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Yes the warranty should have about 2 1/2 years left thank you.
Added some better pictures of the card.
I have an EVGA ACX 2.0+ GTX 970. Card ran great for me at 1531mhz. Asic is 82%. Original bios is flashed on the card but I can flash the 1531 mhz bios if you like. I bought this card new at the egg at Christmas, gamed an hour a day for a few weeks and it has sat ever since. Just don't have time to game. I will do $250 shipped paypal only, US48 please. Warranty valid until 11/25/18
I didn't listen to the warnings, lost three seagate drives in the last 6 months. Two just out of warranty. The drive they sent me as a replacement only lasted about 4 months Never again
I believe windows 10 can do this natively. But I have been using Acer Gridvista for a few years on windows 7. Should so what you want.
Agreed, I did that once going from gtx 470 to gtx 560ti. Performance was pretty much the same, just paid for shipping but got to play with a new card.
Do you think it's an upgrade? I wonder if there is any physical difference between it and 3975.It's annoying that you get credit for what you paid for your card but have to pay msrp for the new. I paid 289 for my 970 so there is a much larger gap to the 980.
I agree that sounds pretty sketchy.
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