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Yea, when you have SLI gpus, you really only have 2 slots left on most x99 motherboards, in my case. So, the option i can have is to have wireless AC module into one of the slots, and an PCI-E SSD into the other slot. Although i'm considering replacing the wireless AC module with one of those Intel NVMe SSDs..... when i get the money. Sigh.
asrock extreme 3 is the one with cheaped out 6 phases, all asrock x99 boards besides extreme 3 has 12 phases for proper deliverance to CPU.
I noticed that the Asrock mobo (mine) has 12 phases, while Gigabytes can do by with 6, and some asus boards have 8? I'm going to assume ASrock's 12 phases is the same workload that Gigabyte can do with only 6, and so on. Someone can clarify this for me.
meh, someone wake me up when they release the big guns. GM100, whatever it's GTX 980 Ti or Titan II, let me know.
Nah, there's a better PCI-e x4, the Samsung XP941 in 128gb/256gb/512gb. As far as i know the 512gb is OEM only, i grabbed mine off Ebay for $530, here's anandtech article on it:
hmm, maybe i'll settle with a Sata Express adapter card or something, those do not exist yet, do they?Yea, should have been 2 or 4 sata express slots, oh well.
"2.10 M.2_SSD (NGFF) Module Installation Guidehe M.2, also known as the Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), is a small size andversatile card edge connector that aims to replace mPCIe and mSATA. he Ultra M.2Socket (M2_1) can accommodate either a M.2 SATA3 6.0 Gb/s module or a M.2 PCIExpress module up to Gen3 x4 (32 Gb/s). Please be noted that the Ultra M.2 Socket (M2_1)is shared with the S_SATA3_2 connector; you can only choose either the Ultra M.2 Socket(M2_1) or the...
off topic but, sooooo.... i got the Samsung PCI-E SSD for $539, yea the pci-e x4 one, got an adapter card, put it into slot 5 of my mobo, it works. The question is whether a second m.2 SSD will work if installed in another pci-e slot or the 2nd slot on some adapter cards that can hold 2. The PCI-E SSD, installed in slot 5 through adapter card, NOT the native m.2 slot, shows up as "Ultra m.2" in my UEFI, as if its installed in the native slot regardless of whether its...
With my Asrock x99 Extreme 4, i have this Samsung PCIE SSD: and put it into this: And it all works, stupid fast SSD and everything... however, i have no idea how an second m.2 SSD would work as recognized by my motherboard, there is a spare PCI-E slot left for another m.2 card, but the issue is that this m.2 takes up the Ultra M.2 spot in the UEFI: And its installed in slot 5 of the mobo. So, i have no idea if the motherboard only sees 1 m.2 drive at a time or is...
Bah, only like 450-500w at most with that cpu and the OCed 7970.However, start overvolting any GK110, especially original Titans, and they can go up to 600w per Titan. Normally, its 250w-300w per Titan, so at the least 850w psu for normal Titan SLI setup, but, well... minimum AX1200i or some 1500w PSU, or better, two PSUs in tandem if you're doing overvolted SLI Titans.
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