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One of the first things I do is disable windows updates. Just a pain to deal with.
How do you not have the newegg account? Do people sell newegg accounts now lol. Or do you just not remember the credentials. Maybe contact newegg with your info?
You guys are trippin about Motorola. Some of the older phones were ugly but they always have excellent build quality and they are known for their good radios. Moto X is a great phone. As stated above google handles design anyways. Looking forward to a worthy upgrade to my Nexus 5.
Turn off location history.
Haha guess I should have searched, thanks man!!
I love this game, haven't played in a month. Loaded it up, 7gb update. Ok try to play, crashes at a black screen game never loads, tried 10 different servers, close/open Origin. Reboot pc, game still crashing. I give up. That was a waste of time.
Haha great price for sure
Thats a pretty cool card.
So I have a server that runs 24/7. I use RDP to remote into it. Holds my media and handles all downloads etc. The internet connection has been really flaky on it lately. It is connected via the onboard GB NIC. The server and my main PC are behind a GB switch that goes to my modem/router. I ruled out the switch/cable as I swapped cables and connection spots on the switch with my main rig and the main rig is flawless. I have never experienced any internet drop outs on it....
How can someone not know what Tekken is. I'm only 33 but this is one of the classic fighting games. And I'm not a big gamer by any means.Have you peeps never stepped foot into an arcade before? I guess thats a thing of the past anymore.
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