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And I'd add an additional fuel tank or two.
Didn't have to do a thing. I just used the install link from Windows Update, and a couple of reboots later it was up and running.I will add I do have one piece of hardware that doesn't work. The Rift DK2, but that's because Oculus hasn't released Windows 10 drivers yet.
Yes, it's working fine.
I've been using the X52 Pro for several months, it works just fine.
Cargo depends on the mission in the bulletin. Some will simply give you the cargo to deliver and pay you a fee. Others may be missions to procure a certain type of cargo and bring it back, you keep the difference in what they pay and the cargo's cost.Some things to watch out for:Be careful when traveling and watch your fuel. If you run out of fuel and you don't have a fuel scoop (or even if you *do* have a fuel scoop and are in a system without a scoopable star or gas...
Never tried it with a mouse, but it works just fine with a 360 controller. It's *much* better with a HOTAS (and Oculus Rift) though.
You can play the game in pretty much any way you want, including basically pure combat if you want.Either pick up kill contracts in the bulletin boards, or hang out at navigation beacons and interdict wanted commanders, or go to Resource Extraction Sites and kill pirates, etc.You can easily make enough money to upgrade your ship and weapons.
Plus good luck getting warranty service if you take the drive out of an external enclosure.
$140 plus shipping from Microcenter.,200_RPM_SATA_III_60Gb-s_35_Desktop_Internal_Hard_Drive_PH3500U-1I72 Got two of them recently and they're extremely fast and working flawlessly.
This sale is either back or ongoing. Picked up two of the 5 TB flavors of this drive a couple of weeks ago. They're a bit noisier during access than my previous drives, but they are *fast*. 215 MB/s max read speed, 165 MB/s min, 191 MB/s, average, 8.1 ms access time during my testing. They're about twice as fast as the 2 TB and 3 TB 7200 rpm Seagates they replaced. Thinking about getting one or two more this weekend too.
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