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Subbed. Great photography!
In! Thanks
Anybody playing it? It looks pretty sweet, this game used to be great.
Yeah that's why I won't go with satellite. Couldn't deal with that tiny cap. Steam a couple movies and you've hit it
Can you explain that more I'm not sure what you mean.
I could never hit a limit with century link. They are my only option and my top speed is 1.5mbps. Yes thats right, its pretty sad coming from 60mbps and 100 before that. Only other option is satellite.
I thought they opened up again. You should have a look before rolling your eyes at someone.
Why in the world do they change the naming scheme like this. Confusing.
You think so? Almost looks like it says Ssd above them but can't tell
Are those little hot swappable Ssd trays on the front?
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