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they mange the power very good in fury x i wonder who it will be on fury nano
its a greet card like i see it who play this days with 2k when the price for 4k is down
so titan x is faster than 980ti with %70its only %4 what is the big deal with that %4
so nvidia have the best driver ! take a look
the mem will not change the performance even if it was HBM 2maybe if they use 8x msaa it 4k we will see a different HBM vs gddr5
i think they mix up the numbers
well that make it worse to overclock scale from 1070mhz to 1450mhz 380mhz gain %20
that makes the overclock gain %20if your card it stock boost 1200mhzso that 1500mhz will not make the 980ti fly to the sky
fury x will be a good overclocker i see 1300mhz is possible after unlocking the volt and the good watercooling
you well not see any game that Support full dx12 2 years from now:D
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