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If you log in using the same account information, it should be there. The saves are stored on Frontier's servers, not locally.
You don't need Support to get a Steam key. Just follow the directions here:
Running a 4930K, which does support VT-d, and that's still the only BIOS option.
On page 3-24 of the manual:Intel Virtualization TechnologyWhen set to [Enabled], a VMM can utilize additional hardware capabilities provided by Vanderpool Technology.Haven't tested out any VMs on my system though.Edit: Just checked mine, and as of BIOS version 0902, that option remains the same as shown in the manual.
I've been using it with Windows 10 for months with no issues.I can't comment on the wireless though, since I don't use it. You can find driver version here:
And I'd add an additional fuel tank or two.
Didn't have to do a thing. I just used the install link from Windows Update, and a couple of reboots later it was up and running.I will add I do have one piece of hardware that doesn't work. The Rift DK2, but that's because Oculus hasn't released Windows 10 drivers yet.
Yes, it's working fine.
I've been using the X52 Pro for several months, it works just fine.
Cargo depends on the mission in the bulletin. Some will simply give you the cargo to deliver and pay you a fee. Others may be missions to procure a certain type of cargo and bring it back, you keep the difference in what they pay and the cargo's cost.Some things to watch out for:Be careful when traveling and watch your fuel. If you run out of fuel and you don't have a fuel scoop (or even if you *do* have a fuel scoop and are in a system without a scoopable star or gas...
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