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I've always just taken it back to my carrier. If it is still under warranty they don't do an insurance claim but it's the same process. They overnight me a phone.
Oh I see, all the major Android oems have a one year warranty as well.
Oh you don't have coverage. Didn't you have to buy apple care for them to work on it like that?
I just take it back to my carrier where I bought it. Assuming you didn't buy it unlocked somewhere for full price. Or call them, they send me out a replacement and I ship my phone back when I receive their replacement.
Subbed. Great photography!
In! Thanks
Anybody playing it? It looks pretty sweet, this game used to be great.
Yeah that's why I won't go with satellite. Couldn't deal with that tiny cap. Steam a couple movies and you've hit it
Can you explain that more I'm not sure what you mean.
I could never hit a limit with century link. They are my only option and my top speed is 1.5mbps. Yes thats right, its pretty sad coming from 60mbps and 100 before that. Only other option is satellite.
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