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yes its fury x is powerful gpu but the driver issue with the cpuoverhead making it wors you need a high overclocked cpu to see the real performance in lower ressee here with techpowerup fury is smoked by gtx 970guru3d uses Core i7 5960X (Haswell-E) @ 4.4 GHz and win 8,15.htmlfury is faster than gtx 980 by %10 it the same res 1600x1200
fury x need more cpu horsepower than 390x ...techpowerup uses i7 4770 with a little overclock and win 7 is more cpuoverhead than win 8you can see from this pic who much is fury x cpuoverhead ... even nivida have the same issue but they are more better than amd [[SPOILER]]
that is a Serious cpuoverhead AMD need to fix this to gain some numbers on benchmarks even r9 390x matching fury x on 1080p
980 is out if 4k for one reson !! it got smoked by $400 card like r9 390x in 4k
290 is a greet card its sad to see the gtx 780ti $750 neck by neck with the $450 290 in new games,13.html,15.html,19.html
this price rang $500 is not for console res 1080p if i am playng 1080p i will pick up a used 290 or 780this card ment to 4k in its more powerful than 980 in 4k
this pic shows that is no need to spend $100 more for the gtx980 you can buy r9 390x same performance less mony
so overcloking core 80mhz and mem 40mhz can give %8 performance and after the tool to overvolt came out we will see 1200+1250mhz that is %25 performance even in overclocked 980ti cant give that scaling
when titan come out $1000 oh no its not about mony its about performance in titan was faster than 7970 %30and now fury is faster than gtx980 in 4k %20 oh no its not worth the $50 buy in overclocked 980 for the same price People should be realistic
techpower is using old 15.5 driverthis one uses the new one 15.7 fury smoke the gtx980 %16 in all games
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