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Anyone with a 970 and a 1440p monitor care to run some BF4 on high with no msaa? Or even just ultra with no msaa. Trying to figure out if it is worth it to upgrade from my 270's. Comparing my results to reviews I'm not so sure.
Thank you sir.
Yeah I won't have cash for a couple months, this would be a birthday thing. Just trying to get a feel for things. Excited about new shiny things being released and getting the upgrade bug.
I think you may be underestimating the 270s a bit. They are definitely better then a 7970. MOre like a 290. I guess it will come down to the money I get and what I can get for the 270's.
I do but I suck. Sent you a request.
I know what the 270 is. But I'm not so sure the performance of the 970 is all that much better. If I could get $100 each for these I would still be out of pocket about $150. So not worth it imo if its like 10% performance upgrade.
I'm actually pretty happy with it. No issues really. But of course the bottom card never runs at its full potential so I feel I am losing something there. Thanks for the feedback.
Just because or you got any numbers to back that up? I haven't even looked at mantle really. I'll have to see how much it helps.
Sorry for another one of these threads but wanted some input. I have a pair of 270's that I game with at 1440p. Taking vram out of the equation anyone think I should bother selling them and getting a 970? I believe my cards are similar in performance to a single 780. Or in between a 290/290x. Hard to really nail that part down though so I am having trouble comparing them. Thanks for any feedback.
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