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yes i do2- i am talking about 290 vs 780 and yes 290x is faster than 290 about %15-10 if its working full clocks 1000mhz
its on bar with the overclocked 780 *gpuboost*the costom cooler will make it better overclocker the 780 is dead
290x crossfire 94% faster than 780sli loooooooool shame on you nvidia
Cuz they're too busy with console that is more profit than GPUs
they want to go above 290x in Reviews so they can sell it for $600 [[SPOILER]]
nothing new in this GHZ the main reason for it is to be on bar with the 290x in reivews but in overclock 290x will win 780 ghz will not have to much headroom to overclock maybe 100mhz more
i think you r worngamd said that r9 290x will ridicule the Titan in terms of performance in that mean performance for GPU
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