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Plex is good, but in my experience Serviio plays much more nicely with Sony's DLNA equipment. It's free, give it a try. Be sure to select the correct DLNA profile once you have it set up.
Sorry, WiFi is disabled in the BIOS in mine since I use the wired connection.My only suggestion would be to make sure you're using the very latest drivers. Look on for updated versions.
Mine idles at 34-35 C with the monitor set at 144hz in a Fortress FT02 case. Not sure why this bug is affecting some people, but not others. Running 344.16 drivers.
Probably a silly question, but you *do* have the external antenna connected, right?
I installed 0801 this weekend, going from 0701. It added a few more options for configuring USB 3.0 in the BIOS, and one thing fixed for me is that my Shift keyboard now works in the BIOS and it didn't in 0701. Other than that, no major changes. It will reset your settings, so make sure to save a profile or write them down. I have one of those and got the optional WiFi bridge. It bolts to your power meter and reads the current power consumption for your whole house. Good NiMH batteries will power the meter part for close to a year before needing a charge. Keep an eye on eBay, since they show up even from Black and Decker's web store for $20 occasionally.
And you can find a TON of used, good quality lenses since all Minolta AF lenses work with it.
I used IX with a Thermalright HR-02 and an i7 960. It worked fine. The only issue I had was that I had to cover the heatsink with a towel for it to get hot enough to melt the IX.
I used it on a 480 and a 680, as well as an nForce 590 chip. Never had an issue.
IMO, no.It's much easier than AS5 to remove. It just wipes off and polishes the hell out of what it was on. I've never had a problem with it drying out like some other thermal compounds do. After well over a year on a GTX 480 card running 24/7, it was still the same consistency when it was applied.I actually use it as a polishing rouge to buff the mating surfaces of AR-15 triggers on rifles I build. And Indigo Xtreme isn't really liquid metal. It has a melting point...
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