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I thought they opened up again. You should have a look before rolling your eyes at someone.
Why in the world do they change the naming scheme like this. Confusing.
You think so? Almost looks like it says Ssd above them but can't tell
Are those little hot swappable Ssd trays on the front?
I had the same issue when my z68 board died but luckily z77 was still around.
haha yeah. We need a video!
I saw those floating around. $60 what a deal. Low clock speed but wish I had an x79 board lying around. Guess you could just use a "cheap" one since there's no oc'ing.
Ok dang I figured it was a motherboard. That seems to be the toughest part of going to an old platform. The mobo, they get expensive and hard to find.
You don't say something has a $700 value and then sell it for $700. Some of you guys are reading this wrong.
Anyone know why I can get a 3930k on ebay for the price of a 2600k? I know a lot are ES and QS not looking at those. I understand the 3930k is old but I figure it would have a higher value being a six core. Is it because the boards are more common? I've been wanting a six core for a while but expected higher prices.
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