's sharper fonts and the words are a lot smaller) and goes to the log-on screen, and gets into...
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