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So I have a server that runs 24/7. I use RDP to remote into it. Holds my media and handles all downloads etc. The internet connection has been really flaky on it lately. It is connected via the onboard GB NIC. The server and my main PC are behind a GB switch that goes to my modem/router. I ruled out the switch/cable as I swapped cables and connection spots on the switch with my main rig and the main rig is flawless. I have never experienced any internet drop outs on it....
How can someone not know what Tekken is. I'm only 33 but this is one of the classic fighting games. And I'm not a big gamer by any means.Have you peeps never stepped foot into an arcade before? I guess thats a thing of the past anymore.
Oh hey what's up man. Yup that was me. You got a pretty sweet deal if I remember correctly. I've calmed down on the buying and selling lol. Glad to hear they are still doing good.
That download is crazy for a home connection.
I know I have been jealous of other countries we have been shafted for too long over here. BUt I gotta say 5x faster for free is pretty sweet!
Timewarner just boosted the speeds in my city (huntington beach) went from 20/2 to 100/10 FOR FREE!
Someone else recommended that cpu. Its $59 at micro center and the regular Pentium is $39. But for a pure HTPC I have no reason to OC. Waste of money. With the regular pentium I should be able to get a board and cpu right at $100.
My HTPC is dead. My daughter was watching a show, came home to a frozen image on the screen and a strong smell in the house. Shut everything down, had a look inside and tried to reboot. CPU fan spun for half a second then nothing. The power button does nothing, no lights, no fans etc. The smell seems to be coming from the board. As far as I can tell it is not coming from inside the PSU. The gear is 1156, 1st gen I3-550. Sucks because I have no other spare parts for this...
Well thats how you put things on a drive.What are you trying to do install stuff on it? Just point to a folder on that drive and tell the program to install it there.You can set custom locations for your windows folders like Music, Videos, etc.Its not really clear what it is you are trying to do.
I agree, but maybe I'm not that picky.To the guy saying he needed to use CCC to change the frequency. I do it in with windows not CCC.
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