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Glad you got it working When that issue comes up my method of choice is to only enable the optical drive and no other devices... usually works.
My thoughts. Disable the auto updates. Try a version of drivers prior to 295.73.
HIPlease utilize a link to your Marketplace post as this section is not for posting items for sale. Furthermore, you may post a link in your signature if you so desire but please do maintain your MP thread and signature link(s).Thank YouBTW, I still have my DFI SLI DR and multiple related goodies from the era
This puts a whole new spin on the concept
Hi and welcome
The phone number had been removed. Please review our TOS and Rules. Thank You The Duke
A bit of a belated THANKS for all the help on staff
Thank you for just being you Best of luck with the to do too
Hi and welcome to OCN
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