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I try to play this gamer like once a month, after 15 minutes of not being able to connect to a server, always a different issue each time, I eventually give up. Now its telling me to kill bf4 in the task manager. Maybe I should just uninstall and start over.
Really? Thats what got me fired up. Maybe you're a youngster? Maybe not but keep it classic for sure.
8/10. Very nice!
SOLD Have a lightly used Quickfire Rapid for sale. Its just sitting around so I could use a few bucks. Comes in retail box with accessories. I will put the caps back on when I ship it. (Caps are in new condition). It will not come with a USB cable. Price is $45 shipped CONUS Payment through Paypal.
7/10 Interesting shot. Cool thread camera noob here. Had mine (a6000) for about a week. Weird thing I saw in the woods.
$100!!?? Wow. I think $150 would have gone in a day, or am I behind on prices, nice deal man.
Looking for a 10' 2 in 1 laptop/tablet. LIke a transformer book or acer switch. Shoot me a message if you have one for sale. Picked one up on Amazon.
This looks pretty sweet. Love desk builds and love the concept you have here.
Why do they charge so much? Is the equipment super expensive? Seems like crazy prices for one drive. I know it's normal but never made sense to me.
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