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Good to know thank you.
I jumped on an evga 970. I got the vanilla ACX 2.0+ The cheapest one with 6 phase vrm instead of 4. I know the 390 is the better card when it comes to raw power. But I think I am ready to go back to nvidia. Should be plenty for me power wise.
Wow thank you I appreciate that info. That's hot.
Oops I read the chart wrong. Your right, appreciate the info.
Thanks man. So that's a 6+2 phase card I believe. Anyone have the four phase version?
Can EVGA owners comment on their results with their cards. I am looking for people that have non ACX 2.0+ and non FTW. So basically any card that has 4 phase vrm. Just curious what type of difference it really makes. These seem to be quite a bit cheaper. Do they throttle more? Limited on clocks? I looked at the chart in the OP and it looks like a number were only in the 1300-1400 range. But I'm not sure how much those guys pushed their cards.
60 thats it? Thats really low. Seems like there are hot spots on the card that temp sensors don't read. The discrepancy between that and the tests on the toms review is so huge.,4178-11.html
Actually I wasn't trying to condemn XFX at all. I just wanted an actual owner to chime in besides the one that said his hit 90.Also I have quite a bit of negative about XFX with the previous cards so I'm skeptical when a company claims they've fixed the issue.Can any msi owners comment on their vrm load temps.
It is true I don't love XFX. But I haven't read an msi owner say their vrm was anywhere near 90c. But I haven't done a ton of research.
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