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I believe windows 10 can do this natively. But I have been using Acer Gridvista for a few years on windows 7. Should so what you want.
Agreed, I did that once going from gtx 470 to gtx 560ti. Performance was pretty much the same, just paid for shipping but got to play with a new card.
Do you think it's an upgrade? I wonder if there is any physical difference between it and 3975.It's annoying that you get credit for what you paid for your card but have to pay msrp for the new. I paid 289 for my 970 so there is a much larger gap to the 980.
I agree that sounds pretty sketchy.
Anyone else pick up the Star Wars pack. Never played any of those games figured it was worth it. Having some fun with the Force Unleashed.
Not sure. Got some artifacts and then the program crashed.
Was hoping to hit 1600, ASIC is 81% figured it could but I got a driver crash while running FS at 1604.Flashed back to previous for now, thanks for the help I have that stashed away for when I get bored and want to bench.
You're the man dude! Thanks.
Yes its the one with the stock fans. More power and max voltage please Want to do a little benching Oh ok that makes more sense. Just curious what is your load temp now with that cooler?
Are you sure its mounted right? The times I have used an AIO on a GPU the loads temps have dropped a ton. Like at least 20c.@DeathAngel74Is there a bios floating around in here with the voltage maxed out?
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