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Awesome competition looking forward to seeing how things go.
Have you gotten many offers? I was going to make s similar thread soon.
I agree, thanks again.
So I guess if I do figure out what it does its purely for informational reasons. Since I probably can't fix it.
Wow man didn't know these things existed. I'll have to pull it out and have a look later. Thanks a lot.Is that what they are called? Pads? I wonder if there is anyway to fix them, like put some tiny conductive material there.
Anybody? I know its hard to say without pics or whatever but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts?
I bought a delided 3570k a while back (maybe 18 months) Noticed recently at stock clocks one core was idling at 60c. With an H50 cooler. I had run the cpu at stack for a least 6 months. Nothing crazy before that. Rig was dusty so I blew it out and it wouldn't boot when I went to start it back up. Tried all the usual stuff, one stick of ram, removed cmos battery. The board was giving me an error that manual says is related to the L2 cache. I had a celeron so I tried it...
Sweet deal, my 3570k just died, wish I had the cash.
I try to play this gamer like once a month, after 15 minutes of not being able to connect to a server, always a different issue each time, I eventually give up. Now its telling me to kill bf4 in the task manager. Maybe I should just uninstall and start over.
Really? Thats what got me fired up. Maybe you're a youngster? Maybe not but keep it classic for sure.
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