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Looking for a 10' 2 in 1 laptop/tablet. LIke a transformer book or acer switch. Shoot me a message if you have one for sale. Picked one up on Amazon.
This looks pretty sweet. Love desk builds and love the concept you have here.
Why do they charge so much? Is the equipment super expensive? Seems like crazy prices for one drive. I know it's normal but never made sense to me.
Ugliest keyboard ever? Quite possibly.
Really? I'm not a guy that needs a ton of stuff. BUt I like to store music as I live in a rural area so I can not always connect to spotify/play. Also nice to be able to have a back and some roms for quick flashing.
At least theres no 16gb model like tmobile offered the N5 at. Either way N6 is a day one purchase for me.
WHat makes you think tmobile is offering the 64gb version? Would be sweet if so but I highly doubt it.
I hear the N4 was pretty bad. I am perfectly happy with the build quality of the N5. I can't think of any current flagship that I would run without a case. IMO they are not really meant to be ran like that unless you work in an office or something and are super delicate with it.
I have had a gnex and an N5 and dropped both plenty of times. I just use them with a thin tpu case. Neither has broken. If you run the phone naked well then of course any phone can break from a short fall depending how it lands.
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